Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti confess love

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir sadly leaving from the airport. Dheere dheere….plays…. Mishti comes and says I m here Abir. He stops and runs to her. Mishti gets on knees. The lady says she is proposing like boys do, so cute. The man says lucky guy…. Abir also sits in front of Mishti. They cry. He holds her hand. He says I can never see you on knees like this, we have good height difference, get up. They hug. He does shayari. Everyone claps for them. They hold hands and leave. Kunal says we lied so much for this day, that planning was done so that I don’t stand here, why am I here today, please Maa, tell me its a lie, I don’t want to marry, there is still time. Kuhu hugs Varsha and thanks her. Rajshri sees them happy. Parul says I m also happy that Kuhu is coming in

our house, especially Kunal. Kunal says I wish to run away.

Meenakshi says no, this is imp, else I would have not made you swear. He says you know my only wish was to become a good son for you, which Abir couldn’t become, I blindly trusted you, you cheated me, I have become a good son, why can’t you become a good mum, if this marriage happens, I promise everything will change, I m giving you a last chance, stop this drama, else I promise i will change into bad one. Meenakshi says don’t say this, I love you a lot. Nidhi comes and says Kunal’s shoes are stolen, we have to give big nek, is everything fine. Meenakshi says yes. She asks Kunal to marry.

Kuhu asks Jasmeet not to steal Kunal’s shoes. Meenakshi says Parul, you will face the day when just I can help you, I feel helpless today, you will feel helpless that day, I will see what you go through. Parul thinks is she planning something again. She asks Ketki did she see Abir. Ketki says no. Abir asks Mishti to open eyes. He shows the temple. She asks why did we come here.

He says we shall give a name to this relation, we will unite today. She runs to beat him. He rings a temple bell. Garland falls over her. He says half marriage is done, I felt bad with your rejection. She says you can’t even become my friend, think if your mum knows that I love….

Kuhu says I wish to dance, you want me to blush. Abir asks what I love, what. He asks her not to get violent in temple. She falls in his arms. He says even if you don’t complete, I know it. They smile. He holds her hand and gets close. She says leave my hand. He says I didn’t hold your hand to leave. Pandit says its time for Kanyadaan. Kuhu extends her hand. Meenakshi makes Kunal hold Kuhu’s hand. Kunal sits angry. Abir and Mishti see a marriage happening in the temple. Khushiyan bhi baatein….plays…… They smile. Meenakshi comes for gathbandhan. Kunal says Maasi…. He asks Parul to do it. Parul ties the gathbandhan.

Pandit asks Kunal and Kuhu to take rounds. Mishti says you think you and I…. Abir does shayari to give her answer. He holds her hand. Kunal and Kuhu take rounds. Kunal sees Meenakshi. The gathbandhan catches fire. Kuhu pulls it away. The fire is blown off by Parul. Nidhi says its a bad omen. Mishti and Abir smile. Naata mera….plays….. Flower basket falls down. They stand under the flower shower. Kids throw throws at them. Abir cleans the color from her cheeks. She cleans the color off his face. They smile. He says you have colored me in your color, I love you angry Chorni. She smiles and says Ajeeb Rajvansh I love you too. Saathiya….plays….. She runs away. He smiles.

Mishti chats with Abir and smiles. Kuhu waits for Kunal. She goes to open the door. Mishti rushes hearing door knock. Kuhu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mishti's Bestie

    What a lovely episode! So happy for Mishti but I think that her happiness will soon come to an end. For the first time feeling bad for idiot Kuhu.
    I am so nervous for tomorrow’s episode. Do u guys have any idea what’s gonna happen. I think Kunal will behave rudely with Kuhu and tell her that he don’t love her. Also Kunal and Meenu might keep a condition for Abir that If he wants to see Kuhu happy then he will have to break all ties with Mishti.

  2. Areey waah!!!!!!??????ab toh kl bhi aayega????????what I think is in front of Mishti and kuhu will be truth which was faked till date by MeeKu ????Kunal will refuse to give her his wife’s rights, will refuse to share his bedroom with her and she will learn his fake side also…?????and Mishti will also learn that meenu used Kunal as a scapegoat to take revenge but Abeer turned the tables around ???

  3. Can’t wait can’t wait???????

  4. The love confession has finally happened. I’m so happy I don’t need anything more in life. ?

  5. Most awaited episode. Finally Misti and Abeer confess their love to each other. And finally Kuhu and Kunal are married. I was literally laughing when Kunal said “Apka yeh achcha beta bura ban jaega” and Meenakshi said “Ek din aapko bhi Meri zaroorat padegi aur tab aap itna hi lachaar mehsus karengi jitna mein abhi” ?????. Finally Kunal felt betrayed by his own mother. For the first time I felt pity on BB’s helplessness cuz this time she genuinely wants to protect Kunal from the pain of truth of being illegitimate just like Kuhu. Everything in today’s episode was good at Temple. Abeer and Misthi’s cute moment in Temple. Precap was the promo which was depressing cuz I was looking for a clue that what will bring change in Misti’s life as for Kuhu we all know that she is going to get biggest shock of her life.
    And I completely forgot one thing Kuhu and Kunal are really made for each other they both like to blame misthi for everything wrong in their life due to their own actions. Kunal was blaming Misti for his wedding with Kuhu like really this Nanko is so brainless character my God. Misti was not even a part of ur plan. They wanted to separate Misti from Abeer and in tommorow’s episode both Meenu and his Munna will get shock of their life by witnessing all things going opposite to what they actually planned ????.
    1. Kuhu Kunal got married.
    2. Parul showed her raudr Roop.
    3. Abeer and misthi confessed their love and are now in a relationship.
    4. Kunal is angry with his mother.

  6. Guys don’t forget the maha-episode…

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