Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir helps Mishti

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir seeing Mishti and going to her. He recalls Meenakshi’s words and gets back. Mishti says I will save Rajshri, I don’t want to see your face. He holds her hand and says you neither need him nor his memories, his memories are like tenants who don’t even pay, don’t keep such tenants.

Mishti says everyone leaves me, you will also leave me. He says no, I won’t go. She asks promise. He says promise, I never break my promise. He thinks of Kunal. He says I won’t go. Rajshri comes there. She says a girl… accident. Nurse says yes, she is there. Rajshri runs to see Mishti and prays. She sees Kunal with Mishti and says you….. He asks her to come. He says you did a big favor by getting Mishti here.

Kunal stops Abir. Abir says no, I can’t

stay here. Abir recalls how he called Kunal and asking him to be with Mishti, when her family comes. Kunal says I m on the way to the airport, I have my flight. Abir asks him to take responsibility of the wound which their family gave to Mishti and Kuhu. FB ends. Kunal says don’t go. Abir says Mishti needs you here. He leaves and does shayari. Vishwamber and Shaurya leave for market to find Rajshri and Mishti. Varsha says Kuhu has become silent, we should do something for her. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to go with Kuhu. Shaurya says no, driver said Mishti met with an accident, she is in the hospital. Bau ji asks what, is Kuhu fine. Abir says no, its Mishti’s accident. Bau ji asks him to buy a phone. Abir says no, its fine, Kunal is with her. Bau ji asks what, that means, Kunal didn’t go to London. Abir says yes, you have to hide this from Meenakshi. Bau ji says its best news. Kaushal asks what. Abir says don’t tell anything to Mamu. Bau ji says okay. Abir says I did my work, I don’t have any reasons to stay here. He sees Naman there in the market.

Varsha clicks Kuhu’s pics. Kuhu asks her to leave. Varsha cheers her. They don’t see the incoming call. They go out of the room. Kunal helps Rajshri. Rajshri calls home again. Mishti says he saved me. Rajshri says yes, he went to get your medicines. Abir says what is this man doing here. Mishti says I don’t remember anything. Kunal gets medicines and asks are you feeling better now. Rajshri says I don’t know how to thank you, you got Mishti to hospital today. Mishti recalls a shadow/Abir. She says thanks. Kunal says actually, I didn’t…. Nurse interrupts. He asks Rajshri to stay here, Mishti needs her. He stops and goes.

Nidhi asks are you finding an assistant for Parul. Meenakshi says this girl’s proposal has come. Nidhi says if its for Atul, refuse to her. Meenakshi says I wish some proposal comes for Atul. She taunts Nidhi. Kaushal asks why are you whispering like this. Bau ji says I m on secret mission. Kaushal says I can’t get Meenakshi’s phone. Bau ji sends her again. Meenakshi says Nidhi is talking about Atul’s alliance. Kaushal says let him become something first, then we shall see about him. Kaushal takes her phone. She sees phone with Bau ji and looks on. Abir comes back to the hospital. Kunal says you came back. Abir says that same man is here, who is with Mishti if you are here. He runs to Mishti. Varsha and Jasmeet surprise Kuhu with the beauty spa. Kuhu gets glad and thanks them. Jasmeet asks Kuhu to straighten her hair, maybe the groom’s family rejected her because of curly hair. Kuhu cries and goes. Varsha looks at Jasmeet and goes. Naman says I have to call Rajshri again. Abir sees Mishti, and Naman coming there.

Meenakshi says Kunal is still in city, how. Mishti sees Naman’s shadow. Abir stares at Naman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naruto Uzumaki

    Today’s episode was too boring…I didn’t like it at all…And have to wait for 2 days yaar!!What a crap….I don’t wanna see some characters in the show…They are so disgusting…By the way I’m waiting for Mishti and Abeer scenes or I can say moments yaar…I just wanna watch the story,Mishti?and Abeer? moments,Kunal?and some of other side characters?….yah!!!twists along with -ve roles..That’s all..I hate to watch some of the other characters which comes under side roles.. maybe I did mention them..Once again Plz show many more Mishti and Abeer moments in the show yaar?☺

  2. MishEer??????????naman??????????precap…I hope naman kuch galat na krde Mishti ke sath????????bst part…nanu and Mama???????????

  3. Abeer and Mishti!???

  4. Didn’t and that why Abeer is not taking credit of what he did. He is passing all credits to Kunal Why? I know why he called Kunal in hospital but why he has said Kunal to not to tell anyone that Abeer was the one who saved Misthi. Jasleen was not so dumb in YRKKH so why right now she is so dumb that she say anything to anyone at anytime. Meenakshi is selecting Gawar Ladki for Kunal, like really how can she even think of that ?.

    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      I’m also wondering… !!!!!why Abeer did not take that credit that he was the one who saved Mishti….More often question is that Why is he hiding the truth???What is he intend to do???I hope he won’t sacrifice his love(I don’t know that can I call it as love or not..Bcz it’s not cleared yet)..Still..I hope he won’t do that..Likewise,There are many questions swirling in my mind…
      I hole upcoming episodes will clear our questions and doubts..

    2. The reason would be that he wanted Kunal to miss his flight to London & beat Big Ben to her own game Abir gave him the sob story due to his mother Mishti & family was upset & kunal would look good if he was at the hospital Though Meenakshi has other plans for Kunal She can’t play with people’s emotions like that !! Abir is taking revenge & also keeping eye on Mishti so Naman doesn’t harm her

  5. For me story is turning interesting..waiting for monday

  6. For the first time I’ve seen that a mother wants uneducated and typical Indian bahu. I always thought that the world is changing and everyone wants a strong headed bahu whose educated, independent, qualified and have a strong point of view. But this is something very annoying??????shy bahu like seriously???have u gone crazy. The chemistry should be fire igniting?????and my storyline had always been luv triangle it always brings a whirlpool in everyone’s life?????I remember some of the couples as they were always present on my wish list??

  7. Guys this week trp is 1.7..overall 10th position…they have to stop showing drama and start funny romance..or trp again will drop

  8. Yrhpk is @4 position not on 10

  9. 4th position got kulfi kumar…yrhpk got 10th position…

    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      YRHPK got 4th position with TRP 1.7 yaar..

  10. Naruto Uzumaki

    Nope…4th position with TRP 1.7 guys….

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