Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s grahpravesh ceremony

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti crying in her bidaai. Rajshri cries a lot. Mishti leaves with Abir. He says our story started today. Kunal says its last day of our problems. He burns the papers. He says I m not like Abir, I don’t know poetry, I m not like you, I don’t know interior designing, I m such boring, I can’t believe that anyone can like me, and that I can like you so much. Kuhu says worst proposal ever. He says I will learn everything if you teach me. She cries happily. Nidhi asks them to come soon, Meenakshi called and said Mishti and Abir are coming. Mishti recalls Jasmeet’s words. Kuhu says all arrangements of grahpravesh are done. Meenakshi says I m sorry, I don’t like this. Abir gets down the car and says I m feeling restless, I can’t trust mum. Kuhu asks is the silver coin missing. Meenakshi says there is no kuhuness in it, its not the best. Abir worries. Mishti says we will face problems together. He says I m always with you. He does shayari.

Parul says Kuhu has decorated everything so well. Kuhu recalls Jasmeet’s words. She asks Meenakshi what did she think. Meenakshi says remove all this, Mishti should always remember her grahpravesh. Abir says I don’t know what Jasmeet told, but its a lie, I promise, I will always support you, you won’t become helpless bahu of tv serials, promise me, you will tell everything. She says I promise. He thinks I love my family a lot, but there is lot of problems. He prays.

Rajshri says I m worried for Mishti, will Meenakshi do anything wrong with her. Abir and Mishti see the darkness and think where did they go. Mishti asks did everyone leave us and go. Abir thinks mum did this. Rajshri says I m worried, did Kuhu do anything. Vishwamber asks her to sit, what did Kuhu say. Rajshri says Mishti and Kuhu have hidden the fact that they dislike each other, now they are in a Sasural where Meenakshi is their Saas, can they stay together. Vishwamber says yes, we found good life partners for them, Abir and Kunal become family support together, Kuhu with Kunal, Mishti with Abir, will be very happy. Kunal shouts surprise. Abir and Mishti smile. Mishti says I m sure its world’s best grahpravesh.

Abir asks Kuhu is this your idea. Kuhu says no. Meenakshi asks can’t I ave coolness like Kuhu, I was a message for Mishti from my side, if she feels darkness around, then she can recall this day, we all will be with her. Nidhi says I will get kalash. Meenakshi says its fine, our times have gone. She asks Kuhu to get kalash. She stops Mishti and says Mishti is our elder bahu in our house, we will welcome her by heart. She asks Mishti to step head. Mishti enters the house. Abir and Mishti say we are together now. Mishti steps in the red color. She gets hurt. The water falls over Kuhu’s face. Kunal holds Kuhu. Abir asks are you okay. Mishti says I m fine. Kuhu also nods. Mishti walks ahead.

Meenakshi says I will clear the kumkum from your face. Kuhu says I will clean it. Meenakshi sees something in the red colour water. Kunal congratulates Abir and Mishti. Mishti says I will try my best, but can’t take Kuhu’s place. Meenakshi says I will try to make a place in your heart, you are Abir’s happiness. Kunal says mum loves Abir a lot. Meenakshi asks her to pull Kunal’s ear. Mishti pulls his ear. They laugh. Kuhu says we are real heroes. She clicks selfie. Meenakshi says we have Kuhuness, we will make this game a competition, whoever wins, he will get the silver coins, if Abir wins, Kuhu will get the coins, if Mishti wins, I will get the coins, it means Abir can make his mum lose, Mishti can make me win. Nidhi says it means Mishti can make Kuhu lose. Kuhu says Abir never loses. She thinks whom will Mishti please me, me or Kuhu.

Kuhu says we are not sisters. Mishti says we are sisters in law now. Meenakshi says both the girls have made big dreams, none can stay in front of me. She throws the coins and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. BB apne real avtaar mein aa rhi hai. I don’t know why but makers are not ready to make Meenakshi positive and on other hand they made Jasmeet Negative and are in process of making Kuhu negative ?

  2. Meenakshi, evil head never change.. she is like dogs tail

  3. This hatred of Mishti by Kuhu just shifted to Rajwansh house hold now Kuhu can’t accept Mishti as her jethani Meenakshi is the facilitator she is going to play these 2 against each other Just hope Mishti is going to use her brains & figure this out I don’t like Abir giving too much support to Kuhu he knows how she treats his wife They should think of living separate Jasmeet compared Parul to Kuhu Parul is so much better than all 3 of them after all she is Kunal biological mother

  4. Kuhu is very childish and needs to grow up. Meenakshi is stupid and selfish and Jasmeet needs to mind her own business.

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