Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir apologizes to Mishti

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying shayari about friendship and asking Mishti to forget whatever happened. Dheere dheere….plays…. Abir says you are saying anything when I won today, Mishti, at least for the sake of our friendship, say something. She says congrats you won, our friendship failed to truth. He says I know you are angry and you have a right, you felt Kunal did all this, I didn’t know you will run away from problems, I will never lie to you, ever, I promise, do anything you want, break this friendship if you want, I will keep it, I don’t make relations to break. He goes. Yeh rishte the…plays…

Meenakshi gets happy seeing Kunal. Parul asks him why did he go this way on bike, he shouldn’t be annoyed with them. Nidhi asks where did you go, sorry to hurt your heart. Meenakshi says we will talk later. Kunal says I sold the bike. He gives money to Nidhi. He says I promise this won’t happen again. Parul prays. Abir sees her and smiles. He asks Nidhi to count money well. Nidhi asks Meenakshi is she upset with her now. Meenakshi says no.

Nidhi says say complete sentence. Meenakshi says I m not upset with you. Nidhi says sorry. Nanu hugs Kunal and says Abir is enough to run away, you don’t learn this, heart gets stronger after it breaks. Abir jokes on his old age. Nanu says I m a teenager bro. Kunal says you all are with me, my family is most imp for me, I promise I won’t upset you. Meenakshi says nothing is imp than family. Nidhi says now we have no annoyance. Meenakshi says I can’t see my sons separated. She goes to bless them. Atul comes to call them. He says your NGO lady has come. Abir goes. Kuhu looks for her bracelet. She says Mishti won’t throw it. She gets the bracelet and smiles. Mishti asks why did you throw it, who gave it to you, tell me, else I will tell Varsha.

Kuhu gets angry on her. Mishti says you have to tell me. The ladies tell Abir about the big loss at NGO. Abir says camp site isn’t ready yet, I will go there and manage everything. The lady says Mishti has all the details of kids. Abir says she won’t go for our work. Nanu comes and says she will go, you all prepare the work. They go. Abir asks why did you make this promise. Nanu says I know she is upset but she will come just make a try. Mishti asks what are you hiding from everyone. Kuhu says stay away from this. Mishti takes the bracelet and runs. Kuhu runs after her. Jasmeet hears music. Mishti says tell me fast. Kuhu says give my bracelet. Someone comes for Mishti. Abir says I m going, school construction stopped.

Kunal asks why do you go for small things, we have money… Nanu says bank balance, property, what do you have. Abir says Meenakshi and her son. Parul says Abir is going for good work. She does aarti. Nanu jokes. Kunal says Abir has everything, he can’t pray for anything else. Abir says I want to ask for one thing. Kuhu says I will receive this letter. She asks Mishti what’s inside the letter. Mishti says I don’t know. Kuhu says its Abir’s letter, did he fire you from work. She reads about the school and camp project. Kuhu says I lost my job, why didn’t she lose her job. Rajshri says Mishti won’t go anywhere. Vishwamber looks on. Nanu comes to give courage to Abir. Abir asks him to relax.

He asks Nanu to open his new phone. He says its mine, so that she talks to me. Mishti talks to the lady. The lady gets confused with details. Mishti asks how shall I explain you. The lady asks her to come. Mishti says sorry I can’t come. Abir calls Mishti and gets number busy. Nanu says she will come, have faith. Mishti says I should give this file to them, those kids shouldn’t suffer, I think I should go, people will keep talking, I have to think what’s imp, people’s taunts or those kids. Vishwamber looks on smiling. Nidhi says we will play Antakshari. Nanu says I will become your partner Kunal. Kunal says I have to make imp call.

Meenakshi says we should spend time. Nidhi says none will have phone. Kunal takes Nanu’s phone. Nanu says I m senior citizen. Kaushal says you were acting like teenagar, bro. Meenakshi says let it be. Nanu says my phone has Abir’s recording. Kunal and everyone tease Nanu and ask what’s in this phone. Kuhu asks where is my bracelet. Jasmeet says you are still finding bracelet, I heard everything, you lied to me before, not now. Kuhu thinks where did Mishti go. She says what was written in letter. Jasmeet says you know she went to Abir. Rajshri says no, she can’t go against my wish, call her.

Mishti reaches bus stand and calls the lady. Rajshri asks where did Mishti go. Jasmeet says Mishti wasn’t at home before, she likes to run away. Rajshri says call Vishwamber. She turns and sees Vishwamber. She says Mishti… He says I know, she went to bus stand, I asked her to go, she went to help orphan kids, our fight can’t be imp than those kids. Abir sees Mishti in mirror and asks did she really come. They see each other. Dheere dheere….plays… Flower falls over them. Abir gets happy.

Abir tries to convince Mishti. Kuhu calls Abir and says we have a IT raid at home, please help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved today’s episode…. Shayari on friendship was awesome. As usual our Heera ( Shaheer) rocked with every bit of expression … May it be while telling shayari or narrating his dialogues. Love you Heera ??? Aap hamesha Dil Ko chute ho yaar……

  2. Today I was feeling that kunal was katappa’s son..what’s happening. I hope it happens to be true as don’t want abeer to look like an outsider in the family. It feels so great when a boy is trying so hard to talk to u or to make u utter something???

    Precap- is so bad. Why I’m having a feeling that it has to do something with meenakshi. That necklace was that one only. Why can’t they show this family powerful. ????????????it would have been so nice if Mishti would have been somewhat like entrepreneur. Not just kuhu but Mishti also asks so many ques from kuhu…why she is being like her

    1. I too think the same RV… But why should she do that… All she wanted was the alliance to break and it broke… Now what does she want??? ? #MysteriousWomen #EvilnessOverloaded… Or maybe this Parekh behind that… Let’s wait and see…

  3. Nice episode. I think Kunal is Maasi’s son. The way Abir talked with Mishti in the beginning of the episode…it was nice.

    1. abeer loves kuhu thats nice

  4. Someone please explain me how kuhu is the daughter of shaurya? I mean who is the biological mother of kuhu.. I was watching yrkkh serial in it’s dubbed version ,but they stopped telecasting the show up-to naitik ‘s coma..And they have shown oly ananya. And where’s vishambar’s younger brother and his family?

    1. So probably you must have watched it in Tamil… Like meee… Even I don’t have the answers for that…

      1. hindi is national language of india and you don’t know it being an indian really bad from you # dosa can never become chole bature

      2. @Ibfan : Hindi izz not a national language of India.. It izz just an official language like other languages.. If you wann you can google..

      3. @Fake ibfan, for your kind info, Hindi is not the national language of India… India has 22 official languages and it is hard to know every language… And one more thing, I have never said that, I don’t know Hindi… Just bcz I watched yrkkh in Tamil doesn’t mean it is the only language I know… Hadn’t I known Hindi, how could I watch yrhpk??? ?You have such a humour sense just like our mo-di-jiii… who knows u are modiji too… Ur hashtag shows who are u…? We do learn Hindi in Tamil Nadu… Our schools teach Hindi, we have french too in high school and some school teach Sanskrit too… But I recommend u to learn Tamil… It is the most ancient language in the world… it is the official language of Singapore and Malaysia and being an Indian u must learn that language… #தமிழன்டா #ஆளப்போறான்தமிழன் #SecularIndia??
        Chapati kuruma enga idly pola varuma… Actually I feel really pity for u that being an Indian u don’t know the national language of India…?

      4. lol on you shaheer fan # fake kannadu naruto and ibfan we all knew its you anyways we all know no body gives a damn on anybody here its very evident you are naruto ibfan and what not else ? i feel lol on you people who never respect hindi and try overnight to make some unnu munnu language as your safety measures hahah

    2. oh too many questions at the same time but no tension when modiji is here especially regarding kuhu anytime anywhere anyplace doesn’t matter ; talking on kuhu is just same feeling like u get the best life partner with whom the god blessed u now coming to your queries @ swarna here the answers follows :
      kuhu is the daughter of shaurya and sneha (her mother ) who was in shaurya’s office as working employee some circumstances led to shaurya feel void in his life inspite he had varsha but as usual they had misunderstandings among themselves ;continuing ahead now shaurya gets sneha as her solace both started to feel special for each other especially sneha fall in love with shaurya and in to some extent shaurya too coz he got a buddy in sneha whom he feels she understands him so well than even varsha but things changes dramatically when sneha was diagonised with some disease i guess it was cancer ( more probably) they had a relationship which was pious and loveable which they meant to have at that time soon sneha got pregnant and hence arrival of our pari kuhu in the show delivering kuhu sneha requested shaurya to give his name to her daughter so that the society didn’t try to raise a finger on her identity
      later show progresses akshara and naitik had fight coz during switzerland trip akshara get to know about grown up kuhu who was supported and raised by naitik ( secretly) which akshara doubted soon the revealation happened and shaurya accepted that kuhu is his daughter not naitik hearing this varsha at first not accepted kuhu but later due to varsha’s love for shaurya she accepted kuhu in her life and soon they end up together with a complete family including grown up ananya
      coming to second part of your query regarding vishambar’s younger brother and his family is shown in parttime ways you can include it on ocassional basis like someone’s marraige in the family or some one dies in the show its up to director to give them a call if he thinks he needs them to drag the episode last story last time they were shown settling abroad somewhere
      hope this will enlighten you on your doubts
      keep loving kuhu in this journey and hope best for her love abeer # abeer kuhu marriage soon to come # cheers

      1. @modiji, so kuhu is not varsha’s daughter? But varsha is only one who gives a damn for ur kuhu… Were all these things telecasted? Btw,where is ananya? I don’t know about all these coz I have never watched that show… Just a bit here and a bit there I’ve watched that too in Tamil… I’ve watched just from hina’s first pregnancy to naksh’s first birthday… Then I stopped watching and they stopped telecasting?… Anyways, thanks for the information mo-di-ji!

      2. shaheer these things were telecasted you haven;’t seen it thats your missing part in puzzle anyways it was good to enlighten you guys on the required query # kuhu is angelic beauty
        and yes varsha had raised kuhu so well she’s a good mother both kuhu and varsha are nice duo to watch she had made kuhu independent and beautiful in nature by virtue

  5. Nice episode… Ohh… Shaheer was looking so good today ?… And the thing what he was wearing on his head was so cute for him… Don’t know it’s name ?… What’s it called, is that pagdi??? Vishwamber is a nice man… But don’t know why he reacted so weird after knowing about MisEer’s friendship… Precap is interesting… I think Meenu should be behind this… #EvilnessOverloaded… Can’t wait for two days… #LongWeekends… #ComeBackNaruto #ComeBackIbfan

    1. narutouzumaki

      unnu munnu baigan chodaiyya puiyya baigan

    2. @mo-di-ji, we all know who is the one who use others name to post their stupid comments here… ?Everyone has their own mother tongue and loves it… It’s none of ur business to comment on that… I don’t know what ur mother tongue is and I don’t want to know about it… But respect others feelings… Wait… I was commenting to that fake ibfan and why the hell are u reacting this way… Are u that fakie?? And btw, since my mt is Tamil it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect Hindi… I respect all the languages… It makes no sense to speak about it with u… Coz u don’t know to respect people or their language… I feel lol on u people who never respect other languages…??? And u think overnight how to escape… Coz u r caught… Better luck next time…?

  6. p.s: naitik knew about kuhu’s identity very well but kept it a secret from akshara too

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I believe I made a mistake in saying that I liked Kunal for Mishti… Abeer is more romantic and down to earth and his manners toward Mishti ? he’s just so sweet ? … that Kuhu tho, oh my goodness, can’t she tone down a bit… I mean Kunal’s engagement just broke and she’s running him down like a freight train arrgghh…

    I know Rajshri is Mishti’s adoptive mom/auntie but I think she needs to lighten up and give Mishti some space, after all she was engaged and almost set to leave home… in other words, she’s a grown woman Rajshri, deal with it ?

    still no words for Meenakshi ?

    1. kuhu is the prime heroine of this show seeing mishti we get bore ughh # sloppy girl aunty chasmish dull energy seems like she’s on dieting lol

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