Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Mishti reprimands Kuhu

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir and Mishti getting their sweet dishes. Abir says its the kheer which I had at Maheshwari house for the first time. Meenakshi says Mishti should also get a chance to choose a judge. She asks whom will she choose. Mishti says Kuhu. Nidhi says nice idea. Kuhu asks me, are you sure. Vishwamber tastes the kheer and says its amazing. Rajshri also tastes it and says but its better than the kheer made in our house. Nanu says you can do cheating if you feed such kheer to me daily. Kunal asks Mishti what did she make. Mishti says I have made chocolate walnut brownie. She cries and says sorry, I remembered that day.

Rajshri says it was Kuhu’s birthday, Mishti came home and we forgot Kuhu’s birthday. Kuhu says forget it. Varsha says Kuhu was upset. Shaurya says we forgot the cake, thank God, Mishti was there and made this brownie. Varsha says Kuhu got so happy then. Kuhu tastes the brownie and says its perfect. Mishti thanks her. Vishwamber says kheer is better. Nanu says Abir won the competition, but Mishti won our hearts. Abir says Mishti, that’s your and my family, will they give me Nek. Rajshri says I can thank Meenakshi for giving a son like you to us.

Meenakshi says I also thank you for giving a daughter like this to us. She asks Kuhu to give nek to Mishti. She recalls Kuhu dropping the necklace and breaking it. Kuhu tries to fix it. Nidhi calls her. FB ends. Kuhu says the necklace won’t match. Nidhi says make her wear it. Kuhu says Parul should make her wear it. Parul says you are our first bahu. Nidhi asks why so no no, come on. Meenakshi says I know, Kuhu got a new manicure done, her nails will break. Nidhi says she should make Mishti wear the necklace. Kuhu takes the necklace. It breaks. Everyone gets shocked. Meenakshi says I had kept it safe for years, anyways its okay, I will get it fixed, how did this break. Kuhu says I will fix it. Mishti sees Kuhu’s broken nail. Meenakshi thinks Mishti would have understood it by now. Mishti goes after Kuhu. Meenakshi asks them to come and have food. She thinks it will be fun now.

Kuhu asks how did I make this big mistake. Mishti comes and scolds her. She cries. Kuhu says I didn’t do this intentionally. They argue. Mishti says you spoiled my nek, I tried to befriend you, you insulted me, I just wanted the day to be good, stop being jealous, I will tell you something, your attitude will be at fault. Kuhu says its not my mistake. Rajshri comes. Mishti says it was not your mistake, relax. Kuhu says you made a nice cake. Rajshri smiles and asks them to stay with love, come, there is another surprise. Abir asks Parul to have food first. Meenakshi asks Parul to sit, she will serve. Kunal asks her to sit, Jugnu will serve. Rajshri says we don’t eat in girl’s house. Nanu says old people talk so, young people stay here. Meenakshi says its shivratri puja tomorrow. Abir says I want Mishti to do the puja, its special shivratri for me, I want Lord for my family, just dad….

Vishwamber says don’t think what you lost, think what you got. Abir and Mishti say we will manage puja and also make bhog. Kunal says we will help in organizing. Mishti says no Kunal, you should get time with Kuhu, Abir and I will manage it, I won’t disappoint you. Meenakshi says you are more than my expectations. Kuhu goes and says I m sorry, let Kunal and me help. Mishti says its big deal for Abir, you won’t interfere in puja. Nanu says there is a story behind that necklace. Rajshri asks why. Meenakshi says Abir will be angry, Parul, you tell them. Parul says we were preparing for Kaushal’s marriage, Abir was little, we were buying jewellery for Nidhi, one necklace was missing, it was in Abir’s room, he was crying and said his wife will wear it.

Abir says it wasn’t like that, I promise. Meenakshi says I kept that necklace since then, Abir had hidden it. Mishti says that necklace is special for me, will Rajshri make me wear it. Parul says you should ask anything but to us. Mishti goes. Kuhu says I had no idea. Mishti says you did wrong, don’t know you have this realization or not. Meenakshi thinks they are shattering soon, my sons will agree that these girls aren’t right for the family. Kunal and Kuhu are on the way. He talks to her. Kuhu doesn’t listen. He stops the car and asks what happened. She says I was thinking something, girls don’t tell their secret. He says I was thinking to help Abir, will you help me. Kuhu recalls Mishti’s words. Abir asks Mishti what happened, is there any tension, what is she hiding.

Mishti says I have to be there at temple on time. Kuhu adds the pill in the coffee. She says Abir, Mishti and Kunal look fine, did I add the sleeping pill in mum’s coffee cup.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The show finished 250 episodes ????Kuhu is one unsatisfied dump ass Not a very intelligent person what is her problem woman can’t share or live happily in any family Mishti on the other hand is bright she will soon figure out what Meenakshi is up to This torturing of Mishti just shifted from one house to the other Just wish Abir comes to realize what Kuhu is doing that she is a puppet of Meenakshi

    1. Kuhu is so I secured Can’t think for herself empty upstairs dumb stupid girl easily influenced by silly comments & suggestions Brain tangled in that false hairdo ????

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