Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti rejects Kunal’s alliance

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi asking Kunal what did you decide. Kunal says I told Mishti that I m very disappointed, it was my right to know about her dad, he has tried to hurt you, my family is very imp, my wife has to understand this. He says I had to say this, Mishti would have understood what I expect from her and this relation, if everything is dine, we shall fulfill the engagement. Meenakshi gets shocked. Rajshri smiles and says why not, Varsha, take them upstairs and make them ready, I m sorry for this. Rajshri hugs Mishti and apologizes. Mishti says I know you can’t do anything wrong, now I understand why Singhanias hate my dad so much. Rajshri says I did this to save you. Jasmeet asks Mishti to cry without shedding tears. Mishti says this is my truth, my parents abandoned me, my dad could kill anyone. Rajshri says no, you are my daughter. She hugs Mishti. She asks what did Kunal say. Kuhu says he didn’t leave Mishti, he is still ready for rasam. Rajshri thanks Lord.

Meenakshi asks are you still ready for this relation. Kunal says I was also shocked, I have explained her well, I m sure she will never forget this, you look very happy, I can’t snatch your happiness. She says just think of yourself. He says Mishti has to leave her stubbornness. She thinks I can’t let this rasam happen. Vishwamber comes to ask Mishti’s wish. She says we know about trust in such times. He asks do you trust that we did this for your betterment. She nods. He says I can never lose you. She hugs him. He says we will always be with you.

Meenakshi says that girl isn’t right for you, I told yes to her because of my family, Mishti is very stubborn, relations aren’t made this way, adjustments happen in relation, Mishti isn’t one to compromise, you refused her to job, she went to Abir to get job, she refused to get surgery done, she is breaking our family, I chose the wrong girl, I won’t let my son bear this, if anything happens to you, I won’t be able to forgive myself, don’t make this relation. Ketki hears them. Kunal gets thinking. Meenakshi says don’t make this relation Kunal. He says my relation broke before on engagement day, do you want this to repeat, if this relation breaks, I will also break down, this can’t happen. He goes.

Shaurya says anything would have happened, don’t know how Abir controlled his anger. Abir recalls Mishti’s words. Rajshri says you have helped us a lot, thanks. Abir says I did what I should have done. Nanu asks Rajshri to bless Abir, not thank him. Abir says we should go, I have to talk to Kunal. Rajshri says Mishti would be just coming. Nidhi says Abir will get Kunal, they have much love between them, Abir convinced Kunal for this alliance. Mishti gets the balloons and thinks of Kunal. She sees Abir and Kunal. Kunal says Mishti’s dad tried to kill Naitik, nothing can be serious than this, don’t you care, they have hidden this from us. Abir says this was hidden from Mishti too, we can discuss this later. Mishti comes and looks on. Abir says you are my brother, my friend and life, I can do anything for you, we trust each other, I want to tell you something, I realized this late, I want to tell you that I… Mishti says Kunal….

Abir says not this time, I have to talk something imp to him. Mishti says its more imp for me to talk, please. Abir takes the balloons from her and goes. Mishti says Kunal, I was 13 year old when I came in this house, I got to know this is my real house, they have regarded me a daughter, they did everything from me, they had hidden my dad’s truth from me, when the truth came out, I could have broken, but I didn’t break, I knew I m not alone, they always trusted you, you didn’t trust me, you didn’t take a stand for me, you want a puppet wife, Vishwamber taught me to take my own decisions, he is sure that I won’t take any wrong decision, I don’t want to insult his trust, I will never get rid of glasses, Rajshri tells that I look like Vishwamber by wearing glasses, you didn’t get happy with this courtship, you involved your brother, I blindly trusted you, my dad broke my trust, I wanted such a relation which can fill that trust, we have no match, that’s why, I m breaking this relation. Kunal gets shocked.

Everyone comes and looks on shocked. Meenakshi says Mishti is breaking up. Nanu says its happening right. Abir says don’t think about me now. Kunal scolds Mishti and says you are a liar, I will break this relation, I dump you. Meenakshi says Kunal is saying right. Varsha says we didn’t lie. Rajshri says don’t punish Mishti. Meenakshi says Mishti is a liar. Vishwamber says you have no right to scold her. She says Mishti has no right to break Kunal’s heart. Abir and Nanu ask them to calm down and talk. Mishti says I have no proof, Kunal doesn’t believe me. Kunal says trust has to be earned, Mishti just broke my trust, I don’t wan to see her face again. He leaves. Mishti cries.

Meenakshi insults Maheshwaris. Abir argues with Meenakshi. Kunal asks why are you going against family for Mishti’s sake.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Well done mishti
    You take a long time to realize your true feelings!
    But finally you cancelled the marriage
    That’s good news!
    And kunal mishti is right you only want a puppet wife not one who want to stand for herself. Self-dependant etc.
    And meenaskshi you are the blo*dy hell
    And no wonder you are the villain in kunal’s love story
    And i think shewta also left Kunal Becoz of you
    And you nonsense nature.
    Abir is the best person but amongest Wrong people

    1. Meenakshi eka kokila modi is searching another Gopi modi ??? …. Kunal is too selfish… Today she is too mean to Misty… Though Misty rejected kunal but in a sobar way but the reaction of kunal is too dominating…. I hate Meenakshi…. Stupid woman, who wants to control his son’s life by doing Wrong thing, she needs to be exposed……

    2. with this speed mishti can never become compatible with any guy she’s damm slow as sloth

    3. naruto uzumaki

      misti to ullu hai ullu usse kuch samjh nhi aata ekdum pagal hai wo kunal ko itna kuch suna diya chipkali kahin ki

    4. happy eid to all @ telly team members enjoy it with full zest and yes i want my share of sewaiyyan and sweets too # AMENA and team going good going great !!!!!

  2. BOHOT hectic ho gya Aaj ka episode. My happiness of broken relationship was too (Mishti and kunal)short lived. Ab kuhu naa AA Jaye Mishti ko sunate hue. I don’t understand how can someone blame others 24×7×365 days. How she will help kunal recover from his workaholic nature if she can’t understand her sister.?????

    1. mishti is lucky to have kuhu as her sister # kuhu will enlighten mishti on her faulty ways to correct things

  3. Now according to me as Ketki have listened to the conversation happened between Kunal and Meenakshi she will become a clue to Abeer. In last episode Abeer was looking like Naman’s word had striked him. And now he will try to find out the truth that who did this and why. But as we all know Katappa Mama AKA Parul Maasi will take all blame on her.
    I think here something will happen just like IB cuz when Shivay came to know that his mom has lied to everyone that he is Illegitimate son then he just confronted his mom for the upbringing she gave to him about “Naam Khoon Khandan” similarly Kunal will confront Meenakshi that she made him workaholic, insensitive (after breakup with Shweta) & her puppet due to which he lost Misthi and Shweta. And then we will see a complete new Meenakshi which can be a full Vamp or which can be a daily soap mom who loves her DILs.

    1. But I think that abeer is katappa’s son and they both r foster brothers

    2. Shaheer's fan

      @RV ,Yaa I also think the same…
      But , with the speed story is unravalling it will take months to come out….

  4. I m happy that Misthi broke the Alliance but feeling really pity for Kunal that he have such a possessive mom who just want a DIL like Nidhi who doesn’t oppose her. Kunal is facing heartbreaks only due to Meenakshi’s possessiveness.
    Now just waiting for Abeer and Misthi’s relationship like how will it start and will it give is couple goals or not just like Naina & Sameer (YUDKBH), Anika & Shivaay (IB), Gunjan & Mayank (SSLPK), Khushi & Arnav(IPKKND), Piya & Abhay (PKYEK) and Hayat & Murat (ALA / PLMK) ?????????????

    1. or come on don’t compare angelic sanaya with this bookworm mishti naina sameer ok ok types anika shivay almost average abhay piya 8/10 khusi and arnav 10/10 and many more and in your list add prem heer ksg and jennifer in dil mil gayye thats called a couple not a mismatch like you people think of so called misheer just crap absolute bakwaas shaheer erica as devakshi over the moon jodi but kuhu abeer jodi is eternal one # best one’s eyes can glow up seeing them together # butterfly feelings in girls when they see shaheer and kuhu together but no you want an average looking aunty chasmish for abeer # she’s not at all compatible for abeer

    2. Abhiya wow???????????????best

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I never expected those hurtful words from Kunal… he is no better than his mother ? how is it that Abeer is so different to them ??? I never thought that emotions can change from day to night… such is how I now feel and look at Kunal ? Mishti is so undeserving of his hatred… smh

    I wonder if Kunal will hate his mother when he finds out about her disgusting deeds, as much as he professed to Mishti ? he is so weak in many ways, he looks capable of committing suicide as it is ? what an awful mother… smh

    1. Capable of commiting suicide……
      Plz! your comment could’ve been better without this!

    2. chill mony you should not make fun on her naina is a sweetheart she writes what her heart feels irrespective of the sad emojis which she had used hahaha don’t criticise many writers should be encouraged coz many feel hesitant to write coz they feel their grammatical mistakes will be bullied here but no ways once modiji arrives no one can bully on linguistic skills i know you didn’t said it with any bad intentions but naina deserves a polite reply i guess hahaha

    3. So. True…though misty rejected kunal but in a sober way…but kunal omg too much…… He is not worthy to be Misty’s future husband and after listening those hateful word Against misty if kuhu go to kunal first, seriously i will disdown kuhu for this….. And, this Meenakshi needs to be expose… Horrible women…… Watching this show only for shareer…. He is just awesome…. I can feel his emotions…..

    4. why just coz kunal got slight aggressive what you gals want a puppy 24×7 as husband both kunal and mishti had clashes of interests that doesn’t mean they are not compatible just see kunal how caring he is its other thing conspiracies around him is making him doubt on aunty misti but there’s no harm kunal is just trying to make mishti compatible and safe with him # specs is not an issue but the thing is girls like mishti want everything perfect then and there thats a foolish approach from misti she should have tried to understand the gold kunal is for her otherwise no one can marry her with her faults unless she mends her ways to being the real self # kuhu abeer aka kuheer is best jodi how beautiful is kuhu perfect for abeer but still they need time to understand each other and continue too build trust like they do always but mishti she’s doing bossim on kunal she wants a puppet as husband who should clean her specs every 2 secs to save her from infections # kunal is not a lifebouy lol

  6. Minakshi just want a puppet daughter in law because she is ruling the brothers bhabhi have no say

    1. no she want good daughter in law unlike modern day house breaking gals whose first demand is to seperate a boy from his family and to live in a nuclear family lol on them all

    2. Oyeeee??????????????????????????????????where u will see today’s girls living in sasural and r jobless. Today everyone works husband and wife both. In ur family girls don’t work MODIJI. Won elections and snatched education rights?????

  7. I totally forgot about mentioning the precap it’s so depressing I don’t want show to end or not to show brother love even for episode. As the show is not showing any sister bond I don’t want makers to do same with Abeer and Kunal ??

    1. rona nahi viddu

      this show is based on relations and yet its to be highlighted crying emojis will not help at all take out your hanky sneeze out the delicious material and throw it in dustbin and feel relax # sisters and that too bond never possible in modern theory of relations lol

  8. Tragic episode… But loved it… Finally meenu succeeded in her plan… The precap is horrible ?… I don’t want the cute Bros to fight… Waiting for next episode… #ComeBackNaruto #ComeBackIbfan

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