Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishwamber likes Kunal

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir seeing Naman and saying I knew he will come here. Naman says what’s this long hair angry young man doing here. Vishwamber and Shaurya come to hospital to meet Mishti. Kunal greets them and says Mishti is fine, I m rectifying the mistake, I want you all not to hate my family, I m very sorry that Kuhu got hurt because of my family. Naman hides and calls Rajshri. He congratulates her for the new bodyguard. He says that guard can’t save you, he won’t save Mishti all the time, I m going now, but I will come back when this guard goes, you keep the money ready. She sees Kunal. Abir is behind her. Naman goes.

Varsha cheers up Kuhu and says people judge girls by hair and clothes, I won’t let anyone judge you, I know you are very pretty, you love me a lot,

promise me you will forget all this. Kuhu says I forgot it, I need someone who is born for me, an epic love story. Varsha smiles. Mishti sees some shadow and asks who is it. Abir says no one can save you from me. She scolds him. He says you are very violent, angry thief. She says Abir. He gets in. She asks are you a gatekeeper or doorbell, why were you standing there. He says I wanted to know about you. She says your brother called you here, why did you come from window. He jokes. He asks are you feeling better seeing me, how are you feeling now. She says better, Rajshri told me that Kunal dropped me. He says he is a good human being, he is not like me and our mum. She says I think, when I fell there, you were present, Kunal was not there. Abir says don’t put much pressure on your mind, Kunal came there and got you to hospital, simple. She says I m glad, you wouldn’t be able to lift me. He says right, Kunal goes to gym, I can’t lift overweight. She says not everyone can understand me. He says you join CBI, you will get paid to ask questions. She says right, why are you avoiding my questions. He says I m not hesitant, never, I m just scared with blood, I fainted during my blood test once. She laughs.

He says you recollected how my family has hurt your family, mum should have not done this. Meenakshi says once Kunal manages work, he will get busy. She thanks Parul for her care. Shaurya thanks Kunal. Meenakshi calls Kunal and gets shocked. She says this lady is giving message in Gujarati, Kunal is still in Gujarat, but how. Vishwamber smiles seeing Kunal. Rajshri comes to Mishti. Abir greets her. Kunal says its good you came back. Abir nods. Kunal gives the discharge papers and says Mishti has to come tomorrow for checkup, she is lucky to get saved. Rajshri says it is only because of you. Abir signs Kunal. Kunal says this is the least we can do, I should apologize, my mum is very protective about me, I know you all are hurt, I m sorry especially to Kuhu. Vishwamber asks him to forget it.

Meenakshi asks what, Kunal missed the flight. She says where did he go then. Rajshri says Kunal managed everything, Meenakshi has hurt us. Vishwamber says Kunal stayed back, his values is good, the family and their cultures are good, Kunal is a nice guy, Kunal protected Mishti, both the sons are so different than their mum. Mishti answers Meenakshi’s call on Kunal’s phone. Meenakshi gets shocked and asks who is this girl. She asks who are you, I can’t hear your voice. Bau ji and Nidhi play songs and dance. Meenakshi switches off the music. Bau ji says its my practice time, why don’t you practice along. He thinks Abir gave me just one imp work and I couldn’t do this. He says you won’t let me practice and goes. The call disconnects. Shaurya gets medicines. Mishti says Kunal forgot his phone today. She asks nurse to give it to Kunal. Nurse says fine, I will keep it on silent mode now.

Meenakshi says where is Kunal. Jasmeet hugs Kuhu and apologizes. Kuhu asks her not to disturb. She makes a cake. Jasmeet says its good you asked Kuhu to learn cooking. Kuhu says marriage isn’t everything in life, I have to be imp in the guy’s life. She adds salt instead sugar. Varsha tries to stop her. She says there is no point now. Kuhu says I hurt Mishti, I m baking a cake for her to say sorry to her. Everyone gets Mishti home. Shaurya tells Varsha about Mishti’s injury. Mishti says I m fine. Mishti goes to Kuhu and says I have got a latest phone for you. Kuhu thanks her. Mishti says you were upset, its my fault, I should have acted like elder sister, I m sorry. Kuhu says even I m sorry. Jasmeet says Kuhu made a cake for you, now you both will hug right. Mishti and Kuhu hug. Jasmeet asks Kuhu to charge her phone, she will click a selfie. They go. Shaurya says everything is fine. Rajshri says no, Naman has hurt Mishti, he told this to me, I didn’t save Mishti, Kunal saved her, he stayed there until Vishwamber and Shaurya came, Kunal and Mishti’s match isn’t a bad one. Kuhu hears this and get shocked. Kuhu cries. Mishti looks on.

Abir asks Mishti to give a second chance to life. He does shayari. Mishti hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. MishEer scenes were soooooooooooo awesomely gud?????????????????Mishti’s acting especially when she gives a tough reply to abeer look very natural???????kuhu and Mishti were looking soooooooooooo gud together why this chachi always says something which hurts the 2 sisters. And this rajshree..what is she planning.. Why she is also making kuhu hate her…obviously she’ll get hurt????oh god!!!!! Waise toh naman aur meenakshi tod hi denge shaadi but mujhe woh aadmi nhi dekhna???????

    Precap- wow??????so amazing??????????????

  2. Now I have some predictions: –
    1. Misthi will agree for alliance for her badi maa.
    2. Abeer and Misthi will fall for each other and will not realise it. Even Kunal will fall for Kuhu.
    3. Some situations will arise which will made Abeer to confess that he was the one who saved and is saving Misthi from his father.
    4. Meenakshi will come to know that earrings belongs to Misthi not Kuhu through Abeer. And break the alliance. This will create some rifts between the Maheshwaris and Rajvansh. This will also blossom love between both the couple. And they will try to convince their families.
    5. And in all these process Kunal will become little rebel to Meenakshi not like Abeer, but will take his own decisions and will not get manipulated by Meenakshi.

  3. Naruto Uzumaki

    Both sisters always look cute together?(Only if they won’t fight/argue with each other bcz of their own insecurities )…I was waiting for so long to watch this kind of bonding between two sisters….As show is going well,I hope it will be in top again….So excited to watch upcoming episodes ??

  4. SBanga12

    I think there will be the first early blossoms of a love triangle, which would end up as Abir sacrificing his love for his little brother, I suppose. These are the saddest of stories, for me.

  5. PRECAP….interesting..wonderful….waiting…for 10 o clock..

  6. SBanga12 I don’t think any love triangle will be there as Kunal liked Kuhu that’s why he agreed for the alliance not Misthi. Same Kuhu had Love at first site with Kunal so she will not fall for Abeer. There will be a Situation Triangle like it’s going on right now. Everyone is thinking that Kunal was the one who saved Misthi which is just a misunderstanding. Misthi will come to know or will remember that Abeer saved her and may confront him for the same. I don’t think any Love Triangle would arise.

    Right Naruto Uzmaki that sister bond was the best. Specially kuhu did it on her own not to show anyone anything. Jasleen is sometimes to much she should keep Maun Varth?.

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