Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Kuhu’s engagement

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanu coming to Abir. He asks are you keeping secrets from me, its against bro code. Abir says no, Meenakshi and Parul has some secret, I felt Meenakshi was making Parul do some secret work, do you know about it. Kunal says yes, I know, its dangerous, if you see life like business and business like life, it looks simple, if my business rival offers friendship, then it means he is playing some trick, you know Mishti well. She says she is very clever. He smiles and says you are very cute, you girl would face rejection so happily and positive. She says I wasn’t happy, I was pretending for family and your sake, I didn’t wish you to get sad. He says you are the reason for everyone’s smile, save your happiness from Mishti.

Nanu says Meenakshi and Parul’s relation is like best friends, they would have secrets. Abir says Parul is here since long, much before my birth. Nanu says she loves you like a mum, our age is not to talk of past, why are you after wrong things, its your age to fall in love, think about love, something happens to Indian girls in marriages, make this marriage a launch pad of your love story. He asks Abir to say I love you, we will play the passing the parcel, else the shoe stealing ritual. Abir says its 2019, think something new. Nanu says love story starts with I love you. Abir says you are the only teenager in this story, I want Mishti to know that I m always with her, than saying I love you. Nanu says its an evolved love story. Abir laughs and goes. Nanu says what did Abir hear them talking.

Shaurya gets sweets home. Rajshri eats Ghewar. Vishwamber says Akshara used to steal sweets and eat. Rajshri says Mishri doesn’t like it. Jasmeet asks how can you compare Akshara and Mishti. Vishwamber says I will tell you later, go and call Mishti. Mishti says I will be back in a while. He gets Abir’s call. Abir says there is some super urgent work in NGO, Mishti will be free in an hour, its very necessary, then I will drop her home, its engagement today. Vishwamber says fine, Mishti, Abir had called, you need to go to NGO. Mishti thinks thank God Abir called. Varsha thinks was Mishti awake last night. Jasmeet thinks its good she is going. Mishti goes. Jasmeet says we will also go, we have work. Vishwamber stops them. Shaurya asks is everything fine.

Vishwamber says no, Akshara and Mishti have no comparison, if Akshara had been in her place, you would have not asked her to apologize, Mishti has not gone for work, she wanted to go, she thought if she stays here, then there would be problems in Kuhu’s alliance, our family made her feel this, I let her go because I feel ashamed about it. He goes.

Varsha says sorry. Rajshri says no, the fault is mine, I couldn’t understand my daughter’s heart. Kuhu recalls Kunal’s words. She thinks if Mishti really planning something. Meenakshi says its custom to send clothes for son in law, but design should be latest, I didn’t like this much. Kunal takes the suit. Nanu asks will the groom select mom or would be bride. He goes. Parul says this seems a little bit big, I will fix it if you say. He thanks her. She gets a call. Shweta asks for Meenakshi. She says I m Shwet, I m calling on behalf of the bank, she has to make the repayment. Parul says its Shwet’s call from bank, she says that you have to repay some money. Kunal says I will talk. Meenakshi says I will talk. She takes the call. Shweta says tell them that they have heard it wrong. Meenakshi says its Ms. Sheikh, not Shwet. Shweta says its imp for us to meet today. Meenakshi says I will meet the bank manager tomorrow, today is my son’s engagement.

Shweta says its imp, else I may have to go to Maheshwari house. Meenakshi says not today. She ends call and says these banks and their new schemes. Mishti sits sad in the NGO. She thinks of Varsha’s words. She says Abir…. She sees Vishwamber at the door. He says so this is the work for which you didn’t stay with Kuhu, you don’t trust us or you think we don’t trust you. She says I trust you. He says I will be the one to answer anyone who raises a question on you. She says I know, I didn’t wish you to choose, no one told me to come here. He says I didn’t like the fact that you are here. She asks who told you that I m here. He says Abir told me, can I take my daughter home now. She nods. She sees Abir’s pic and says I will kill you Ajeeb Rajvansh.

Rajshri asks Varsha to welcome Kunal. Shaurya asks Abir to give the boxes to servant. Abir says I m here to work. Rajshri says you will get a girl like diamond for sure. He asks where is your diamond. Kuhu says she is getting ready. He thinks I forgot you have two diamonds, Mishti would be super angry. Kuhu thinks shall I ask her is she in love with Abir, people always smile in love, I think she doesn’t know meaning of love, she hasn’t mentioned Abir’s name, does she love Abir or not, she is clever to hide it. Mishti gives her bracelet and goes.

Rajshri comes and compliments Kuhu. Mishti says none can be pretty than Kuhu. Rajshri asks Mishti to set her hair. Mishti says I will get ready and come, I promise. Rajshri says Abir is working hard to get blessed with the girl he likes, who will like you if you come out like this. Mishti says its good if none likes me, I don’t like anyone. Rajshri asks no one? Mishti thinks of Abir. Abir looks on. Mishti says nobody. Rajshri asks Kuhu to come. Mishti says I will come in 5mins. Rajshri says come in 10mins, but set your hair well. They go. Mishti says I hope these 10 days pass somehow. Abir comes and gives a bracelet to Mishti.

Abir tries to make Mishti wear the bracelet. Abir says you didn’t wear my gifted thing. Mishti says I don’t want. He asks what if I make you wear it. She says then you will get the answer of your question. He holds her close to make her wear the bracelet. Ankhon ki gustakhiyan….plays… They get shocked seeing Shweta hugging Kunal. Kuhu looks on.

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  1. One thing is for sure that the way father daughter relationship is being shown in this show is very beautiful and which is not found these days. Who will believe a daughter infront of guests…my father would have made me deaf by throwing constant tantrums…jasmeet and kuhu, meenu and her Munna…r so annoying. Even if kuhu will turn good in future, though I don’t have any expectations..this jasmeet will not let her do it …join the gang shwet ???kuhu was looking good but hate her hair…she totally looks like a vamp. Rhea needs to be natural and should open up more in her character..don’t just act but live the character Rhea, my only suggestion to u…u r annoying in this role… seriously ??????want some masala, more BP -mishti moments…more agitated meenu, more kunal’s rona-dhona????? frightening shwet and of course coward kuhu…I’m missing all these moments but nothing wrong should be done to AbiShti

    Precap-kuhu is blind in love not only from her eyes but also from her heart and brains… she don’t have them so no requirement to call her brainless???????but it was good, why hugging someone is a crime, just because she is ur ex-fiance ??? actually it is ???

  2. Nani was amazing today specially his dhramsankat line “Ladka Maa Ki Sune Ya Hone wali Ki” ???. I am not liking the plot I want Meenakshi’s plot to be out in front of Kunal and Kunal’s plot out in front of Kuhu so that both die regretting that why they trusted and loved them (Meenakshi and Kunal respectively). Kuhu should be shattered so much that she realized that Misthi is not her rival company but she is her friend company who always there to help. Liked both Abeer’s and Kunal’s look and also Kuhu is looking nice but she should do some other hairstyle so what if she have curly hair then also she can style them. And Misthi’s dress was something different.
    Abeer and Misthi moments was less but cute that bracelet was saying love ?. Precap was good but I know it gonna make no difference to Kuhu as she not only blind but she has lost all her senses.

  3. Big Ben is the most evil mother & human being on this show !!! Nastiness over load Just don’t know why Parul is such a puppet & scared of her She needs to open up to Abir about all this plotting going around between mother & puppet son Some one give me a shotgun please ?When will someone bring the truth out about Meenakshi evil doings Just hope it’s Mishti Wish she would give a good slap to Swet too Just too much bickering & brainwashing happening Only sensible people are Nanu & BP Does Kunal even know what love is just retarded As for Kuhu guess the brain got tangled in that silly curly hair ?? oops if there is one? Story needs to change soon Enough of all this vengeance

  4. Kuhu’s brain is entangled in her hair…just hope AbiShti stays away from her otherwise they will also get lost in that dense forest

  5. ???

  6. kuhu is soo beautifull her bond on insta with shaheer is a party envo for their fans # party time with no rhea hahaha

    1. Yes, kuhu is much beautiful than!!!and this mishbeer is not much popular as other couples are???????????

    2. so true babes glad to tune in here :p

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