Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 14

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Here is d link for episode 13:

Episode 13

RECAP:" MANOHAR needs blood.TWINKLE informs YUVARAJ.YUVARAJ rescues MAHI from goons."


⭕⭕SCENE 1:
YUVARAJ reaches Hospitalil?.He saw TWINKLE  near d ICU.♿
TWINKLE(seeing YUVI ran to him):"YUVI.why r u so late??I told u dat it's emergency & why did u   took such long tym⏰"
YUVI: "Just calm down TWINKI.I m sry for being late.?.but actually something happened on my way..dat's why.."
TWINKLE den saw something on YUVI's jacket.TWINKLE  took an ear ring which was hanging in YUVI's Jacket's button.
TWINKLE(while showing ear ring to YUVI): "YUVI..dis earring!!whose earring is dis?&what is dis earring doing in ur jacket.?"
YUVI(become little confused while seeing d earring ?he took d earring from TWINKLE.  den he remembers d moment,in which MAHI hugged YUVI.a small smile appears ?in YUVI's face.
YUVI: "woh.. actually..woh..CHIPKALI.."

TWINKLE:"Wt!! CHIPKALI!! which CHIPKALI..?wt r u talking..!??"
Before YUVI could say something,dey saw DOCTOR ??walking near to them.
TWINKLE: "DOCTOR SIR.we got d donor.he will donate blood ??to MANOHAR UNCLE."
DOCTOR: "dat is great?..come let's do some  tests.BETA..plz come wt me"
YUVI: "ya sure.DOCTOR SIR."☺
YUVI went wt DOCTOR.

⚫⚫SCENE 2:
MAHI sitting in d  moving car.?
MAHI: "tnk GOD.everything become fyn.oh.. it's too late.?. i think I should call MAA.else she will be upset.?.PREM BAI.."
PREM(while driving d car):"haa PUTTAR.Tell.."
MAHI: "PREM BAI.actually I need to call? MAA.but my phone's  battery? is may I use ur phone??"
PREM:"ofcourse PUTTAR.wt is d need of asking ?"
MAHI took d phone? from PREM.SHE dialed USHA's number.?but it didn't respond.

MAHI:"why MAA is not attending d Call.?let me try on BANU DII's number."
MAHI dialed ?BANU's number & after some tym BANU attended d call.
MAHI: "hello.BANU DI..where is MAA?..I called her several tym.but she didn't took my calls.DII.plz pass d phone ?to MAA."
BANU(trying to control cry): "?woh ..PUTTAR…"
MAHI(sensing d trouble in d voice): ?"wt hpnd DII.ur voice seems to be..wt happened..?is everything fyn..?"
BANU,who can't control herself, ?told everything to MAHI.
MAHI(after listening BANU): "Wt?""???

??SCENE 3:
YUVI come out from d ICU. TWINKLE was waiting for him.
TWINKLE: "YUVI,r u k?hw u feel now?any tiredness?or anything?"?
YUVI: " PRINCESS?.i m fyn.u know dat i m ur SUPER HERO.?i will not become weak so easily ."?
TWINKLE(while hugging him): "i know how much strong my SUPER HERO is?..tnk u so much YUVI.u saved d UNCLE wt ur Blood?.. u always help others..?dat's why i love u lot IDIOT?.."

YUVI: "Hey MY BABY DOLL?.don't get senti.. got it"
DOCTOR  come out from d  ICU. ?
TWINKLE: "DOCTOR SIR.hw is dat UNCLE now?"?
DOCTOR: "he is fyn now?.dis YOUNG MAN saved him by giving blood.u two done a great Job.MAY GOD BLESS U both.."?
TWINKLE & YUVI smiled..? suddenly YUVI's phone ?rings.YUVI attnd d call.?
YUVI: "hello.PAAPA..wt!.?.k..we will come soon..u don't worry"
TWINKLE(seeing YUVI'S tensed face): "wt happened YUVI?"?
TWINKLE(in Shocking ): "?wt happened to MAA?YUVI..plz tell wt is d matter?"

YUVI: "TWINKI.plz calm down.ntng to worry.we need to go home ?…now"
YUVI: "i will tell u everything..u just come with   
me..u plz wait in d parking area.???i will talk to DOCTOR SIR & wil come..u goo."
TWINKLE: "kk"?

TWINKLE left from there.
Same tym KUMAR  reaches d same HOSPITAL?.He  was talking to d receptionist.TWINKLE was passing? through dat way.But they didn't see each other..
TWINKLE & KUMAR went to D opposite directions without seeing each other.?
KUMAR : "d receptionist girl said dat HE is in ICU.let me check . don't know is dat same MANOHAR SIR or not"?
KUMAR reaches d ICU.he looks inside through d window. & saw MANOHAR SARNA lying in d bed.?
KUMAR get shocked ?when he saw MANOHAR..

His eyes filled wt tears? &his hands becomes to shiver..some blurred images ??flashed in his mind..he moved backwards..den he saw DOCTOR coming to ICU.YUVI was also wt him.but both YUVI & KUMAR didn't know each other.
YUVI: "KK.DOCTOR SIR..may we leave now?"
DOCTOR: "yaa.. ofcourse.. don't worry.i m sure ur MAA will fyn before u two reached home?u don't worry..&take care of herself too"?
YUVI left from der.
KUMAR:"DOCTOR ..hw is MANOHAR SARNA?d patient  lying in ICU"?
DOCTOR: "do u know him?"

KUMAR: "ss.DOCTOR..he… neighbour.."?
DOCTORS: "KK.He is fyn now.Actually a girl? saved him by  taking him here at d right tym.. otherwise……"?
KUMAR(having a relief):"hw is he now ?"
DOCTOR:"yaa.he is fyn.. actualy he had lost so much blood & his blood group was rare..but d girl also arranged a donor to give blood ?to him.."
KUMAR:"DOCTOR.. where is d boy & girl??.I want  to say tnks to them."
DOCTOR: "yaa.they were here..but they left d hospital? before few minutes for their personal pblm.infact d boy ?who donAte blood to him was just left from here.i think u saw Him..I was coming wt him"
KUMAR remembers d talk b/w YUVI & DOCTOR..
KUMAR: "S DOCTOR.i saw him.but wt will i do? O can't even say tnks to them"
DOCTOR smiled.
KUMAR: "DOCTOR .. where is his relatives..? didn't they come yet?"
DOCTOR: "Ofcourse they r here.woh MANOHAR SARNA's WIFE become unconscious when she learns about His husband's condition"
DOCTOR: "DOCTOR. is she kk?"
DOCTOR: "yaa.she is fyn.she is still unconscious.but don't worry. She will recover she is resting in d room?."
KUMAR: "tnk GOD..I became afraid.i thought something wrong is going to happen.but GOD blessed us…"

DOCTOR: "ss.. ofcourse..MANOHAR SARNA Is out of danger now..but..?."
KUMAR: "but .. wt DOCTOR?"
DOCTOR: "Actually he becomes half paralysed.."
KUMAR: "?wt..!!!no…wt do u mean..?
DOCTOR: "dat means he can see us..?can hear? us..but cannot respond? to us.. can't talk .. can't walk.. can't even move his fingers?…."
DOCTOR: "ss.but he will be fyn .but it took time.⌚.may be few months..or may be it took years..we can hope for d best"
KUMAR:"DOCTOR.where is his wife?.I want to see her"
DOCTOR:"she  is in room no: 21"
KUMAR:"K.DOCTOR.Tnks.&plz do whatever u can to make him back to his normal lyf."?

DOCTOR:"Ofcourse .. I Will.. infact it's our duty"
KUMAR left from der.
KUMAR reaches near d  room no: 21?.He stood out side d room for sometime.he slowly opened d door? a little bit without making any sound.he saw USHA lying unconscious in d bed ?& one woman is sitting near her bed.?
KUMAR: "no.i can't face USHA DII.after  such a long can't.."?
KUMAR closed d door & left from der.

??SCENE 3:
USHA slowly opens her eyes & she tries to wake up from d bed?.BANU saw her & made USHA sit in d bed.
BANU: "DII.plz rest..u r not well.."
USHA:"BANU….woh…KUNJ KI PAPA…?why GOD..why did u do dis to me…"
BANU:"DII.plz control urself..plz DII.eveything will be fyn"
BANU tried to console USHA.?


USHA & BANU looked into d door ?& saw MAHI standing in d door.MAHI ran near to USHA & hugged USHA tightly.BOTH USHA & MAHI started to cry.?
MAHI(by controlling her cry):"don't worry MAA..PAPA will be fyn soon.u plz don't cry.."
BANU having tears  looked at them both.

【After some tym.Outside d room?】
MAHI is seen siiting in  a chair? & dialing number in phone.?she is weeping hardly.

SCENE shifts into LONDON.u know telephonic☎ LONDON vs AMRITSAR.
BEBE attends d call? in LONDON.
BEBE: "hello"
MAHI(trying to control weeping):"BE.. BEBEE…"
BEBE(sensing MAHI's voice):"MAHI..PUTTAR..wt hpnd..??why r u crying PUTTAR..?"
(Their conversation is muted )
BEBE(after listening to MAHI,in shock screams?): "wt?!!!no…it can'"
d phone ?fell from BEBE's hand.

KUNJ,while hearing BEBE'S scream rushed to BEBE & hold BEBE.
KUNJ:"BEBE..wt hpnd?..why r u screaming??whose call? was dat?"
BEBE who was in shock hold KUNJ's hand?.
BEBE(by crying): "KUNJ PUTTAR..we need to go to..INDIA..??now…"
KUNJ: "wt!!.but.. why now?wt is d need of dis much hurry?wt hpnd?"
(again their conversation is Muted)
KUNJ(in shock): "?wt…PAPA.."
SCENE ends wt d shocking  face of KUNJ.??


HI my dr frnds.tnx for d u all a lot.i know dis episode is so long.but i promised u in my previous episode dat der will be KUNJ's presence in my next episode(ie,episode 14).dat's why..I m sry if I made u boring wt my dis long episode.???

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  1. Sohi

    Episode was good and emotional
    Felt bad for sarna family
    Plz make twinj meet soon
    Do continue

  2. Presha

    Hey loved it waiting for twinj meet post soon

  3. Hey miss K,,,,,,,, u didn bore us with long this epi infect i love long epi but twinj ki,?? And Its shoooo much nice epi ?? and emotional to,?? bechara manohar,?? hope everything will sortout soon between everybody,☺☺ And plzzzz meet twinj jaldhi,?? and post next soon,☺☺
    Love you,❤❤

  4. Hey karthika awesome amazing
    Loved bro sis bond
    N I’m eagerly waiting fr next post
    Post soon
    Love u keep smiling

  5. Aanya_pandey

    Superb update dear!!! Waiting for kunj to come in the scene

  6. Baby

    ohhh no dear ☺
    it was amazing n emotional too
    loved it hv a doubt twinkle n uv r friends only ryt☺
    well srsly amazing finally kunj will cum☺
    luv u lods♥♥

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