Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir defends Mishti

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti thinking of Abir. Nannu says you changed everyone’s mood by changing the temple. Abir does shayari and stays at the temple. Mishti comes there. Parul says my puja is over, I want to do pariknama. Abir says you think Mishti will change her heart if you do this pariknama. Parul says let me pray. She goes. Mishti comes and rings the bell. Abir and Mishti see each other. He sees her family. He says I didn’t know you all are coming here, I shall leave. Rajshri says Abir, its Devimaa’s house, no one is restricted to come here. Abir says even then I will go. Mishti thinks of his words. Abir leaves. Dono ke taye kiya tha….plays… Mishti sees Nannu.

She thinks Abir and I promised to stay together, that was some other life, my new life will start today. Nannu ties the thread to her wrist. Mrs. Parekh comes and rings the bell. They all see her. Vishwamber says we shall go. Mrs. Parekh says who are you, new guy for Mishti. Varsha stops her. Mrs. Parekh taunts Mishti. She says first alliance broke before engagement, second one broke after engagement, when will third one break. Mishti asks her about her son’s marriage. Varsha and Rajshri stop her. Mrs. Parekh says your sharp tongue is the main problem, you wanted to have marital courtship, then you didn’t like the guy, but his brother, even he left you, you are asking about my son, why will anyone have a relation with such a girl, is there any answer. Abir says there is an answer. Everyone sees Abir. Abir says its not necessary to answer you. Parul prays that Abir doesn’t lose his love, he gets another chance. Abir says Mishti wanted to know her husband, its right of every girl, every girl doesn’t have courage to ask for right, she had sense to know that Kunal isn’t right for her, Kunal got a wife like Kuhu, there are people like my family, who didn’t check your son’s background and fixed Ketki’s marriage, Mishti is marrying her best friend Nishant, he promised her that he will not give her any sorrow, he isn’t like your son, who will lie, he didn’t answer you thinking his Tai ji will feel bad on your insult, why did you come here, Devimaa won’t listen to you, go away. Mrs. Parekh asks why did you leave her, if she is a diamond. Abir says she is much valuable than gold and diamond, I made a big mistake by losing her, I will always have sorrow for this. Mrs. Parekh asks what mistake. Parul says I will say, it was Abir’s sacri…. Vishwamber says its enough, whatever done is done, we don’t want someone else’s puja to get interrupted. They all leave.

Mishti’s dupatta gets stuck in Abir’s watch. Naata mera….plays… She turns and sees him. He frees it. She goes. Rajshri says Mishti will give Dakshina and come. Jasmeet says I m going home. Kuhu asks Nannu to get Mishti home. Kuhu says I felt Vishwamber will forgive Abir. Nannu looks on. Rajshri says Abir isn’t bad, his decisions are proved bad, I feel we should forgive him. Kuhu says Mishti is Nanchak’s fiancee. Vishwamber says I m proud of my choice now, maybe fate didn’t have Mishti and Abir’s union. Parul asks Abir to tell truth to Mishti about Kunal, its Mishti’s right to know his truth. Abir runs.

He sees Mishti with pandit ji. Mishti says its okay, I know you didn’t come here intentionally, I can defend my family. He says I know it well my angry chorni. She asks did you forget, why are you calling me yours. He says I m not sorry for it. She says you are my past, no one can change it now. He holds her hand. He says you are my past, present and future also. Mishti says I want to go. He says I wanted to meet you but Maasi.. She says no reason can change this now, my marriage date is fixed, let me go. Her mauli thread breaks. She goes. Nannu looks on. Abir sees Nannu coming. Nannu picks the thread. He says I don’t know to hear anything, tell me your plan, you think you will win. Abir says I don’t want to fight you. Nannu says you did this with me, you treat Mishti bad, she chose me, so please back off. Abir says Mishti didn’t choose me, but her family happiness. Nannu says enough, you have to get back, she has decided. Abir says I did breakup with Mishti for family sake, I did this as my mum threatened me that she will tell Kunal that he isn’t her son, please tell Mishti.

Nannu asks if she doesn’t change her decision. Abir says its the same place where we confessed love, I promise, if she doesn’t change her decision, I won’t come in front of you. Mishti says no. Kuhu asks why did you throw card. Mishti says sorry, where is Nannu. Kuhu says good, you focussed on him, where did you drop the mauli, if Jasmeet knows, she will shout of bad omen. Jasmeet comes and says its a bad omen, where is the mauli. Nannu says its here, I got this extended, it was tight on her hand. He doesn’t like the wedding card. Jasmeet says we will choose good card.

Nannu says I need to talk to you in private. Parul asks did you talk to Mishti. Kunal says Abir told truth to Nannu. Abir says I will call Mishti. Kunal says sorry to call you Maasi. Parul says you can call me anything, don’t be sorry. She asks Abir to tell truth to Mishti, its her marriage tomorrow. Abir says I have to make some plan to meet Mishti, Nishant has three hours to prove his friendship, I will tell Mishti if he doesn’t. Nannu ties the mauli to Mishti’s wrist. She thanks him. She asks did you see and Abir together, did you get this mauli there. He nods. She says sorry. He asks did you go to meet Abir. She says no, he wanted to tell me something, I don’t want to hear anything. He says I want to talk about it.

Mishti cries and shouts Abir. Abir opens arms. She hugs him. He says whatever you decide, I will always love you. Nannu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. If Nishant is a really good friend he would tell Mishti how Abir really feels for her He could be a bastard & lie to Mishti but he his becoming creepy he keeps following her & hiding & listening Hope Pre cap is not just a dream who knows can’t predict anything now

  3. Don’t know if this is true but Mishti will run away & Mishbir will elope probably in that 24 HR marriage bureau they had shown awhile back or probably at the mandir where they made their first confession 😲😜😲

  4. He equally loves Mishti, how will he now tell Mishti that Abir loves her. I support Nishant, but this is movie where they show things that cannot happen in real life.

    1. Just saw Monday’s pre cap Nishant is talking to Dragon lady that Mishbir were together Now suddenly he is playing against Mishti turning into B.B. puppet evil 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Hate him!!!

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