Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti refuses for surgery

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying I was going to tell you. Kunal says Abir was saying I love her. Nanu says he loves Meenakshi, I said Kunal is getting this surgery done for mum’s sake, I know about this. Kunal says sorry, I don’t like people who wears glasses. Nanu says I m still hot even when I m wearing glasses since 50 years. Kunal says I know, Abir wanted me to marry and move on. Abir says right. Kunal says let me handle things my way. Abir says maybe she doesn’t want the surgery to be done. Kunal says she could have refused, she isn’t someone to be quiet. He goes.

Nanu says see donkeys with two legs, we both are biggest fools, we are getting them married when Kunal doesn’t know Mishti well. Ketki says this has come for you. Meenakshi sees the necklace and says its

for Mishti. Nidhi says this is very expensive, you got a cheap necklace for Shweta last time. Meenakshi says yes, Kunal and Shweta were engaged, but it wasn’t a big event like Kunal and Mishti’s engagement, I will give this necklace to Maheshwaris. She asks Parul to get the necklaced blessed by Lord. She asks Nidhi to get the jar. She gets the jewellery from the jar. She asks Nidhi to go and donate the jewellery. Nidhi says I consider myself poor, can I keep the jewellery. Kaushal says we can sell it and give money to Abir’s NGO as donation. Meenakshi says its inauspicious, just give it to poor. Meenakshi hides Kunal and Shweta’s pic.

Mishti thinks of Abir and says why don’t you buy a phone. She hears footsteps and turns to say sorry Abir. Nanu comes to Abir and asks him to call Mishti. Abir says she agreed for the surgery, I felt she doesn’t want it, she isn’t the same Mishti who saved Ketki twice, who stole money from Naman for Rajshri, the one I loved, I m weak and lose courage when its about finding my dad, Mishti is strong, she always does the right. Nanu records his words. Abir says society wants to snatch individuality of girls, Mishti has lost her point of view. Mishti says I did wrong to talk to Abir like this. Kunal says I agree, Abir thinks you don’t want this surgery, is it true, I do what my family wants, I wish someone does what I want, trust me, you will look good without specs. Ske asks will you be ashamed to go with wife, who wears glasses. Doctor says we are ready for the surgery. Kunal says its not a big thing, Mishti…. He gets Meenakshi’s call and goes out. He talks to Parul. Mishti asks what about Kunal. Doctor says he has gone for imp work, lets go.

Nanu says I know what’s going on in your min. Abir says I spoke to her rudely. Nanu says no, you got angry when she agreed for surgery, reason is love, when we love someone, we want that person to be the same. Abir says I love Kunal a lot. Nanu says love is never wrong, time is wrong but times change, its not just about you, Mishti and Kunal’s match isn’t wrong, if you let this marriage happen, the family will lose the happiness forever, do you want this to happen.

Kunal comes home and asks Parul why did she call him. Parul says we have to take shagun for Mishti. He asks are you serious, I was getting Mishti’s lasik surgery done. Nidhi says she maybe ill. Meenakshi says this surgery is done so that glasses are needed. She thinks Kunal did half work and I will do the rest. She says glasses don’t look good on youngsters. Kunal says surgery would have happened by now. She says we will pick Mishti from the hospital and then go to her house. Parul apologizes to Kunal. He says I m sorry, this surgery is imp for me, I didn’t wish Mishti to refuse in the last moment. Abir looks on.

Mishti looks at her face. Abir asks why did she agree for this. Kunal calls Mishti. She says I m in the market, I need to talk to you. Nidhi says don’t tell her anything, we will surprise her. Kunal says I m coming to pick you. Mishti says no, I will get an auto from here. She wears her glasses. Abir says Mishti don’t change for anyone, come on. Abir calls the hospital and asks about Mishti, he is her friend. Nurse says she has been discharged, we can’t give more info. Nanu says we should also go to Mishti’s house. Meenakshi and everyone come home and meet Maheshwaris.

Kuhu says Mishti has gone to meet Kunal. Meenakshi says Kunal is waiting for her outside. Nidhi says Kunal took her for the surgery. Rajshri asks what happened to her. Meenakshi says Kunal wanted her to get rid of glasses. Kuhu asks did Mishti agree. Meenakshi says don’t worry, she will look more beautiful. Rahshri says children always look beautiful to their mother, if they are happy the way they are. Varsha calms Rajshri and goes. She asks Kuhu did you know that Mishti is going for surgery. Kuhu says no, she called me to ask in morning, I didn’t focus on her words. Mishti comes home and thinks of Rajshri and Vishwamber’s words. She goes to Kunal. She stumbles. Her glasses fall off. Kunal says its my fault, I should have not left you alone, come. She says I want to tell you something. She sees her glasses fallen on the ground.

Meenakshi says new beginning, new life and new Mishti. Mishti says sorry, I didn’t get surgery done. Kunal says you know me now, tell me if I have to come in engagement or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kuhu was once again looking fav she’s epitome of love # as always beauty with brain and pure heart i wish abeer and kuhu get married with the help of meenakshiji # sooner or later kuhu is going to be the meenakshiji’s first priority in abeer’s life girls like kuhu are a boon to any inlaws they keep all happy and make a home sweet home and its just contrary seeing misti who is acting kiddish and ziddi regarding her thoughts she ‘s not at all ready for any change better abbeer falls for kuhu as early as possible or theey can show kuhu realising its abeer for her only
    well done meenakshiji transformation of aunty misti starts now # kudos to kunall for following his mother coz mothers are always special no girl ( especially like chasmish misti) can be of greater priority than a loving mother like meenakshiji
    talking on misti’s rigidness that shows that this bhenji is not at all ready for a change such bore bookworms anyways talking on misti and her double batteries is not worth it at all and now she is acting bossy to abeer on phonic conversations shows that aunty mishti requires some one always to scold

    1. Ur thinking is no less than a trash. Whatever shit u have puked in here about girls shows who u r😏😏right name MODIJI…Just like him. I also wear specs and if a handsome doesn’t want that better he should stay away ..MEN WILL BE MEN LIKE U. NAD IF U R A GIRL I BET U R A DISGRACE TO OUR GENDER. I’m not gonna take it lightly…..😡😡😡😡😡😡bcoz u have got no blo*dy right to write all that crap here….never read ur comments but today it’s time to tell u that if u don’t like someone …its ok..but the way u r xpressing ur views about Mishti is not worth to read….

      1. Putting fuel to fire….those who just used to express their views about Mishti also started badmouthing about her after ur arrival on this pg. Share views, don’t puke ur so called English language into badmouthing about others, use it constructively 😼😼😼😼😼😼


      3. tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karun lol

    2. very true words modiji i also agree regarding mishti she never suits abeer woh to thodi kali bhi hai abeer suits with kuhu do hanson ka joda hai kuheer bola jay to made in heaven pair kunal ko bhi mishti ko na bol dena chahiye i know misti ziddi hai bahut but usski zidd meenakshi ke samne chalne wali nhi hai
      aur ha maine bhi kaveri shaheer ke pics dekhe insta par sach mein dono bahoot achhe dikh rhe hai aur haa ye dikhata hai ki rhea is shy woh logon se nhi bond karti hai she is an introvert aisi nhi hona chahiye usko isliye girls ko sab bolte hai selfish but aisa nhi hai misti to mujhe bhi bahoot bohot bore karti hai uska look godhana ki rasam mein mujhe thoda acha lga par kuhu waha bhi bazzi mar le gyi kuhu to misti se bahoot beautiful hai kunal misti ke ache ke liye change kar rha tha to logon ne usse bhi bura bolna suru kar diya
      actually ye fault un ladkiyon ka hai jo cheezein samajhti nhi hai aur VICTIM CARD play karti hai apni chasmish blacktone unfair slimmy fat body ka agar aap apne fiance ke perspective ko samajhiyega to im sure woh bhi apke ke koi kami nhi chodega par nhi yaha to bechari chasmish hone ka gham manana hai i want to help such weak girls
      modiji i know you are not a bad person agar aap hote to aap kitne bhi female writers hai yaha unko badmouth kar sakte the par aapne kabhi aisa nhi kiya hai i was a silent reader but i must say you write so well likhte rahiye jamana to bolega hi :))-

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        I had heard enough of you..Lagta hai aap is page ke Modiji jaise log ho…S/He is taking such a nonsense thing about girls and you are supporting that person…Aap logonko ko toh taaliyan👏👏 bhajni chahiye..hai na?Go and check the other TU pages..You will come to know about that person..Except this,I saw that person’s dirty comments in other 2 TU pages..
        And if you,Modiji and other Mishti haters want to blame Mishti then go to other social media like twitter…Yaha comment karke kuch nahi milega…In chote chote pages mein aakar apna strength mat dikhao…Himmat hai toh other social media pe jakar aise baat karo..Tab samaj aayega…
        Aap jaise log apna views batakar jaate toh koi kuch nahi kehta..Lekin aap toh kisi doosre character ko judge karne mein lage ho…vo bhi galat tarikhe se..If you guys continue this,then you will get nothing just a blame from everyone…So comment karne se pehle 10 baar sochke keejiyega…

      2. Naruto Uzumaki

        S/He is talking*..

      3. Naruto Uzumaki

        S/He is talking*

      4. Naruto Uzumaki

        Now…come to think of it….Mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki Naina hi Modiji hai…Likne ki tarika,words sab Modiji jaise hai…Aur toh aur koi bhi kisi ke baare mein aise justify nahi karta..Jaise “you write so well,likhte rahiye”…So ab mujhe lag raha hai ki Naina and Modiji both are same..Pata nahi…But I have that doubt in my mind….

      5. thats sweet of you naina i must say you have got a good heart like kuhu sooner or later people will get bore of mishti and yes we have seen kanak too but this time rhea is so slow god knows whats happening to her but yes shes not a lead that some good fans of shaheer wants some other lead would have done more justice to the role but rhea she’s a disappointment for me dear
        and yes don’t be sad keep your views without hesitation dear as telly updates provide us some good writers like to to interact with us

  2. ya true she is getting irritated over small things how can she manage a marraige thing which requires a patince named thing and time but as u say mishti is not at all ready for anything she has made fun of courtship kuch samajhti hi nhi hai ye ladki when she say will you be ashamed with a specs wife to kunal i feel like she’s playing the victim card only ab achi party hai to thoda bahoot acha dikhna zaroori hota hai when u are managing a big firm especially but mishti is just not getting anything at all and acting like chui mui plant abeer is just confused regarding her dull behaviour

    1. hey mallika absolutely true perfect analysis sooner or later rhea will exit i guess with the falling trps makers will realise that they have made a wrong choice

  3. @ameena , hasan,sona ,pooja
    was surfing through instagram and i came across beautiful kaveri and shaheer pic on kaveri ‘s insta just see how much made for each other couple they both look # bhaisahab hum to gamga naha liye hahaha @ lots of love to kaveri shaheer just rock it # adbhut asvishvasniye akalpniye # pic made my day so far and currently the wall paper of my goodies :))- can’t express my feelings in words now !!!!

  4. *ganga # typo due to excitement :))-

  5. shahzad ahmad

    no mishti is right for adir mishti acchi lagti hai abir ke saath so mishti and abir get married in serial and also in real life

    1. hahaha misti aur achi shayad aapko chasme ki zaroorat hai ab # chasme se khubsurati link karwaye aap :))- waise advance mein eid mubarak

  6. Naruto Uzumaki

    Episode was okay-okay….Makers are just dragging the same story…..But still, I’m loving it…
    Today, I won’t explain anything about Mishti or Mishbeer pair to Mishti Haters.. But ek baat toh zaroor kehna chahungi..That……There’s a quote in Kannada “Kattegelli gottu kastoori parimala😁😀”This suits well for Mishti(Rhea) haters….

  7. Hello guys!!! Boring episode…. What an evil plan from meenu??? Yeah!!! I guessed it right… So there’s of Kunal with shwetha…. As I guessed she has made an evil plan behind it…#evilnessoverloaded… So mishti didn’t do the surgery… Ohh!!! RV… Soooo sad for u…. Coz I think u would have been the first person to be Happy if the surgery had been done😀… But now our abir will be so happy after knowing that the surgery wasn’t done… He was worried so much… So now abir will realize that his mishti has never changed…. Now it’s time for Mishti too to understand that abir is the one who can understand her better… Even mishti too felt bad for abir in yesterday’s episode… But it makes no sense… Hope she understands her love for abir…

    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      Yeah….Everyone of us wish the same..
      Let’s hope for the best..😊..

  8. yes yes yes

    1. better misti do surgery other wise luv kush will her aunty misti and her hubby will mention her aapke pati kaha gye behenji ????hahahhah

  9. To be honest even I wanted Misthi to have surgery I love Rhea with no specs then also she looks smart and intelligent. I don’t know why every serial is shown like all the main actors are so scarificing people. If u ask me I would have told Nanu about my feeling. He is hiding everything like it’s too bad to fell in love with someone who is going to be ur brother’s wife even Gordhana is not done till now.
    Only makers k ow when will Misthi realize that she is in love with Abeer. In previous episode I thought that when Varsha was telling how she fell in love with Shaurya at that time she will imagine Abeer but she imagined Kunal. Like really! If I don’t go with previous episodes and judge that very thing then I will thing the same like Modiji thinks that Misthi and Kunal are lead pairs. Please makers stop dragging it. Even scenes with Naira are not helping Misthi what does that mean?

    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      But Vidha,Mishti thought that vo flowers were sent by Kunal and poetry was also written by him…Kunal messages her,he meets her outside and always says that tum mere honevale wife ho and all…So by all this,Mishti imagined Kunal when Varsha talked about love…So I found no faults in that..And Abeer never told that he was the one who had done everything for her….while Kunal took all the credits…
      And rahi baat Modiji ki….Ugh…If Mishti imagined Abeer,then also s/he would badmouth about her and say that bcz of Mishti,Kuhu and Abeer’s love ruined etc..etc..aise useless baate karenge…Some people can never change their thoughts when everything in their surrounding changes for good…Un logonka kaam hi doosronke baare mein ghatiya se gyatiya shabd bolne ka hai..Vidha if you wanna know,then you can go to some other TU pages like KZK(some previous episodes in that page) …Then you will come to know that wherever Modiji goes s/he spread the thought of negativity….

      1. I know there this Modiji is fan of Komolika and bad mouth about Prena that she is greedy and what not. Modiji is from other glaxy and he can’t get change.

    2. kaira means love same as kuheer neither naira sensed love in mishti , mishti is very confused girl who don’t understand what she wants just repent on her bad past come on who lives with bad past better to see the colours around with kunal very very bad of her to eye abeer when she’s engagedto kunal you know very well what society mentions of such people so should not be confused she should understand kunal and have fun in her life this bhenji is totaaly a big dispointment

  10. Come on guys… Naruto and RV… Just chill… If we people react like this then there’s no difference between them and us…. I can understand that u people can’t bear their stupid thoughts and words… But it makes no sense in arguing or fighting with those kinds of people… They are just full of negativity… That’s it… But we should not lose our cool at them… I’m sry guys… But I feel it really makes no sense in fighting with those people… They can’t understand our language… They know only to bad-mouth about people… But we should not do that… Let’s just enjoy the episodes and share our views here… Let’s just focus on our works… 😀

    1. lol ok pandit ji :))-

    2. just have a whistle for time out # biased refree lol

      1. I just hope this time out will be a knock out for u mo-di-ji😂🤣😂

  11. Super episode. Yrhpk good serial

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