Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti exposes Ved’s truth

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti waiting for Ved. She checks his phone and sees call log. She says I m sure its his wife. She checks the pic and thinks its the same girl. Abir looks on. Mishti goes to make a call. Abir pulls her. Her turban falls. Her hair get loose. He looks at her. He says you stole my clothes. She asks do you trust me. He says we should go, pheras are starting. We have to go, else we will miss the first round. She asks him to answer. He says I trust you a lot. She says then don’t think, ask Parul to open Ketki’s room door.

Kunal asks Parul what is she doing here. Kuhu hears her and asks her to get her out, Parul has locked her. Kunal says nobody is going to leave until I know the truth. Kuhu says let me go, do you trust me. He says no, tell me the truth. Abir

says Kunal, let her go, I had promised Mishti that I will find Kuhu. Kuhu thanks Abir and goes. Kunal asks what’s happening, Parul was guarding the room, Kuhu was locked. He goes. Kuhu comes and sees Ved and Ketki in the mandap. Kuhu waits for Mishti. Ved worries and says I have to go washroom. Meenakshi says groom will return shortly, pandit ji start the other rituals. Ved goes. Kuhu looks on.

She asks the videographer to come with her. Ved goes out and shouts Kanchi. Mishti says Ketki is in mandap and you are calling out Kanchi. Abir asks what’s the truth. Meenakshi says I will tell you. Parul says I tried my best. Abir says you will witness yourself how she ruins your sister’s life. They hear Mishti’s voice and go to see. They see Mishti on the projector screen. Mishti and Kuhu ask Ved who is Kanchi. Mishti says you thought you will ruin Ketki’s life and we won’t tell anyone, your game is over. Kuhu says you cheated Ketki, you already married shameless groom. Kunal goes to them.

Mishti says I have seen Ved with his wife. Ved says its not true. Everyone comes there. Mishti says Ved is already married, I have seen him in temple, I even checked his phone, I took his phone to check. Ved scolds her. Abir asks Ved to better think before going ahead. Kunal asks what will Mishti get by blaming now. Ved says I don’t want to talk to anyone, I m leaving. Kuhu says you know you are exposed, you are married, you are lying. Abir asks Ved to call Kanchi. He asks Mishti to call her. Ved says enough now. Mrs. Parekh asks Meenakshi does she have nothing to say. Meenakshi says if your son isn’t wrong, let Mishti call the girl, if Mishti is wrong, she will apologize to you all, is that okay, Mishti.

Mishti says I m not wrong. Mishti takes the phone and calls Kanchi. They hear the phone ringung and turn to see. They see Kanchi. Kanchi asks Ved to answer her, is she his true love and wife or not, how can he marry someone else. Mrs. Parekh scolds Mishti for getting someone liar here. Kanchi says I m not a liar, Ved married me, you ask him. Ved tries to run. Abir and Kunal catch him. Vishwamber calms them down. Meenakshi helps Ved. He says thanks, I will tell you everything. She slaps him. Ketki asks what’s happening. Rajshri asks why so many lies, youaren’t supporting the one you love and not even Ketki, why this drama. Varsha says Mrs. Parekh, I did a mistake by trusting you. Bau ji says you said Ved agreed for marriage, we should have spoke to him. Nidhi says even Ketki said yes without meeting her, because her house elders told her that guy and family are nice, you all cheated her, it was good that Ketki eloped and didn’t return home.

Mrs. Parekh says Kanchi isn’t my bahu. Meenakshi shouts on her. She says Ketki agreed to marry Ved without meeting him, don’t think her goodness and values are foolishness, just leave with your family and relatives. We are calling off this alliance, you aren’t worthy of my daughter, my sons are controlling their anger, since they respect elders, before my sons lose their control on their anger, just get out. Kunal scolds Ved. Rajshri apologizes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says if Mishti and Kuhu didn’t do this, Ketki’s life would have got ruined, thanks. Abir thanks Mishti. Vishwamber says we shall leave. Abir gets sad and hugs Ketki. He does shayari and thinks of Ketki’s pain. He consoles Ketki. He says it was your good luck, you got saved. Abir says no more crying now, I read a good shayari, smile a bit. Meenakshi says Mrs. Parekh, I won’t forget this and won’t you let forget this, you have tried to wrong my family, I can’t let this go, now your business will be sinking in losses, I promise you. She recalls Mishti’s words and thinks you didn’t do right by going against me, Mishti.

Kuhu says Meenakshi locked us in Ketki’s room. Vishwamber says it means she knew this and she agreed. Kunal and Abir confront Meenakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naruto Uzumaki

    Today’s episode was just awesome😘😚
    Mishti rocked😚😚…..I liked the way Abeer told her that “SABSE JYADA”😍😍….
    Kuhi ki daantne ki tarikha was 👌👌….They would have handoverd him to Police…He went to cheat both the girls…That was not only his mistake,his mother was also involved in that..I mean she tried to marry him to Ketki forcefully…
    Abeer’s shayri was always👏👏….Coming to Meenu It seems that she don’t care that much about her family..She proved again that she is only for talk….
    I didn’t like one dialogue of Kuhu…I think there’s no need tell bcz I don’t know whether everyone noticed that or not….But episode was too good…….I love Abeer and Mishti..They are the LIFE of the show..😘😚

  2. I didnt see the epusode..which dialogue are u telling that kuhu told?? Can you pls tell me

  3. I just happened to c this by accident and it’s sh…………..t…… I wish all these serial makers had some sense

  4. What is the trp ratings of this week??? Because as far as I have seen it is not in top 5…

    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      I think 7th position with TRP 1.6 till yesterday…

      1. Thank you so much… And that’s not bad… It’s a good improvement…

  5. Nice episode… The way abir defended mishti was too good… Thank God mishti exposed ved… If it had been some other serial, they would have dragged it like anything… Abir’s shayari was lovely… Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  6. mishti should thanks kuhu she is the real heroine in the show but that ugly chasmish took the lime light but no problem abeer loves kuhu and knows very well how pure kuhu’s love for him beyond the love ……thanks makers for kuhu scenes she is so astonishing and her mesmerising beauty is a treat to watch

  7. lets get kuhu abeer married as soon as possible can’t wait for their grand wedding wanna see cute babies of abeer and kuhu in future times

    1. i agree with you dear kuhu is so beautifull and soo good by heart that abeer will soon realise her pious love for him i must applaud you on your love for kuhu abeer let chikalis take out their tongues for trapping these misti makkhis lol

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        If you tell anything about Mishti then I can bear a little….You are making me angry…Just don’t cross your limit..You have no right to use Naruto name for your silly comments….

      2. Rajnandini Chauhan

        Fools u r making a foolish girl married to Abeer .Abeer only loves and trust Mishti and never lives or trust Kuhu and even Kunal do not trust that foolish girl i.e. Kuhu she is born because of extramarital affair of her father with Sneha ditching his wife and Meenu will not allow her to become daughter-in-law of Rajvansh house and only Mishti has right to become Abeer’s wife and Kaira will also help Mishti and Abeer to get married.

      3. Fools u r making a foolish girl married to Abeer .Abeer only loves and trust Mishti and never lives or trust Kuhu and even Kunal do not trust that foolish girl i.e. Kuhu she is born because of extramarital affair of her father with Sneha ditching his wife and Meenu will not allow her to become daughter-in-law of Rajvansh house and only Mishti has right to become Abeer’s wife and Kaira will also help Mishti and Abeer to get married.

  8. Naruto Uzumaki

    You are making me laugh😂😃😁😀😅…
    Kuhu love and Matchmaker…..I must appreciate your love for your Kuhu…Bcz of that you can’t even see the reality….Poor Kuhu fans…Watch Monday’s episode…Abeer and Mishti moments…I really feel pity for you guys….I am damn sure that Abeer will marry Mishti only…Bcz he likes her…He always supports her…Why don’t you accept this????It seems You can’t understand either Hindi or English…Then I have to tell in Kannada…Oh!!I don’t know whether you are fluent in Kannada or not…So I can’t waste my words on you guys…. And one more thing you can tell anything to Mishti..I won’t mind…Bcz it’s your daily work to blame Mishti…I know ki aapko Mishti ke khilap bolne ka aadat hogaya hai…Warna aap logonko चैन kaise milega..Hai na?????So jitna bolna hai na bol dijiyega…Abeer and Mishti ke shaadi ke baad aap logonko bolne mouka kaise milega???If you are really a fan of Kuhu then you wouldn’t wish Abeer to marry her..Bcz she likes Kunal… Agar main Kuhu ki fan hoti to uss ki pasand ka ladka Kunal ko support karti thi…kuhu ke sath shaadi karne keliye….But I’m not a fan of her…But I wish that vo Kunal ke sath shaadi karke kush rahe…Bcz I’m not one of those who bite the dog when dog bites them….I wish both the sisters happiness only bcz I’m a fan of Mishti and I can’t be like Kuhu fans…who blame every character except their favourite one….Kuhu….
    You will soon realize that who is ugly;who is real heroine;and who will marry whom……
    Again…I love Mishti and Abeer😍😘😚💕💝💖💜💟💞💛💚💗😚💑

    1. naruto chup kar

      hey you pony’s tail jyada mat bolo nhi to ek kantap dungi to muh toot jayega tera kuhu jitni sundar hai utna mishti kabhi nhi ho sakti so mind your business na jane kha se aajate hai aise paltu log

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        Just calm down….It’s okay…I won’t mind…
        Also,if you don’t like Mishti then pls stop watching the show…
        If you have any complaints regarding Mishti then you can tell that smoothly also…You can use any other name for your comments..BUT JUST DON’T USE NARUTO NAME…DID YOU GET IT????
        I didn’t get hurt by your words…Bcz I’m living in reality and I accept the show however it may be….I got hurt bcz you used Naruto name there…Who gave the right to use his name????for your silly comments??I can also use dirty words like you guys…But I don’t wanna do that…Bcz then there will be no difference between two of us….
        I think you are using different names to show that there are many Kuhu fans are here..And you think you can scare me by that???Never….Who knows???Maybe you are the same one who commented above…Don’t play with me….I can’t tell anything for those who are living in their own world of imagination…When the time comes you will realize that…For that you have to keep watching YRHPK….
        Again love you Mishti and Abeer😍😙😘😚💝💗💞💟💖💕💓💜💛💚💙💑
        If you don’t like my comment then you can blame me…I won’t mind at all..Bcz I know I’m right….
        I forgot to tell one thing….Plz make sure you don’t use Naruto name again….Is that okay???😊😊

  9. Naruto Uzumaki

    One more thing…If you can blame Mishti..Then why can’t I blame Kuhu??If I blame your fav character then you get angry and use dirty words to blame me(like above 2 comments by you)….I also have right to defend my fav character…If I use same words (that you used above) to you guys then how do you feel??Obviously you feel bad and get angry on me…But I won’t do that..Bcz I don’t wanna argue any more…But don’t get wrong idea that I gave up…I will never give up to those guys who don’t even accept the reality….
    Also I didn’t came here to quarrel with you guys…You are spoiling the mood of both of us… So Just chill….😊☺

    1. Calm down bro… They can’t understand our language… Even I think they’re all same people using different names…By the way is Naruto ur name???🤔

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