Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi provokes Kuhu

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir asking what are you hiding, not fair. Mishti says you understand everything seeing my face. He says I will complain to Rajshri. Mishti asks what will you say, that you know reading me, but I kept my eyes closed. He says I m a poet, I don’t say bad dialogues, I will say you slept on our first night. Rajshri comes. He says I will talk to her and come. Mishti stops him. He asks what’s troubling you. She says I m worried about necklace thing. He says nothing will go wrong. Meenakshi talks to Uma and asks did Kunal come, fine. She says he should take break. Nanu says Kunal is your son, he is like you in work, work is his first love. Maheshwaris also praise Kunal. Parul says yes, Kunal is just like Meenakshi.

Meenakshi says Kunal should spend time with Kuhu. Parul says yes, how will you explain him. Meenakshi says you will explain him, its your right. Parul agrees. Meenakshi thinks I have to do this to break Kuhu, then I will prove that Mishti is the villain, she won’t be able to help her sister. Abir asks what’s all this. The lady says Mishti got all these things for charity. Parul asks Abir to talk to Kunal. Abir says fine, Shivratri will be more special. Meenakshi thinks Kuhu should know that Kunal is stepping back from work. Mishti calls him and asks how is the surprise. Abir says you have made the puja awesome by this idea. She says stop blackmailing me about that wedding night thing. He says fine, you will be awake all night today, tell me. She smiles.

Kuhu says Mishti wants to do the puja alone, I can’t even touch anything. Jasmeet asks what, you are first bahu of the house. Kuhu says she will tell everyone that I broke the necklace. Jasmeet says I think its her plan. Kuhu says no, she was crying. Jasmeet says its crocodile tears, wait for her to do wrong, or just manage the puja, Kunal and you can manage the puja, else Mishti will get all the applaud, do something.

Abir asks won’t you sleep all night. Mishti says yes. He asks what will you do all night. She says ask what will we do. He asks what. She says I have thought that we will do be together, holding hands.. He says no, I have work, I don’t want to listen, if you say anything such then. Kunal comes. Abir says see Kunal has come. Kunal says we will get Abir and Mishti back. Mishti winks to Abir and says I was telling Abir that tonight… Abir says nothing. Mishti says I want to ask Kunal about my idea, Abir and I will together make the bhog. Abir worries. Kunal says great, we will come to pick you both. He goes. Abir says you think you are smart. Mishti says I m smart. Abir says I will see you. Mishti laughs. Jasmeet says you are upset and she is laughing, you don’t leave your rights. Abir says we will get late because of Kuku, Kunal and Kuhu.

They are on the way. He gets her close. She says they have come, behave yourself. Abir drives ahead. Kunal says so funny, Mishti explain your husband that he isn’t ten year old now. Abir says sorry bro, its a childhood joke, Kunal was scared to die the cycle. Kunal says yes, its so unsafe. Mishti and Abir laugh. Kunal asks did I say anything wrong. Kuhu says no. Abir says I will gift you a double seat cycle, then you sing and ride it. Kunal asks who will go on work. Mishti says I will go, but you should have fun. Kunal says I feel work is fun. Kuhu says we should do something. Kunal asks how will Mishti manage all the work, will you work with Maa. Mishti says why not, maybe she gets impressed seeing my work ethics. Abir jokes.

Kuhu thinks why was Jasmeet warning me about the plan, everything is normal, happy. Abir asks Kuhu to give some idea. Kuhu asks me. He asks shall I ask Nidhi. Meenakshi asks won’t you help Abir, go and talk to Mishti first. Mishti makes bhog. Parul asks her to talk to Kunal. Mishti says Maasi wants to tell something. Meenakshi looks on. Parul says nothing, sleep well. Kuhu comes. Mishti says Parul wants to say, you leave your work. Kuhu thinks why is she saying this. Kunal asks why are you after my work. Parul says we feel you don’t give time to Kuhu. Meenakshi says Mishti is tired, why don’t we have cold coffee, you can tell the recipe to Kuhu, she is your bahu now. Kunal says don’t ask me to leave work. Abir comes. Kunal asks him to help Mishti.

Abir asks are you making team against me. Mishti says maybe. Parul makes coffee. Kuhu asks why are you asking Kunal to leave work. Parul says no. Meenakshi comes and says this medicine was kept there. Kuhu says its sleeping pills. Meenakshi says its strong medicine, I take the pill when I have much stress, I sleep for 12 hours, how was this lying there. Parul says sorry. Meenakshi says its puja, if anyone takes the pill by mistake, please give me bp medicine. Parul goes. Meenakshi talks to Kuhu. Mishti asks Abir not to take pics. He jokes. She says I won’t sleep tonight, I have to reach temple on time.

Abir says you also have some responsibilities. She says everyone is awake, try to understand. He gets her close. She says anyone will see. She runs. He runs after her. Meenakshi says you know all secrets of this house, I have to win Mishti’s trust. Kuhu says I understand, Parul never claimed her right on Kunal, she gave me all rights thinking she won’t be able to give him everything, Kunal is Parul’s son, you are Parul’s bahu, Mishti is my bahu, Abir is my son, right. Kuhu nods. Kuhu thinks Parul isn’t a Rajvansh. She recalls Mishti’s words. She takes a pill.

Kuhu adds a pill in the coffee cup. She says everyone looks fine, did I add the pills in Maa’s coffee.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So I was right kuhu like Kunal coz he’s smart handsome nd rich.. everyone is getting used by meenu but soon it will all backfire as her planning is always right, execution is perfect but she starts celebrating her victory very soon, at the next moment only..nd that’s why gets caught 😂

  2. Verma4

    Meenakshi you b*t*h. Period. A leopard never changes it’s spot. Same applies to Kuhu as well.

  3. Kuhu is all about materialistic things only don’t think she loves Kunal It was funny to see her face when BB said she wasn’t a Rajwansh & Parul is the real mother in law On the other hand Mishti is simply Happy to have Abir & a family Dislike Jasmeet shit stirring

  4. I have a question…did Mishti forget cooking just during her first rasoi🤨🤔 because in today’s episode she was making something I guess and that also in a biggggg kadhai…and before also she used cook like khichdi fed it to Abir I guess…may be I am wrong…NM

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