Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti suspects Ved

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir getting the dress. Ketki thanks him. Nidhi says I stood on own foot for you. Abir jokes and tells his efforts. He says everything should be perfect in my sister’s marriage. Mishti thinks of Ved. Rajshri comes and says a mum gets to know that her children are in stress, tell me what’s the matter. Mishti asks how much is truth imp in life. Rajshri says the most imp. They joke. Rajshri says truth is pure and beautiful, like you told us about your thoughts, if you had hidden this, it would have been a disaster. Mishti says yes, truth can create some problem, but hiding the truth can lead to big problem. Abir says I m also the member of this family. Meenakshi says thanks, I know you love them as I love them. He jokes. She says I m fine. Kunal says we shall keep

the chunri in idol’s feet now. Meenakshi asks Abir to keep the chadava. Abir does the rituals. They all pray. Nidhi gets Mishti’s call for Abir. She says why is Mishti calling. She acts and says all the lines are busy, call after two days.

Nidhi says Maheshwari family always creates troubles. Kaushal asks whose call was it. Nidhi says it was loan marketing call. Bau ji jokes. Meenakshi says Abir you came to apologize to me, I told you bad things, we started doubting on each other. Kunal says I feel so special that you both do this for me, I wish I was less special that you had normal relation. Abir says this is a normal relation. They hug and laugh. Parul says these three are the house’s foundation, I don’t wish them to break. Kuhu says I decided to do a Ikebana course. Shaurya says congrats. Jasmeet says I can teach you as well. Shaurya and Kuhu explain her about Ikebana, flower arrangement technique. Mishti thinks family is also like a tree, I m not sure of Ved. Mrs. Parekh calls Varsha and asks will they come in the baraat. Varsha asks everyone. Mishti says I think we should. They all agree. Varsha says we will come. Shaurya says Mishti is smart. Kuhu thinks she is over smart. Mishti thinks everything seems to be normal, am I wrong, I have to call Kunal and find out. Vishwamber says we know you are in hurry to become independent. Shaurya says you want to do a job and we know this. Jasmeet taunts. Rajshri says Mishti wants to make her own identity, all the best. Mishti hugs her. Kuhu asks how did this job come in between, did you do this to prove yourself great.

Mishti says I don’t do anything to insult you. Kuhu says you snatched Kunal’s alliance. Mishti says you said you aren’t interested in this alliance, marriage looks boring to you. Kuhu says you are boring. She goes. Ketki gets ready. Kunal asks will you wear all the jewellery alone. She says yes. Abir says when you wear this Pagdi, everyone will see us, not Ketki. Kunal says I won’t wear this. Abir says we have to look her brothers. Kunal says its a fact that we are her brothers. She says I can’t believe you are marrying Mishti. Kunal says even I can’t believe this, I didn’t call her up, its Ketki’s day today, its her marriage. Abir jokes on her. He asks Kunal to wear the Pagdi. Kunal gets a call. Mishti says I called to ask you about Ketki’s marriage. Abir and Ketki tease Kunal. Kuhu hears Mishti. Mishti asks is Ved coming to marry Ketki. Kunal says yes. Mishti says Mrs. Parekh said baraat is coming. Kunal asks are you coming. She says yes, we will meet there. Abir asks what happened. Kunal says don’t know. Mishti says if Ved is coming, maybe I have seen someone else in the coming, why am I doubtful. Kuhu sneaks in. Mishti says I m going early, you come. Kuhu says we have to go with Mrs. Parekh. Mishti says Ketki is my friend, so I m going.

Mishti comes to Abir’s house and asks Jugni for Ketki. She sees Kuhu and asks her not to come in between. They argue. Kuhu asks her not to do anything, the last time drama is still going on. Mishti says you felt it was an adventure, this marriage is a bluff. Kuhu asks what. Kunal smiles seeing Ketki in her bridal dress. He clicks her pic and says I wish I could take your pics like Abir, you look better than a beauty queen. She asks am I looking really beautiful. He says a lot, don’t be scared, you are going into a new family, don’t forget that this is your own family, I m your brother, just call me when you need help. He hugs her. Abir clicks their pic and says we are going to miss you. They hug. Atul says bid me farewell instead Ketki, I miss all the good moments in this house. Mishti says I told you a big thing, I will go and tell them. Kuhu asks her to see Ved’s pic with his mum, he has posted this pic with caption.

Mishti says ready to be the groom….. She says the baraat has come. Ved and family comes. Everyone welcomes. Ved slips and says nothing, my ankle got twisted. Mishti says I have seen Ved in the temple. Kuhu says you mean he married in the temple and then came here. Mishti says none knows him, not even Ketki, I will do this, don’t interfere, it may call for problems. Ved checks his phone. Bau ji welcomes Vishwamber and everyone. Jasmeet says one should wear real jewellery like us. Varsha asks her to stop show off. Mishti pulls Abir. He says you… She stops him. Music plays… She says stay here. She gets a stool and corners him. She says I found you with much difficulty, I won’t let you go anywhere now. He says I won’t go anywhere. She says I need to talk in private. He says we are alone. She says there is a big problem, I even called up Kunal and couldn’t say, I hope you understand. He says I don’t understand anything. She says I haven’t told you anything yet. He looks at her.

Mishti says listen to me carefully, I was saying… Kuhu messages her. She shouts Ketki, don’t marry Ved, he is a fraud. Meenakshi looks on. Mishti and Kuhu get shocked seeing Meenakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This kuhu is really the dumbest girl I’ve ever seen on national television. I didn’t understand that how Mishti ruined her time. She wanted to be great so be it…shouting like psycho just like my younger sister


  2. kuhu is life what a girl seems like she is only made for abeer just loved her acting superb she is a delight to eyes aakhon ko sukun mila aapke aa jane se abeer ki dhadkan ho aap kasam parwane se shama ki lau jalate rahiyega apni hasi se kyunki apke samne mishti dassi (double battery ) jaisi hai hahahah

    1. Vidha, is it really you or someone else is using your name??? Are you speaking about abir and kuhu pair, really??? We know u like kuhu but with abir??? Seriously??? 🤔🤔🤔

  3. The scene between abir, Kunal and ketki was soooo good… Then again MisEer scene was awesome… I can’t understand one thing… Is this kuhu mad or just acting to be mad??? Shaheer was looking so cute with pagdi…

  4. Naruto Uzumaki

    I wanted ask something to someone here..
    I think you like Kuhu..So you can’t see her mistakes…Whatever she does is right for you….Don’t you think?????
    I think almost 27 episodes have passed…
    So I can judge about Kuhu…By watching episodes from the beginning one thing is clear that Kuhu is a selfish,disgusting and meanness girl….To be honest,I was focusing on Kuhu all the time that my thoughts about Kuhu were acceptable or not..But now it’s crystal clear that I was right there…..I can say this once more that I liked Mishti not Kuhu…I gave one chance to Kuhu but she don’t deserve that….She is thinking that Mishti snatched her happiness..everything…She looks good from ooutside..but she isn’t…Now I’m not gonna change my views about Kuhu even if everyone disagree with my views…You can say that my words are rude..But I won’t mind at all…Today,I only wanted to talk about Kuhu…Also I realized that I can’t expect sisterly type bond from them…That’s all……
    No complaints about last episode…It was just awesome😚😘😙….Mishti plz don’t do anything wrong without proof….Otherwise Meenu will again go mad about you…. I can’t wait till clock shows 10:00PM…🙆👧

  5. Exactly..kuhu is an irritating idiot..and…mishty needs a stool to reach abir’s height?…many thoughts are coming to mind…may be too cheapdi…

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