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Shot 6:

At evening:

Mazumdaar house….

I was in my washroom.. I was taking shower… I felt she was with me.. I can feel her…. But I couldn’t touch her cos she was in my thoughts… It was paining to me. I went in flashback where I remember her and mine washroom scene at Raj’s engagement…. I hits the walls… I wanted to scream but I couldn’t…


Mainu pinjre de vich qaid karo

Main naa udna chaahvan

Aisa main parinda haan

Jihnu maar dain hawavan (x2)


Je main niklan bahar

Mainu disna mera yaar

Je main niklan…

Je main niklan bahar

Mainu disna mera yaar

Kade ni milna jine

Lakhan tarle paavan.

Mainu pinjre de vich qaid karo

Main na udna chaahvan

Aisa main parinda haan

Jihnu maar dain hawavan

I wanted to fade her thoughts form my brain… why it was happening with me…. blood pouring from my fingers due to hits the wall. My back touches the wall… I was weeping like hell…I sat down there…. I felt restless…. I just wanted see her… wanted to talk her wanted to hug her… but didn’t knew where was now…… even I didn’t knew I will meet her again or not.. Ohhh God… why?? Why??? Why it’s happen always with me. I was in same state just then I hear knock on the door…. It was Ridoy for sure… but It confirmed when he called me..

Ridoy: Dada are u there?? He asked by leaning near door.

I replied by compose myself.. I didn’t wanted that he ask me lot of question to which I wasn’t able to answer him.

Shan: Yes Ridoy..I’m here

Ridoy: okay I’m waiting for you.

Shan: hmm

In just few minutes I came out from washroom by rubbing towel to my hairs..

Shan: chhote what happened??..

Ridoy: what happen Dada?? You don’t know what’s my problem??

Shan: chhote I know but main hoon na… I said him by placing towel on the bad.

Ridoy said yes Dada I know you are with me… while turning towards me as I was taking my shirt from cupboard… but we didn’t think anything else about it.

Shan: ridoy you don’t need to take tension about it… I assured him by wearing off white colored shirt.. We will definitely get rid from this situation okay…

Ridoy: he came in front of me… But when dada?? He asked worriedly.

I saw his worried face.. I placed my hand on his cheeks… Ridoy believe me… and your LOVE if your love is true for her.. Then she will be definitely your.. No one her sister can create hurdle between you… Do you believe on your love??

Ridoy: he holds my hands with his hands… Yes dada I believe on my love and on u also…

Shan: that’s it… how don’t worry about it hmm??

Ridoy: okay Dada… he hugs me

I breaks hug.. Now go I’ll meet you in sometime.

Ridoy: okay

When he went I thought… in any cost I have to sort out this matter just for you ridoy…

Asmita got email of her training for IPS in Hyderabad….

She thought before going for training she needs to sort out Jiya’s problem. She goes to her baba and told him about his training mail.

Her baba was in office she went his office..

She opened the office door..

Baba she said while entering in the office…while her baba was busy with some of his clients.

Her baba gazed at her sudden arrival… all were started to looking at her…

Baba: Asmita!!

Asmita: baba I have something to discuss with you.

Baba: yes Asmita but as u can see I’m in busy in meeting.

Asmita: yes baba I can see… sorry everyone can you leave us just for few minutes.. Please baba

Baba: Excuse us for a while.

They headed yes and leaved from there.

Baba: so asmita what wants to say me…

Asmita: baba I got my training mail… I have only one week to join… so before that I wanted to solve jiya and mazumaar’s matter… to do that I need you permission with help..

Baba: help??

Asmita: yes baba I want to meet with them… and if you called them to come our home then they’ll sure come. And from where we understand them the whole situation and reject this relation.

Baba: asmita this is wrong we can’t do with them like this… if haven’t mood to do this relation then we can’t insult them by inviting our house. And yeah if you wants to solve this matter as soon as possible then take other way… I’m giving you permission but not going to help you.. is that clear??

Asmita: okay baba I understand now I have to solve this problem in other way.. Thank you baba for permission..

She left the office.

I was going to meet Ridoy but in the way mom stopped me.. I asked

Shan: what happen Mumma

Shan do whatever u said okay… unless I won’t forgive you..

Bas Nevideta… man shouted from behind…

We both turned to look at him… we both shocked to see him…

Shan: papa??

Nevideta mumaa dazed

I went and hug him

Papa I missed you so much…. Why didn’t you call me to pick you from airport?

Arindham: shan I’m okay I wanted to surprised you… now your papa is here for you..

Shan: but papa why u didn’t told about flight from London to Kolkata??

Nive: yes Arindham at least u wanted to inform us??

Arindham: inform and to you?? What a joke nive?? When u did care for me??

Nive: Arindham hum…

Shan: papa ap thak gaye honge chaliye fresh hoke aaram kar leeje.

After that I reached ridoy’s room I saw he was talking to Jiya….

He sigh me wait.. I nods.

After finish his talk he comes to me… I seemed he is serious… he looked me few moments and then hugs me in excitement… I wondered… what was happened to him… he uttered.

Ridoy: dada I’m so excited….

I asked by parting him away… okay but happen?? Why are you so excited??

Ridoy: Dada u won’t believe….. She told me her sister wants to meet me.. And there is something for our relationship..

I shocked what but when and where??

Precap: Shan shocked to meet Asmita…………

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