Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti tries to expose Ved

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu saying wow, Kareena Kapoor is the surprise guest in the marriage, I have seen her. Ketki asks really. The girls run out to take selfie. Kuhu asks Ketki to proper her Kajal first. Mishti asks what happened. Abir says tell me, what’s the problem. She says don’t get mad, focus on what I m saying. He says I will become a camera and focus. She asks him to joke. Mishti gets Kuhu’s message and reads…I m with Ketki in her room, I will tell her everything. Abir says I will just come. Mishti goes to Kuhu and asks her not to tell anything to Ketki, its imp to tell Abir. Kuhu says we should talk to Ketki, don’t marry Ved, break this relation or elope, are you listening. Mishti stops her. They see Meenakshi.

Kuhu says I was asking Ketki to wake up. Mishti says I saw Ved in the temple. Meenakshi says tell me, what is it. Mishti says I have seen Ved marrying some other girl in the temple. Kuhu says I was reacting on her news, I don’t lie normally. Meenakshi asks did you come to say this to Ketki. Mishti says no, I came to tell Abir. Meenakshi asks her to tell her, who was that girl. Mishti says don’t know. Meenakshi asks do you have any proof, did anyone see Ved. Mishti says don’t know. Meenakshi says you aren’t sure, you want me to accuse Ved and break the marriage. Kuhu says yes. Meenakshi asks are you sure that you saw Ved. Mishti says I believe so. Kuhu says she saw his sprained ankle. Meenakshi asks is this is wrong. Kuhu asks what will you do. Meenakshi takes their phones and says you both will stay here, don’t shout, don’t forget that your family is also here, you will be insulted as well.

Meenakshi comes downstairs. She says I will meet in some time. Bau ji says she manages all the things. Meenakshi asks Mrs. Parekh to come for a talk. Mishti and Kuhu argue. Kuhu says if you have seen Ved, why didn’t you take his pic. Mishti says Ketki said she trusts just Abir, even I can trust him. Kuhu asks how do you know much about Abir. Meenakshi asks how did Ved get that sprain in his ankle. Mrs. Parekh says Ved was decorating the house, see the pic, how is the decoration. Meenakshi says its Ved on the ladder, I will send medicines for him, start the rituals. Mrs. Parekh says I have in hurry to get bahu. Meenakshi says Parul, Mishti and Kuhu said they have seen Ved marrying someone in temple, come with me.

Parul comes to Mishti and Kuhu. She says you won’t go out until Ved and Ketki get married, we know everything, don’t shout, wedding rituals have started. Mishti worries. She says we can’t defame Ketki. Kuhu asks what, Ved cheated her, he will be defamed. They see the clock and say we have just 15 mins.

Ved says don’t get after my sprain now. He talks to his mum. Abir shouts shoes. Mishti and Kuhu try to go out. Mishti says pray that Abir realized something is wrong, he gets the intuition. Some clothes fall down the cupboard. She says who wears such clothes here. She recalls Abir. Abir hugs Ved and asks Kunal to pick shows. Kunal says I won’t get into this. He collides with Vishwamber and says sorry. Vishwamber says I m looking for Mishti. Abir says Kunal will look for her. Abir and Atul catch Ved and take his shoes. Meenakshi asks Abir, what’s all this, mahurat will pass. Abir says it will take two seconds to remove shoes. Meenakshi asks him not to fight. They go to mandap. Atul says we got the shoes. Abir says I don’t feel we have won.

Ved sits in the mandap. Nidhi goes to get Ketki. Meenakshi sees Rajshri. Parul sees Abir and thinks if he sees the door locked, he will doubt. She opens the door. Kuhu says we will shout. Mishti says no, we have no proof. Abir asks what are you doing here. Mishti throws her dupatta. Parul says I was finding Ketki. He says she is with Nidhi. Mishti wears Abir’s banjaran clothes and goes. Parul says I will hide shoes and lock door, you get Ketki. He goes. She locks the door. Kuhu says Mishti just solve this at any cost. Rajshri says where is Mishti. Meenakshi says I have to show you something, all the guests can see marriage rituals from here. She shows the big screen. She says its Kunal’s idea. Rajshri likes the arrangements. Meenakshi thinks Mishti can’t do anything once Ketki gets married. Kunal looks for Mishti. Mishti hides her face. He goes to see her. He leaves when he hears about Varmala. She hides.

Mishti says Kunal won’t help me, how will I stop this wedding. She recalls Abir’s words and gets encouraged. Meenakshi sends Varsha to get Ketki. She hears Rajshri and Shaurya praising her family. She thinks once Ketki married, I won’t let Mishti and Kuhu’s shadow fall on this house. Parul calls out Mishti. Kuhu tries to speak in Mishti’s voice. Parul says Kuhu, what are you doing. Kuhu says we have no phone, Mishti has gone to bath. Parul asks what. Kuhu says I made stupid story, who will save me now. Kunal says I don’t know where is Mishti, I don’t want to find her. He sees Parul outside Ketki’s room and says what’s going on here. Mishti takes Varmala. She says a girl is waiting for you outside, she claims to be your wife. Ved worries. She runs with his phone. She says no Ved, I won’t let you talk to your first wife, you have to leave mandap and come out. Abir sees Mishti running.

Mishti says Ved has a wife Kanchi. Ved gets angry. Abir stops Ved. He asks Mishti to call Kanchi. Meenakshi says if Mishti is wrong, she will apologize to you all.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aaj ka episode toh lga shayd fast frwd ho gya all thanks to kuhu. BOHOT saari incidents were like kaise ho gya abhi toh kuch aur hua tha..msg came and Mishti left her talk yaha toh advertising msgs ke alava koi aur msg aata hi bdi mushkil se hai???WhatsApp afterall??????kuhu washroom mein cheek rhi thi…ketki kaha gayab ho gyi, uske room ke cupboard ke upar abeer ke clothes kya kr rhe the, joota churai rasam dulhan ki chhoti behnein krti hain yaaa bde bhaiya????????????????????????????????aut aise kaun aasmaneaasmanein utha kr joote nikalta hai?????yeh meenakshi ko itna pagal kyu dikhaya ja rha hai ki woh do girls ko room mein band kr degi…woh bhi aise room mein jaha se shout kia ja skta hai, koi phone nhi tha room mein, jb abeer aaya toh parul ne room kyun khol toh wahi akele rkhne wali thi taki abeer naa dekh le aur agar aise tha toh kuhu ko bhi le jati kya ho jata..woh meenakshi kya kidnap krva leti kya unko??????yeh ketki beech mein gayab kaha ho gyi thi,nidhi ko upar lane ko bheja..abeer usse parul ke room ke bahr woh thi nhi??where the hell she was.

    Precap- yeh bhi kuch zyada hi fast frwd ho gya..aise shows mein maine toh socha tha ki poora 1 week lga dete hain shaadi ka siyappa khtm krne mein lekin lgta hai jldi ke chakkar mein kuch zayada heee bhgaaa le gya episode ko??????

    1. Hahah…right..
      Soemtimes i feel that there should be a “logic board” instead of censor board” that approves shows on the basis of logic.
      Saare serials bnd krne pdeng.

  2. Naruto Uzumaki

    OMG!!!Can anyone guess what may happen tomorrow?????I’m really tensed??? If Mishti couldn’t able to expose Ved…then what may happen??!!
    Kuhu really behaved like a child….I can’t understand her at all….I don’t even have a single reason to like her……Forget it…..That’s not a big deal… Come to think of it.Mishti’s idea was nice though…..I can’t tell anything without watching next episode….I’m really excited to watch it…..I hope Mishti will succeed in exposing Ved….But on the other hand.. I think…. that won’t be easy….Still,it’s very interesting…..also as I told earlier I’m very very tensed too…’s because if she(Mishti)
    fail..then Mishti and her family both will get humiliated????….which I really hate to watch…..

  3. mishti is just so dull and foolish girl dumbest being in the show why can’t be cool like love kuhu she is an epitome of love and abeer will agree with my view too just waiting for kuhu to become MRS ABEER
    TIME FOR REPLACEMENT OF MISHTI we don’t want ugly lead
    kuhu is love just love her presence in abeer’s life she is so emotional too at moments but im sure abeer will take of his queen kuhu i wonder how beautiful one can be like kuhu she’s like an angel in prince abeer’s life who cares for ugly chasmish misti

  4. better kartik becomes the match maker of kuhu and abeer and make mishti realise her mistakes and halps her in repentence
    i like kuhu she is so beautiful she is very good at heart and perfect match for abeer looking forward to watch meenakshi aceepting kuhu for abeer and made her daughter in law how blessed she will be after god’s blessings package kuhu comes into her son’s and family life she is an angel for true intentity thanks makers for giving us kuhu thanks a lot !!!!! love u telly updates for focusing on kuhu just loved it

  5. Mishti was looking very funny in that banjaran clothes… Anyways the episode was interesting and waiting for tomorrow’s episode… And as usual abir was looking so good today…

  6. Naruto Uzumaki

    Seriously????Plz drink some water….So that your(those who hate Mishti) fire of hatred for Mishti may extinguish….
    Rhea is such a good actess and experienced one….She debuted her acting in 4 serials..I watched 3 serials of her….So I have full right to talk about Rhea as Mishti….Mishti is awesome,lovely and charming?????…I only don’t like her specs…That’s all…I don’t want to clear anyone’s views about her..But all I want to say is Rhea’s(Mishti) fans are also here….So plz try not to test our patience….Plz don’t use COOL word next time to describe your Kuhu..That sounds odd for those who aren’t actually cool…..But you may add any other words for the description list of your Kuhu if you want…..Again plz don’t forget to drink water??


      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        Dekhte hai kon dull,ugly hai…..Okay?????dear Narora….

  7. Naruto Uzumaki

    Wow…Today’s episode will going to be amazing…I heard today’s story..Finally they decided to highlight Mishti…Ved will get exposed….I’m eagerly waiting for it…?

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