Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mishti is tormented

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying sorry, mum should have not done that. Mishti says I m sorry, you had a fight with her because of me, I respect her, but I won’t let her come between us. He says I know, if she is Big ben, you are angry chorni, I love you. She says I love you too. He gets a call. She says broker’s call, you are finding a house. He says Vishwamber gave me responsibility to keep you happy, I m just trying to do it. Varsha says Abir will not leave Mishti, Kunal will not leave Abir, Kuhu is also with Mishti now. Vishwamber says I wish Meenakshi could have thought of their unity. Jasmeet asks Varsha to call Kuhu and find out what’s going on there. Varsha calls Kuhu.

Kuhu says nothing is fine, don’t know why is she doing this, Abir said he will leave the house, Maa didn’t react, it means she is planning something, I wish some magic happened and everything got fine. Parul cries. Varsha asks her to tell Kunal to find a way, Abir and Mishti need their help, don’t step back. Kuhu says yes. Kunal recalls Abir’s words and gets sad. Mishti calls Rajshri. She says I m fine, don’t worry, you all got worried because of me, very sorry. Rajshri cries.

Vishwamber says I always taught you to accept mistake, but its not your mistake, I wish I was with you. She says I know you are always with me, I m fine, Abir wants us to move out. He says I agree with him, tell him to ask me if he needs any help. She thanks him. Varsha asks are you alone in your room. Mishti says yes, why. Varsha says don’t be alone, Meenakshi was much angry, go to Kuhu’s room. Mishti says I will go to her, don’t worry. She disconnects the call. Rajshri thanks Varsha.

Varsha says I didn’t like the way Meenakshi talked to you, she is blaming Mishti, its wrong. Mishti sees Meenakshi. Meenakshi gives the letter and goes. Mishti reads… my son is going to leave me, I will end my life. Mishti gets shocked. She runs and shouts open the door Maa. She gets in and throws the pills. Meenakshi cries and says leave me. Mishti says you would have eaten all the pills if I didn’t come. Meenakshi says yes. Mishti asks didn’t you think of your sons. Meenakshi asks did you think about me, its because of you. Mishti says I can’t do anything, truth is, I can’t conceive. Meenakshi says you expect me to accept the truth.

Mishti says its not my mistake and even then you are… Meenakshi asks what’s my mistake, fate has tested me. Mishti says I know you made many sacrifices. Meenakshi says truth is you have to give sacrifice, if you really love Abir, then do you want to see him happy. Mishti says you know my answer. Meenakshi says then leave Abir. Mishti asks what. Mishti says Abir and I can’t live without each other. Meenakshi says its good to hear such things, if one loses such happiness, it hurts a lot. Mishti says Abir loves me a lot, he won’t leave me. Meenakshi says I know, that’s why I m telling you, men are strong, but women have to make sacrifice.

Mishti says I can’t leave Abir. Meenakshi says you both have to get separated, your courage will end after some years, when Abir sees Kunal’s children, Ketki’s children, your relation will get bitter. Mishti says Abir and I are happy together. Meenakshi says person is greedy, its truth, look at yourself, you were young when your mum left you, you are still hurt, you hope that Abir forgets this, leave Abir. Mishti says you tried to separate us before, I can’t leave him. Meenakshi says fine, get ready to become a reason for my death. Mishti asks are you blackmailing me. Meenakshi touches her feet and says I can’t see my son’s pain, I know Abir will hide his pain behind his smile, we know it will be fake smile, free him, I beg you, please. Mishti says sorry, its not an option to leave Abir. She goes. Meenakshi reads Abir’s poem. Mishti cries. Meenakshi says I know Abir’s pain. She asks can’t you make this sacrifice, I will wait for your answer. Mishti leaves. She gets a call. Lady asks when will you come to give shagun. Meenakshi says very soon. Nidhi says Abir and Mishti were happy on janmashtami, sorry, you told me to hide this idol, Abir would feel bad, he can’t become papa.

Meenakshi says Nidhi, its time for my medicines. She sends her. She tracks Abir. She says he isn’t too far from home, we lost a lot in the past, we can’t lose the future, Abir I want to give you big happiness, I have to give you some pain also she goes to Mishti and says its about Abir’s life, so I have come, what do you want, Abir’s happiness or sorrow. Mishti says Abir and I love each other a lot. Meenakshi says its all over, you have just become your habit for each other, there are two type of people, selfless and selfish, you are selfish, you couldn’t become a good daughter, wife and bahu, that’s why Maa Ambe didn’t give you a chance to become a mum. Mishti cries and says please go from here. Meenakshi shouts Mishti. Mishti goes out and sees Abir coming. Abir takes the Kanha idol and cries. Meenakshi looks on. She thinks I wanted to show you the pain of Abir’s heart, which he is hiding from you, now maybe she understands and leaves Abir forever.

Rajshri says Lord would have thought something for you. Abir prays. Mishti packs her bags. She says I can stop Abir and mum’s fight. She leaves. Abir comes home with the red balloons.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. But what is Meenakshi up to 🤷‍♀️
    She wants Mishti to leave house > coz Mishti can’t conceive > why? She had internal injury > how? She fought with Varun > coz he wants to blame Mishti for karan’s death > why? Coz she was there at that night > as Abir had an argument with her > coz he don’t want Meenakshi to know that they are at resort > as Abir very well knows how his mom is.

    So who is responsible for all these…. And now blaming Mishti for everything. 😤

    Meenakshi Rajvansh don’t deserve such a son like Abir. Oh God how come he got such a monster mother.

    1. I think that maybe menakshi played the dr to say that mishti cant have children as she was always against kabir and mishti reunion

    2. Anna it could be a possibility can’t put anything past Meenakshi I am surprised that Mishbir haven’t given gone to a gynecologist for a second opinion Why take the word of one doctor only ang top it Mishti didn’t even speak to that doctor after the ultra sound

    3. Yes dear… Even I thought about that. It doesn’t make any sense that🤷‍♀️ at least Mishbir should have gone together once to consult a dr and find out what actually the problem is. Medicinal field has been improved in such a way that there are chances to make everything fine.

  2. Smriti Tyagi

    Meenakshi is a monster typical oldmother inlaw can’t see son happy with daughter in law How can Abir get married without giving divorce which takes at least six monthes what rubbish producer wants to show

  3. A mother doesn’t deserve to be identified by the term ‘mother’ with such a selfish, cruel and demonish heart. However I hope even though Mishti leaves Abir the strong love bonding between them will not allow them to separate and moreover the stony-hearted so called ‘mother’ can never break their bond❤💕

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