Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti perform together

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying I have called you here for keeping Kuhu away, you don’t even know the girl’s name, so Kunal is going to meet Kuhu, no money if you don’t do the work. Shweta says relax, I will do the work. Meenakshi says I have no time for nonsense, don’t do this drama in front of me. She turns and sees Parul. Parul gives medicines. Meenakshi says Kunal is fine, he is with Abir. Parul asks whose call was it. Meenakshi says it was a call from office. Mishti and Kuhu praise their singing and get the job. Manager asks do you really sing well. Mishti says don’t worry, performance will be good. He says okay, thanks.

Kuhu gives the dress to Mishti and asks how did you get this idea. Mishti says I got the idea, Kunal will be coming now. Kuhu goes. Abir says I will find out if Mishti and I also have the possibility of love. He messages Nanu to get help. Kuhu looks for Abir. Kunal comes there. He asks you here. She says I got better clothes for Mishti. He asks is Mishti here, Abir is with her. She says I m singing here. He asks really, you are helping Abir. She says I will always help, its my nature.

He hugs her and says you give people a reason to smile. Mishti changes her dress. Abir comes to Mishti. She asks how is this dress, am I looking good. Abir goes to her and fixes the back zip. They have an eyelock. Yeh rishte….plays…. He says now its perfect. He compliments her. He gets a call and says actually I needed you. Nanu asks what. Abir says I can’t sing without you. Nanu asks am I a mic, that you can’t sing without me. Abir does shayari. Nanu asks wow, you are making the girl jealous, very good. Abir says I knew you will understand me. Nanu says yes, I m so sensible. Abir asks will you help me, your voice is so great. Mishti says even I can sing. Abir asks what did you say. She asks whom are you talking to. He says that painting girl. She asks who is she. He says I didn’t tell before as the time didn’t come, we have to go and sing. He does shayari.

Shaurya and Varsha come there. Mishti sings the song. Kunal and Kuhu see Abir and Mishti singing. He imagines dancing with Mishti. Abir sees Kunal and Kuhu, and imagines them dancing. The manager says the power went, you have to wait for some time. Varsha says we will do something that suits our age. Shaurya says we will better go to some dhaba. They leave. Kunal and Kuhu come out. Kuhu gets scared of darkness and holds Kunal’s hand. Kunal says I won’t go anywhere. Abir holds Mishti’s hand. They have an eyelock. Khubsurat raat….plays… Kunal asks Kuhu are you okay, have some water. Kuhu thanks him. He says stay here, I will go and see Abir. He gets some candles and lights. Bekhudi….plays… She smiles. He says you will feel better, darkness got away, take care. He goes to look for Abir. He gets Shweta’s call. He doesn’t see Abir and Mishti. Lights come. Abir and Mishti get away. He asks are you fine. Mishti says I just… He asks what.

She says nothing, I will find Kuhu. She goes. Abir smiles and says liar I m sure something happened. Kuhu comes back. Mishti asks where were you, where is Kunal. Kuhu says he went for an emergency. Abir thinks I know it. He says don’t worry, I will get him back, we will meet you. Kunal comes to Shweta. She cries and apologizes. He asks why. She says for whatever I did with you, forgive me, I was selfish, I deserve this, give me one chance Kunal. She hugs him. Abir asks didn’t you break the heart last time that you want another chance.

He asks Kunal to come. Shweta says Abir is right. Abir says thank God we agree for one thing at least. He says Shweta knew your engagement broke, that’s why she has come, she doesn’t have any house, she is a fraud, she will deny this now. She says yes, I lied, I did a drama, just because I love you Kunal. Kunal goes. Abir goes after him. Mishti says Kunal…. come. Kuhu says he seems upset, back off. She asks are you fine. Kunal says I don’t want to be here. She says I will drive, don’t waste time in arguments, follow Kuhu. He says fine, I will drive. They leave.

Shweta says he left… She gets Meenakshi’s call and says what shall I say that I failed again. Mishti says Abir, you both went to Shweta right, how long can we hide this from Kuhu. Abir says I explained Shweta, how dare she, she is playing mind games with Kunal, you know what she said. Mishti asks why can’t we tell this to Kuhu. He says something is going to be wrong, Kunal can’t be Shweta’s puppet again. Shweta says how do I stop Kunal. Abir says Shweta will just create problems for Kunal, do you trust me. Mishti says I trust you more than I trust myself. He thanks her and rests on her shoulder. Shweta sees Abir and Mishti. She says this girl was getting engaged to Kunal, what is she doing with Abir. She gets Meenakshi’s call and asks her not to worry. She says its my birthday tomorrow, Kunal will be with me, he will forget everyone. Meenakshi says remember that he forgets you also, you will never have a place in his life, you are doing this on my saying, its all a drama, understood Shweta? Parul hears this and says Shweta?

Shweta asks Kuhu to get Kunal in her birthday. Abir says promise me you won’t meet her again. Mishti says Kuhu and Kunal are going in Shweta’s party. Parul asks Meenakshi about Shweta.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I bet this kunal would have broken the mic if tried to sing??????her face is so irritaing. And this kunal I don’t understand if he hates Mishti then why is he concerned for shweta, they both left him. He is being biased..I wish shaurya and varsha should have seen them together. This kuhu will make Mishti suffer in their in-laws house also when meenu will know about it, she will use both the sisters’ weaknesses. I just can’t bear this shweta also. She should be given some karate chops. Girls as villains r difficult to digest as compared to Boyz???meenu comes to know everything which is happening in the house and others don’t even bother coz they concentrate on their and meenu has a habit of poking her nose into other’s lives because she has no fun in her own life. It looks like Maya wants to control Arjun. Same to same ?????????#unbearabletrio

    Kuhu, meenu and shweta???????

    C’mon katappa ab toh aankhen?kholo, ab toh Tere bete ka sawaal hai?????? baahubali mein bhi usse apni glti ka ehsaas hi gya that????

    Precap- I just kunal doesn’t keep another promise in front of abeer to avoid Mishti in order to stay away from shweta???don’t know it, but whoever loses amongst kuhu and shweta?win only belongs to me??

  2. Sry* kuhu would have broken the mic??

  3. Love anthem was brilliant❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️???????????????????????????

  4. abir , mishti looks amazing
    kuhu and kunal are cute.

    1. abeer and kuhu looks cute together where as mishti needs plastic surgery

  5. Does anybody felt kunal’s original mother is parul??

    1. perfect time for meenakshiji and shweta to kick that loser boring chasmish misti out of rajvansh family association she is a torture to watch # headache # ugly betty

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    too romantic Abeer is without words ?????? just his smile is good enough ?

    n like I said before, Kunal still seems to be “in like” with Shweta ? but this Kuhu is always following him around like a sick puppy ? (or kitty) ? also, he seems to be just tolerating Kuhu ?

    but that attitude of his ? like he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to humiliate Mishti (revenge against the embarrassment of being dumped ?)

    and again (like I said earlier ?) my first instinct of Parul is that she seems to be a good person, just slightly tainted becuz of her relation “or secret” with Meenakshi… I can see her turning the tables (as a mom) and will prob make sure Meenu does not hurt Kunal in any way…

  7. Episode was good… Again Shaheer was rocking yesterday?… Abishti moment were too good… Oh!!! I actually guessed shaurya and varsha will go there but didn’t expect this turn over?… HuNal scenes were also good… But I didn’t expect Kunal to leave her there… Don’t know why he is so much bothered about this shwet?… What will be the reason??? Does he still feel for her??? And I hope parul will be against meenu this time… I think the secret is finally going to be unveiled… Let’s wait and see what happens…

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