Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti reveals her decision

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti coming home. She sees Parul, Ketki and Nidhi. Parul says don’t be surprised, we will keep meeting now. Mishti greets them. Nidhi asks what will you teach me, as Kuhu is teaching me English. Mishti says we have no comparison, she does the best. Parul says she clicks selfie well. She asks Kuhu to click good pic and send to Abir. Kuhu says sure. Mishti says I have some work, I will just come. Abir gets Meenakshi’s courier. He says what will I do seeing the agreement now, Mishti didn’t say anything yet. She thinks is Abir misunderstanding his dad. She gets Abir’s call. She says I have to hide my face from him, else he will understand. She answers. He asks is your face pack still on. She asks him to wear sunglasses next time when they meet. He asks what did you decide. She says I m still thinking.

He asks her to not close eyes and think of solution, just follow the heart. She says everyone says follow the heart, what if heart makes a mistake. He says your heart got you to me, it can’t be wrong, I won’t force you, I trust you. She thanks him. She thinks there will be some reason if I m doubting Mehul. She turns and sees Mehul. Abir thinks what’s troubling Mishti so much. He opens the envelope. Meenakshi comes and takes it. Abir says its my papers. She says these are your papers, I didn’t open the envelope, I expect the same from you. Jugnu apologizes to Abir. Abir signs him to go. He says you mean I m spying on you, I got these by mistakes. He taunts her for sending spies after people. She asks him not to think about family, don’t move back if he has decided. She goes.

Parul, Ketki and Nidhi come home. Parul says everything is fine now. Meenakshi says yes. She recalls Mehul’s words. She gets Mehul’s message…. I did my work, you can’t step back now. Mehul gets Mishti home. Nidhi asks did you miss us so much. Mishti greets Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks anything imp. Mishti recalls…. Mehul says Abir’s family has hatred in heart, he loves us, support me, we will convince him, he doesn’t have to leave his house. Mishti says the gifts were very nice. Meenakshi says Parul selected the gifts. Parul says we are one family. Abir comes downstairs. Mishti says I don’t want the family to break, I know its importance. Parul praises the family for accepting her. Nidhi says yes, the entire family gave me much love. Abir says they are right, but I can’t promise you that you will get the same treatment. Mehul asks him to let Mishti say her decision. Mishti says I know I m not the girl like you wanted for Abir.

Meenakshi says I was much angry, but I didn’t lie that time, I won’t lie, I love my children, my family, for Abir’s happiness, I will accept you. Mishti says I know you will be compelled to do this, when two people hate each other and stay under one roof, that roof doesn’t stay for long, my parents used to hate each other, they stayed together for some years and then got separated, I don’t want that tension to come in this house, Abir’s decision is right, we should stay away from family after marriage. Mehul gets shocked. Meenakshi looks at him. Abir says I know this decision is tough, but its right. Mishti thinks you are wrong, this decision can never be right, I know this situation is complicated, Mehul asked us to leave the house and now asking us to stay back. Kuhu asks what. Nidhi says yes, Mishti refused to stay with family, will you talk to her. Kuhu says no, she won’t listen to me. Varsha says maybe its for betterment. Kuhu goes. Jasmeet says its good if Mishti goes away. Mishti thinks is Mehul hiding something. Abir comes and asks are we ready, I know you dream all day, I m here, don’t dream now, I have a surprise for you, are you ready for race. She says I m ready to win. They have a cycle race. He brings her to a house.

She sees Mishbir house board. He says I liked this house, we can settle here if you like. She asks are you happy. He says if you are with me, I m happy. She thinks sorry we won’t stay here, I m lying to know Mehul’s real motives. Meenakshi says I did big mistake to trust him. Parul asks who. Meenakshi says Mishti, her girl didn’t intend to stay with us. Parul says I will talk to Abir. Mehul comes. Meenakshi asks Parul not to talk to anyone, just go. Parul goes. Meenakshi says you got habituated to lose to women. Mehul says I convinced her, you did much wrong with her. She says you want to get my business, deal doesn’t complete until conditions aren’t met from both the sides. Abir and Mishti step inside the house. He says sorry, your dream didn’t complete. She says it didn’t complete yet, are you time traveller, how did you know that my dream won’t complete tomorrow, we should make a wish by heart, it gets fulfilled.

Abir shows Mishti’s painting. Nanu gives bangles to Mishti. He says Meenakshi asked me to give this to you, convince Abir. Mishti cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mehul thought he would win with Mishti but she changed her mind Don’t know why Meenakshi was shocked if they stayed with the family then Mehul would have got his bit in the business so Meenu should be rejoicing inside Nice house Abir found for them “MishBir” It’s cute when either one can sense something is bothering the other Today was Kunal free day 👍Mishti is now going to do her detective work & go out of Rajkort

    1. Why misthi changed her mind? Till now I was thinking that she came to know about mehul’s plan of taking over whole property but she is only doubting him. 🤔🤔
      Something is missing don’t know what?

      1. Is it RV?😂

  2. Good episode…. Btw, the house was very nice… Mishbir house 💙💙💙… After a long time they had a race… So mishti didn’t find out anything 🤦… I thought she’ll find out something, but the only thing she knows is something is wrong😒… Even we know better than her… I think she should better tell everything to abir… Ya! How can she tell when she knows nothing 😅…

    1. Well initially Mehul told them to move out Then he changed his tune asking them to stay as this was all waiting for Mishti decision And she found out about his where about son Meenakshi laptop so now she is going to start her detective work go to the places his been at he has been stacking Abir It wasn’t a coincidence that he was in Mumbai at Ganesh puja then pretend to drown & Mishbir saving him He was waiting patiently for the right time to appear

  3. @RV where r u? N how r u? Is ur health ok?

  4. Trp went up to 1.9 👏👏👏Hoping for 2++

  5. Mishti did the correct thing, she will soon see the truth about Mehul and expose the wicked goat. Abir is too lovable and innocent

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