Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shweta returns to add twists

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying sorry. Mishti says I m sorry, I won’t ask for your help. He says Vishwamber was worried for you. She says I didn’t wish him to worry, he did a lot for me, I don’t want to become burden on you. He says you don’t insult him by calling yourself a burden, he has raised a smart and confident girl, he feels so proud of you, he loves you because you are his daughter. Mishti says but he is in tension because of me. He says every dad worries for children, you are very lucky, I don’t know if my dad loves me or not. She says I m sorry. He says its okay, Rajshri asked you if you like someone, you denied, I think you were lying. H loosens her hair and asks what do you think. She smiles. He asks her to say.

Nidhi and Meenakshi compliment Kuhu. Kunal

stares at Kuhu. Ketki asks Kunal not to stare at Kuhu. Meenakshi says we won’t start rasam now, we have come to do rasam, we will do tilak and then our rasam. Meenakshi sends Nidhi. Kunal asks where is Abir. Meenakshi thinks are Abir and Mishti together. She asks Rajshri shall I go and get Mishti. Rajshri says sure, that way. Abir says your hair is set, won’t you answer me. Mishti says you told my secret to Vishwamber. He says I just know saying truth. She says right, like you told at the time of Kunal’s courtship. He says I almost lost you as a friend, I can’t lose you again, you didn’t wear my gift. She says I don’t want it. He asks what if I make you wear this. She says you can’t. He asks what if I do. She says you will get the answers, what if you don’t. He says I will cut my dark long hair. She asks what. Meenakshi calls her out. Mishti asks him to please go. Meenakshi comes to her. She compliments Mishti. She says we all should be happy, come. Mishti goes. Abir smiles.

Abir goes downstairs. Yeh rishte hai …..plays… Abir holds Mishti’s hand. She gets away. Abir and Mishti smile. Aankhon ki gustakhiyan….plays… Abir and Mishti see each other. Mishti takes Nanu and Abir’s pic. She takes her selfie instead. Abir looks at her. She goes and dances. Abir catches Mishti and holds her hand. He makes her wear the bangle/bracelet. She imagines this. Abir shows the bangle and smiles. She shows a scissor. He signs no and runs. He falls over the red color. Mishti offers help. Kunal looks on. He gets up and goes. Kuhu looks on.

Abir and Mishti come to the room. Mishti cleans his face. He makes her wear the bangle. They have an eyelock. They go to the window. They get shocked seeing Shweta hugging Kunal. Abir says what is she doing here. Shweta asks how can you marry Kuhu. Kunal asks her to stop the drama and get out. He sees Kuhu. Shweta says Kunal doesn’t love you, he loves me, I left him and then he got rejected by Mishti, you came in his life, he can’t handle rejections, he still loves only me. Abir and Mishti rush out. Meenakshi shows the dresses for Kuhu.

Abir says you check it. She asks him to go. She asks Mishti to see the dresses. Shweta says Kunal I can’t lose you. Kunal says Kuhu, I had no relation with Shweta, she was with me just for money. Kuhu says I believe you completely. Kunal smiles. Kuhu says Kunal gave me this bracelet, its special for me, keep this, I don’t care for this, Kunal is most imp for me. She says I will not leave Shweta if she doesn’t go. She goes. Kunal says you can’t separate me and Kuhu, we are done. Shweta says no, our story…. Abir comes and says that was a bad dream, not a story.

Kunal says come, I have handled it. Shweta says take this bracelet, I didn’t come for this, I just came for you. Abir says when a guy says no, it means no, go from here. Shweta hugs Kunal and says I love you a lot. She kisses him and goes. Abir asks why did she come here. Kunal says she came to do a drama. Mishti comes. Abir says she left. She says its high time, we should tell this to family. Kunal says its none of your business. Mishti says your ex was doing a drama here, you didn’t let me handle when my dad came here, if Shweta hurts my family, I will speak, I want to know why to keep double standards, Kunal is blaming me, why. Kunal asks why is she creating this new drama. She says I kept quiet just for Kuhu, this time you have to do what’s right for Kuhu. She goes. Abir signs Kunal. Meenakshi says good job, check your account. Shweta smiles. Parul looks on.

Nanu says I want Mishti and Abir to……. He unites their hands…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    precap was a kodak moment for Meenakshi and Kunal 😂😂😂 next ep, I can almost see Kuhu writhing with jealousy 😁

  2. nanu is going mad he is doing things to make the situation complicated he will regreat his decision very soon # dragging story unnecessarily # kuhu is so beautifull her nose ring # pious beautiness in the name of abeer # makers make abeer kuhu together no more tom jerry race now # mishti’s truth needed to be out soon that she is trapping abeer considering he is eldest son in rajvansh family # shweta ‘s plot is not doing well time to pull things in her court # abeer is getting trapped by heinous chachi misti

  3. Oh Pls Kunal is not the golden boy who was born with a golden spoon Seems BB doesn’t want him to be with anyone sick mother or could be Parul for that matter Why so much hatred towards Mishti difficult to comprehend Evil overload Wish Parul will either confined with Mishti or Abir so BB & idiot Kunal shenanigans all comes out in the open Maybe then Kuhu will also side with MishAbi to take revenge on the other two evil creatures Can’t even enjoy MishAbi romance it’s always about golden boy Kunal

  4. It looks like Kunal is not Meenakshis son. He is Paruls son. And may be Abir and Kunal has same father (not sure. That is the secret of the Rajvansh family which Abir overheard. Notice the joy and blessed feeling of Parul when she sees Kunal. parul put the bangle for Kuhu. Usually mother-in-law do it i think.
    Meenakshi is afraid if an independent girl comes to the family, she will find the truth. She wants a puppet as daughter in law so that the secret is never out. She want Kunal and Abir to be together always, is the reason for all her actions.

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