Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu In Trouble?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal takes Kuhu to room. Kuhu asks why is he looking at her seriously. Meenakshi walks in and says she doesn’t want any differences between Abir and Kunal. Kuhu walks away saying she will go on a walk. Meenakshi tells Kunal that she doesn’t know what Abir was talking about, for her both are sons and she hopes Abir also listens to her like Kunal. Kunal says he wants to stay alone for sometime and closes door. Mishti walks to Kuhu. Kuhu asks if she also came to blame her like Abir. Mishti says she just wants to know if she made a deal with maa regarding surrogacy. Kuhu denies and acts nervous. Kunal enters and takes Kuhu away. Abir stops Kunal and asks what happened that he is angry on Mishti. Kunal says he wants to stay alone and closes door.

Nidhi calls Jasmeet that there is a big problem at home. Jasmeet asks to be specific. Nidhi explains that Abir told Kuhu and Meenakshi cracked some property deal in lieu of surrogacy. Varsha hears them and thinks Abir doesn’t lie, she needs to speak to Kuhu. She calls Kuhu, but Kuhu says she was angry on her and didn’t want to speak then, so she will not speak to her now and disconnects call. Parul hears Nidhi’s conversation in kitchen. She walks to Meenakshi and asks about it. Meenakshi denies and says Kuhu and Mishti are trying to create a rift between her 2 sons and she will not tolerate that.

Abir calls Mishti, but doesn’t find her at home. He tracks mobile via GPS and finds her in market place, thinks she maybe wants to spend time alone. Mishti walks on street reminiscing all the recent incidents. She slips. Varsha holds her and asks to be careful. Mishti thanks her for coming. Varsha asks what did Abir say. Mishti tells that Maa made a deal with Kuhu that in exchange of surrogacy, she will give a big chunk of property to Kunal. Varsha says this can’t happen. Mishti says hope it was wrong, but Abir read papers. Varsha says Abir doesn’t lie, she was angry on Mishti, Abir, Kunal, Badimaa, and herself as thought they should change Kuhu’s decision at any cost and knew Kuhu’s decision will get both families into trouble and why Kuhu is doing this. She says she will speak to Kuhu and set things right. Mishti returns home and hugging Abir apologizes for going out without informing him. He asks if she wanted to spend some time alone. She says he understands her well. He asks her speak confidently. She says she is not responsible for whatever is happening. He says maa did a lot which was intolerable, but she tried to create a rift between her and Kunal, so he need to speak. He walks away.

Abir knocks Kunal’s door and asks if they can talk for sometime. Kunal requests he will later and closes door again. Kuhu acts and tells Kunal that Abir is doubting him and she is happy that Kunal is supporting her, she loves him. Kunal says Abir, Mishti, and whole family is doubting her, so he decided that they will shift to Dubai after delivery. Kuhu is shocked. Kunal says he cannot see family doubting her, so they will shift to Dubai and he will handle everything if she is with him. Kuhu nervously says they cannot leave everything like this. Kunal says they all mistreat her, so he decided to move away from family, he will not let anyone torture her again. He calls lawyer and asks him to transfer all his property share to Abir and Meenakshi. Kuhu stops him and agrees that she became surrogate to get him his right in this family; she demanded 50 lakhs FD and big chunk of property in his name. Kunal is shocked and asks if she and maa were hands in gloves since the beginning. Kuhu says she did this for their future and he understands her. He walks away leaving her crying.

Mishti and Abir select cradle and other gifts for baby. They ask Parul to join them. Mishti says she heard that at this stage of pregnancy, baby can hear everything and even their fight. Abir tells Parul that he doesn’t want to fight, but Kunal is not listening to him at all. Kunal walks to them and apologizes Abir for not listening to him. He insists Kuhu to speak. Kuhu accepts about her deal with Meenakshi in detail. Kunal apologizes Abir. Meenakshi walks in. Kunal says he thought Kuhu is sacrificing, but she made a deal.

Precap: Abir over phone asks lawyer to do something by evening.
Kunal gives divorce papers to Kuhu. Abir tells Mishti that he will not sacrifice their relationship and family unity against maa’s adamancy.

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  1. Now Kunal is back to his Ladaku Chokro avtaar. Now Kuhu will learn her lesson because above all the moh maya she loves Kunal and his attention.
    Abeer has something store for BB. Really excited for upcoming episodes.

  2. Good episode but the complete truth is yet to be told.. kuhu lied again saying she really wants to gv the baby to Mishbir but got greedy at same time (false).. she only agreed for greed n when BB delayed the property transfer she headed for abortion.. this is very imp track which needs to be shown but doubt the makers will bring it up as they want to portray kuhu as innocent.. kuhu got greedy n also got a chance to insult Mishti day in n out so she isn’t naive.. she did all this for importance & attention & also to insult mishti. Abir should not forget kuhu’s disgusting acts to defame Mishti.. also this Jasmeet needs to be taught a lesson..

  3. Deal of out and now all know kuhu is not doing any mahan job. But how come kuhu became a victum here. Everyone talking BB forced her,which is true and she manupliated her and used her weekness. But what kuhu did is so cheap plan to abortion, when BB gave warning and what she did to Misti from last few days is very bad. Kunal should know this and feel for what words he used for Misti.

    1. Doing abortion was not fully wrong because she had got a chance to fulfill her dreams. BB manipulated her and she was not against misthi at starting but when she headed for abortion then she turned against Misthi. I am not saying Kuhu as innocent but this is also true that whatever was happening with Kunal was wrong. He made Big Pear Travels but it was given to Misthi. Then BB announced to give whole property to MisBeer’s child which was again wrong. By all this she was showing Kunal his place indirectly which as a wife only Misthi Mahan can tolerate and ignore.

    2. that’s correct vidha that only mishti mahaan can gulp up her self respect..don’t understand why nd how come we don’t find any relatable lead character on it too much to ask for? really wonder how nd why we get attached to one person just bcoz of chemistry of the two leads..its ending..finally..felt sad first but itsok now as i want to focus on bigg boss nd EDKV2

    3. I am not a favorite of Misti character from long as she never fight for self respect and always says same dialogue “all bcoz of me & I am sorry”

      My point is now all blame is going in a direction kuhu was forced to this by BB and kuhu is innocent. BB made her mind against Misti, so she can aviod or not be friends with her. But what kuhu did from last few days is too much. She can abort but she is decided to do it when no property is travelled.

      Overall both BB & kuhu are equally wrong and kuhu should get fully exposed.

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