Yeh Teri Galiyan 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan’s brother named Ridhoy

Yeh Teri Galiyan 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanda says this shouldn’t happen. I wont let Aru leave his house ever. Chanda says no matter what. Chanda says I will tolerate everything but wont let him leave his house.
Puchki says I have gotten my school bag ready. Puchki says why are you crying? You cry like Shan. He cries like you too. Chanda says we aren’t brave like you. Chanda says your life would be full of happiness. Your bag is really good. Puchki says we will go school tomorrow. Chanda says we will go after some day. Puchki says but why? I wanna go tomorrow. Chanda says we will go after some days. She says okay.
Puchki says I so wanted to meet Shan. Have to do something. She says idea. I can go where he is. I am coming.

Shan says mama I am your son. I will prove that to you. I love

you mama. He sits in her feet. He says ma sent me to you and if you don’t look at me where will I go. Why am I so alone when I have two moms. He says I will do what I ask. she says then fix my son. Can you fix his feet? Can you? She says if you want me to forgive you then do it. I don’t have such a big heart. Nevi leaves.
Puchki says to Pathan take me to Shan. He takes her to Shan’s house. He says you are so stubborn you stopped eating. I had to bring you here. SHe says I had to do that drama. Pathan looks at the chefs. He says you will go in with them. Puchki dresses as a chef and goes in.

The naming ceremony is going on inside. Puchki says why is shan nowhere. Ravindra asks Aru where is shan? Aru says he isn’t feeling well so he might not come to the function.
The chef says to Puchki just go and meet your friend and come back to us in the kitch. Puchki looks for Shan.
Chanda comes there in a veil. Pathan sees her. He wonders why chanda came here and that too in a veil. Chanda sneaks inside.

Moushumi says to Nevi here is the new massage woman for junior. The older one went to her village. She sent this one. When she comes back this one will leave. Chanda says so massage will be of your one son only? Nevi says I only have one son. Chanda says you adopted a son too? Moushmi says he is fake. Nevi says you can take off your veil there are only women here. Moushmi says let me take off your veil. Chanda stops her hand. Junior cries. Chanda picks him and makes him sleep. Chanda says I am not comfortable will taking off my veil but if you want.. Nevi says its okay. They leave.
Chanda says so you are the one who came to this world and ruined my son’s world. Because of you I had to come here. I have to fix what you did wrong. I am sorry but Nevi needs to learn a lesson. I dont’ have another option.

The function starts. Jamai says before our son comes here lets find out the letter he will be named after. Mrs. Shashi is here to guide us with the naming. Mrs. Shashi says the letter would be R, Sh or T. She says Nevi and Aru please come forward. They come forward. She says from R.. They both say different names. Mrs. Shashi says two names.. Decide one.
Puchki looks for Shan. Shan is hidden behind the stairs. He recalls when Puchki asked him why did you name me Puchki. He said because when you were born you were really small. Puchki means someone very close to heart. Puchki throws in Ridhoy. Shan wonders who threw the chit of Ridhoy name. Ravindra says such a nice name. It means close to heart. Everyone claps. Puchki sees Shan. She says I found you. Puchki sneaks.
nevi comes to room and says where is junior. She sees the cradle and screams. No one is there.
Precap-Ravindra says where is Ridhoy. Chanda says here is your grandson Mr. Ravindra. I want my son to have the same right of love for my son as this baby. Shan shoves Puchki and says don’t come to my house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Atiba,I am sorry to say this update is pathetically brief and incomplete…this episode is such an important one as it has showcased the real colours of Arindam ‘s sweetheart ,the ever weeping Chanda Rani…whose mindset is proved to be as dirty as the place to which she belongs…I haven!t understood what else she wants for Shantanu…he has everything that Mazumdars can offer….money ,status,luxuries and most importantly thei family name…..Yes ,he does n’t have mother’s love but is there anyone in this world who is fortunate enough to have been blessed with everything that one needs……Some confusion regarding the real purpose behind Chanda’s visit to Mazumdar’s house…Has she come there disguising herself as a baby sitter to assaess the deteriorating relationship between Arindam and Nivi and save their marriage and became mean after listening to Moushami’s insensitive remark that Shan is a fake mazumdar ???? Even if her real intentions were noble,there iIs still no excuse for her to use a month old baby as a bait to get what she wants for her son….May be I missed something but i have not understood why Chsnda had to feel so insecure when Ravindran himself preferred her son over Nivi’s so called incomplete baby…Anyways it is really horrifying to see Chanda standing on top of the stairs and threatening the Mazumdars with the baby in her hands…And the precap shows the wheel chair come rolling down the stairs with the baby in it…Really what a mess…
    Sandwiched between the elders’ conflicts are the innocent emotions of children….Shan begging for Nivi’s love and Puchki planning all sorts of things to meet her friend…But I can sense a change in Shan’s attitude towards Puchki…Is it because he has understood that their friendship is not possible if he wants to stay as a Nazumdar and so pretending to repulse her or has he really started changing ….Tomorrow’s episode will be an interesting one…

  2. What nonnonsense they r trying to show??? These kids have some super powers I guess!! They look like some 50 year old mature adults delivering heavy dialogues and emotions! N that moushmi is just so irritating.. she can’t even act!! Such a bad actress sorry to say.. if I would have to rate the promo n what they r showing us in the show then I will give 100 and zero respectively..

  3. Agree with you Sara,that children having to say dialogues of adults is really awkward to watch…If they want o continue with the same track for some more time ,,better they don’t involve Shantanu and Puchki in these rather embarrassing scenes….even reducing their screen space will be acceptable..I don’t have any idea what story line they would like to follow in the coming six months without a lead pair but I would appreciate if they have some novel theme which is way different from the routine scripts of a couple in love and many antagonists trying their best to separate them…..but I very much doubt it….if so,they would not have signed Manish and Vrushika and used them for promos…I will just wait and see if they would really take this story down hill or make amends before it is too late..
    Thanks Atiba for the update…when I wrote my first comment ,I could see only scene 1 in the update….Thanks once again…

  4. I only started watching the show because I thought the leap will be quick as the older Shan and Puchki had already been cast and promoted, as I’m a fan of Manish if he has been given the option to pull out because of the delay he might not be doing the adult Shan anymore so for me it’s not worth it anymore.

    1. Lucy and laxmI how much I was excited to see the new couple with a unique love story bit they messed up everything…

      Lucy no doubt manish is a fabulous actor n no doubt he would have played Shan extraordinarily perfect but….. I wish he gets something worth his talent..

  5. Lakshmi, we’ve been saying that the dialogue is too heavy for these children to carry for a while now, why do these writers persist to do so is confusing. Why delay the leap? The only reason I can come up with is that they want to set the stage for Shan’s disdain concerning the people of SONA KACHI and of course Puchki would be included in this. If this doesn’t happen, it would mean that the premise for adult Shan’s attitude towards adult Puchki would have lacked this detail and even we would have wondered why Shan came back and just had his aversion towards SONA KACHI, now as these scenarios are happening, we can see how Shan is turning against Puchki and his identity as a Mazumdar is being embraced by him wholeheartedly. With this in mind, he’s alienating Puchki and barriers would be erected, when he comes back later in life, I’m expecting an aloof and disdainful man who would regard Puchki as being dirty, the little Puchki at the moment doesn’t feel these vibrations in their relationship but when she grows up, she’s going to feel the divide and I’m sure her pain of experiencing Shan’s scorn, would break her into pieces. I have seen Shan wavering in his emotions regarding Puchki, sometimes he’s unhappy and cries out to her, sometimes we see him pushing her away, sometimes he’s happy to eat with her and then again he thinks she the one makes things bad for him. Remember… I told you sometime back that Chanda is not all that we see, she has many shades, I do remember that despite having a great concern and love for Arpita, she didn’t want the best for her and Puchki, there was always a subtle dislike when Arpita would suggest getting something good for Puchki, Chanda would secretly and steely talk her ambitions down. I think secretly she envies Nivi’s position as Arindham’s wife… I’ve seen this happen in real life here, there’s a notion that I believe and it’s if a woman wants a man for herself, whether he’s married or not, the safest, most ambitious, the only way to positively hold him to you, is to become pregnant for him, in this way, depending on the absolute life of the child, he becomes beholden and inexorably bound to her and this is what has happened here, no matter what, Chanda would have a place in Arindham’s life because he sired a child with her and this is the trick of a man having another woman in his life, if only they would know to not sow their seeds all over the place, married women wouldn’t have to experience this heartbreaking situation. Chanda’s behavior is appalling, we are witnessing her true colors now.

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