Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mehul admits the past truth

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mehul saying what can a poor father give to his son, still I want to give you truth in the gift, the truth is, I had run away from the house, I was blamed for money fraud, I was a coward to run away, your mum is right, I came back just for you, I had no proof for my innocence, I didn’t wish anyone to tell my son that I m a fraud, I went and came back for you, I m weak, but not a thief, this is my truth, forgive me if possible. Meenakshi signs Kaushal. Kunal says Abir has to agree today, mum isn’t wrong, Mehul confessed to run away and did the crime. Mehul says I didn’t do any crime. Kunal says one who is innocent has to stay there and prove it. Abir says when loved ones don’t trust, one loses trust on himself, we were not there. Mehul says Kunal is right,

I did a mistake to leave you, you both don’t know me. Parul says we don’t need to know anyone, trust has to be earned, its not gifted, Abir am I saying truth, focus on the gift given by family.

Meenakshi thinks Parul did a big mistake. Nanu thinks Abir will think Meenakshi kept this in front of him forcibly. Abir checks the newspapers and asks who wrapped this. Nanu says I did, I want to tell you the truth. Abir says I know Meenakshi has done this, I don’t want this gift, if you both want to trust mum, fine, you don’t know dad, I want to know my dad, he gave me right teachings, let me decide about him. Parul says your decision is wrong, I know Meenakshi well, when I m saying… Kuhu says pause Kunal, we all are fighting today on Abir’s birthday, we will just discuss about birthday. Meenakshi says yes, I don’t want to live in past, but future, my sons are the future. Abir says I m scared of Kuhu now. Kuhu says crazy Kuhu. He smiles.

Mishti thinks how to call Abir or Kuhu. She gets a gift for Abir. Jasmeet looks on. Mishti says I hope Abir doesn’t forget this birthday ever. Jugnu cries and says Parul scolded me. Parul comes and scolds him again. Nanu says the reason of anger isn’t Jugnu. She says I don’t want to lose Kunal. Abir asks why didn’t you call, its my birthday, I know you didn’t want to disturb me, Mishti its a big problem here, mum is spoiling dad’s name, she said dad did a big fraud, she wants me to hate him, I just decide things on own. Mishti says you just listen to me, happy birthday Abir. Abir says I m not getting network, I will go out. Parul says Abir and Kunal will become step brothers now. Abir comes there. Nanu says Abir and Kunal are sons of this house. Parul asks how will we hide this. Nanu asks her to support Meenakshi, Kunal is her son. Parul turns and sees Abir. She wipes tears. Nanu and Parul start acting. Abir says they are planning a surprise, I don’t want it, I need you. Mishti says its your birthday today, happy birthday, you stay with your family. Abir says I will wait for you, if you don’t come, my birthday won’t be happy. Mishti says I have to come if you called. Jasmeet looks on. Kuhu calls Varsha. Jasmeet calls Kuhu. Varsha says I m talking to Kuhu, come on. Kuhu asks them to suggest theme for birthday. Jasmeet says Mishti. Kuhu jokes.

Jasmeet says Mishti is planning surprise party for Abir. Kuhu asks what. She drops the nail paints. Kunal argues with her. He thanks her. She smiles. She asks why. He says your suggestion wasn’t wrong. She says you should be habitual to say thanks and sorry. They argue. She says I will put it in family group and ask who should organize the party, I need your help, don’t let Abir meet anyone till the party surprise gets over. She goes. Kunal says no one can spoil his birthday, neither Mishti nor Mehul.

Mishti thinks I don’t know if I should go there or not. Rajshri comes to her. Mishti says I don’t want to trouble Abir, his family will be there, if they know that I came to meet him, how shall I explain that I don’t want to spoil anything. Mehul buys Ganpati idol and says I have to make a small temple in room. Meenakshi says you have done right for the first time, you can fake swear and fool Abir, not me, this time you will lose. Mehul says you threatened me and kept me away from Abir, shall I tell him. She says you should have shown this courage when you did fraud in my dad’s company. She insults him. He says we shall see how much Ambe Maa supports you, I m not scared of you now, Abir is with me. She says he is a result of my upbringing, he is not like you, you lied today, Abir will be mine.

Abir smiles seeing Mishti. They dance. Meenakshi says I m ready to strike now. Mishti hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just bcoz mehul doesn’t reveal kunal’s illegitimacy he should be shown the door and by Abeer only bcoz no one else trusts him. Wow!!! Katappa 👏👏👏👏👏👏bravo…. finally meenu again your plz backfired….why don’t u change your ways….maybe u will get what u couldn’t get till now….it’s such a relief watching a male lead like Abeer….I mean it’s rocking 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘and how flawless he is at doing it💞💞💞💞💞💞I always skip HuNal always no interest in their nok-jhok, romance, patch up, break up, anything not even their names or faces😂😂😂😂😂again drama will be their I guess that meenu only framed mehul….maybe bcoz she couldn’t control him also and to break abeer’s attachment with mehul…but useless bcoz constant taunts and badmouthing about mehul couldn’t break abeer’s trust for him….that’s a person should be like…Rajan sir for the first in these years did something 👌👌👌💝💝💝💝💝not like Karthik 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢he and naira look exactly like Hina….not mahaan but character’s demand is being mahaan 😂😂😂why didn’t Abeer upload any pic with mishti on insta… only HuNal….who r onscreen villains in yrhpk😭

  2. Hey guys👋… So I guess mehul is good but meenu doesn’t know abt it or she’s the one who framed him…🤔 Obviously! She’s capable of doing that… N this is too much… She wants to expose mehul to abir on his birthday… Does she even care about him😒… Bcz anyone would want to happy on their bd but she’s creative so much of drama on his own son’s bday… This is too much…😡 N Abir knew exactly that no one other than this meenu can do all this… That’s right as usual…

  3. Wow it’s Abirs birthday & Meenakshi gifts him with those papers what a mother Beginning to dislike Parul too she is not even family As for Jasmeet hears a half ass story & making a mountain out of it When is she going to stop Just want 5o see Abir & Mishti together don’t even care about stupid Kunal & Kuhu & their childish behavior grow up the pair of them This Meenakshi is going to turn her ugly head soon & frame Mehul she is evil to the core As for Nanu ge is being brainwashed by Meenu & Parul Can’t wait for Mishti to do some detective work

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