Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Nirmala insults Mishti


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun saying relax, its a joke, maybe Karan is angry and doesn’t want to attend my engagement. Abir asks him not to spoil everyone’s mood because of past. He says I will always support you. He hopes Varun doesn’t know his brother’s truth. He says I wish you could meet Kunal. Varun says Ketki also misses Kunal a lot. Abir says I know you will keep Ketki happy. Varun jokes.

Abir says I m not perfect, Kunal is better than me, come, we should go now. Nirmala asks Ketki not to worry. Meenakshi says yes, you are strong, you are smiling after whatever happened. Nidhi says we will make new frame and send to your place. Nirmala says we will make it, my Karan will not come back to me. She cries and says see you called me strong and I…. She says even you are strong, whatever happened with Karan was Ambe maa’s wish, but your son and bahu are leaving by their wish. Meenakshi says bahus are not like us now.

Nirmala says I wish Ketki ask Varun to choose between me or her, else… Mishti says I would never tell this to Abir. Nirmala says I just want to say, our house customs won’t change. Nidhi says don’t worry, Ketki isn’t like Mishti. Parul says Mishti is also from a joint family, she is a lovely girl. Nirmala asks why didn’t she ask Abir to stay, sorry to say, but everyone will say that Mishti has snatched Ketki’s brother. She asks Mishti did she really talk to Abir. Mishti says yes. Parul says Mishti is unwell, so they are leaving. Nirmala says we have good doctors in Rajkot, leave it Parul.

She asks Mishti to understand, what will people tell about her, when bahu and son leave the house, the world taunts the bahu, they will defame you and drag your family also, they will taunt on your values. Nidhi says parents are imp to teach a kid, Mishti’s parents left her in childhood. Nirmala says I know, people will say that she came from broken family and now she is ruining Sasural, she will defame Vishwamber and Rajshri. Mishti cries. Nirmala says people would say that if she was their daughter, she would have not done this, she has their values, why is she doing this. Abir comes and defends Mishti.

He says Mishti didn’t answer you back. Meenakshi asks what are you saying. Abir says you should have replied to her. Nirmala says I want you and Mishti to attend the marriage, so I m explaining her. Abir says we also want that. He argues with Nirmala. Nirmala says forgive me, I was trying to explain them, but I didn’t know…. Abir asks her to talk to him directly. Mishti thinks Abir don’t protect me by going against everyone. Ketki asks Abir what is he saying. Abir says none can see Mishti’s tears, Mishti isn’t safe here. Meenakshi asks him to stop it. Nirmala says you mean to say I m creating a scene. Nidhi says no, he is saying about your questions. Abir says outsiders know that none in this house will stand by Mishti. Meenakshi asks him to stop it. Abir asks Mishti to come. They go upstairs.

Varun asks Nirmala to relax. Kaushal apologizes and says Mishti is much unwell, that’s why Abir said so. Varun says its too much. Nirmala says yes, its too much, Abir insulted me a lot, now I m fine outside the house, this marriage won’t happen now. She leaves. Varun and his dad leave. Ketki cries. Meenakshi and Kaushal rush after them. Mishti shuts the door and asks how can you talk to Nirmala like this, she broke the alliance. Abir says I don’t like to choose between you and others, you wanted to stay here for engagement. Mishti says I don’t want to leave this house. He says everyone blames you here, sorry. She says its Ketki’s marriage, we can’t leave the house, Nanu and Kunal aren’t here. He says Kunal would have blamed you too. She says if we cancel our leaving, then everything will get easy. He says it won’t get easy. She says I will get fine if I try. He says you won’t get fine here. She says I troubled you a lot. He says its not easy. She says you had to lie to entire family, sorry. He says don’t be sorry. She says give me one last chance, I will become strong. He says you are already strong. She asks why are we running away. He says I can’t protect you, how will I hide that Karan is the guy who attacked you. She asks what did you say. He says let be.

She says tell me the truth. He says that guy who attacked you was Varun’s brother Karan, Ketki’s alliance is fixed in that family, listen to me. She shouts no… and gets back. Abir’s dream ends. Mishti comes and asks how could you talk to Nirmala like this, she broke the alliance, you wanted to protect me. He says sorry, I will apologize to her, I couldn’t see my family watching your insult. Nirmala says Ketki can’t become my bahu now. Varun says you have chosen Ketki for me. Varun’s dad asks how does Mishti’s upbringing matter to us. Varun says we could have avoided this, I want to marry Ketki. Nirmala says I m much tired. She goes.

Varun messages Ketki and asks are you with me or not. Ketki says everything got over, my relation broke. She cries. Parul consoles her. Abir comes. Ketki says I m not imp to you now. He says you have heard how Nirmala spoke to Mishti. Ketki says my alliance broke, you still care for Mishti. She goes. Parul asks Abir what’s the matter. Abir says actually…. Ketki falls down. Parul rushes and asks her to get up. She asks Abir to call the doctor. Varun gets the doctor. Abir says you here. Varun says Ketki was talking to me when she fainted, so I got the doctor.

Meenakshi asks Kaushal not to worry, maybe Ketki fainted due to tension. Laxman calls her and says I found out about the number, I will meet you at the gate. Abir thanks Varun. Nidhi says doctor is checking Ketki. Meenakshi asks them not to worry. Mishti asks Varun did you talk to your mum. Nidhi says you broke the relation and showing concern now. Abir says I would like to apologize to aunty. Varun says don’t worry. Meenakshi says how shall I go and talk to Laxman. Doctor comes. Abir asks is Ketki fine. Doctor says don’t worry, she is fine, but one thing, she is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked.

Nirmala insults Ketki. Abir and Kaushal get angry. Abir argues with Nirmala.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sb ko thappad maro kheech kheech ke…kaash BP hote yaha..tb aur acha jawab milta..but usme bhi galti dikhti logon ko

    1. Sanjana mary subash

      You said is correct they dont have sense they did not understand others problem

  2. What? Ketki is pregnant how comes?

  3. arrey..what’s this! Ketki is pregnant!! But pity mishti..loved rhea ‘s acting …soo natural
    Luv frm Tamil Nadu😍😘😘

    1. Hyy! I’m also from Tamil Nadu 💙

  4. Ketki pregnant 😳😳. Ketki ne esa hone kese diya aur Varun toh gentleman lag rha tha phir yeh sab. Oh god yeh pakka trap hai taki Ketki ko shaadi ke baad insult nhi toh shaadi tod ke samaj ke samne uski izzat ki dhaziya uda sake.
    Varun ko sab pata hai aur voh gin ginke badla lega. Jabki uska bhai galat tha.


    OMG! Guys… Ritvik is out of the show😭 no one else replace him… No one else can be abir’s nanko

    1. But if that idiot is too adamant and if his father can say words like “don’t call for negotiation”,then they should throw such actors and show them their place.actually he should be banned.

    2.’s unexpected but I’m happy to see a new entry..wish kuhu bhi change ho jati

  6. No guys… I think this is varun’s plan… But don’t know for what🤷…

  7. Wow 😳 now Nirmala joins the group “let’s scold & blame Mishti “ I don’t think Ketki is pregnant It’s Varun up to no good He miraculously comes with a doctor 🤣😂 Abir was right in shouting at Meenakshi for not standing up for her daughter in law

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