Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal agrees for alliance

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir falling asleep in the car. He dreams romancing Mishti. They run somewhere in the desert area and dance. Dheere dheere….plays…. Mishti and Kunal see him sleeping. Mishti stops Kunal from waking up Abir. Abir does shayari about her. He is about to take her name and wakes up by a car horn. He gets down the car. Mishti says stop, which girl are you talking about. He denies. She asks do you think of boys then. He says no. She says I can see you thinking of some girl. He says I couldn’t sleep since two days, I have to go to doctor, my hand had a burn. Kunal says we will drop Mishti home first. She says you are really thinking of someone, you are in love with someone, right…. Kunal says he won’t be in love, you should buy a new specs for yourself. Meenakshi says everyone should know this. Parul sees Naman’s pic in newspaper and says why shall Mishti bear punishment, its wrong. Meenakshi says I know, but family has to rectify this. Parul says but Rajshri will say why are we punishing Mishti.

Meenakshi says Mishti will bear punishment for Rajshri’s mistake, who has hidden a secret from us, she has to pay a price now. The ladies see Mishti’s pic and says she has become a celebrity, where is she, we came to see Mishti. Rajshri says Mishti went out. Mishti comes home. Jasmeet introduces the ladies. The lady says its good her boyfriend saved her. Kunal asks Kuhu to get ready fast. Kuhu says you are saying as if you are my boss. He says yes, I m your boss. She says I don’t get such feeling, Mishti will get feeling, you are her boyfriend, its printed in newspaper, wait for me, you can wait inside the house. Kunal says I have left, I m driving. She sees him from balcony. He says I m waiting, come fast.

Kunal says lets go in. Abir says I will go to art gallery. Kunal asks are you worried because of fire. Abir says yes. Kunal says sorry, I asked Mishti but not you, how are you coping up. Abir says relax, you should worry for her. Kunal says I will handle the insurance matter, smile now, Kuhu won’t give you a chance to smile then. Abir smiles and says if mum didn’t change alliance, you would have been with Kuhu. Kunal says thank God, mum changed the relation. Abir says Mishti and you are different. Kunal says that’s why we are having pre marital courtship to know each other. Abir asks do you love Mishti. Kunal says you are talking like Kuhu, I can’t wait more, I m going in. He goes. Jasmeet says Kunal is Mishti’s fiance. The ladies say our city is progressing, you are letting Mishti meet Kunal. They show the pic in newspaper. Mishti asks what are you all saying. Rajshri asks them to leave. The ladies see Kunal at the door and leave.

Abir looks on. Meenakshi says both my sons are mine, when Kunal knows why I came here, he will support me, I want to keep Mishti away from my sons. Mishti apologizes. Jasmeet says people name relations here. Kunal says you are right, we should also give a name to this relation, Mishti wanted to know me and met me few times, I m ready. Rajshri says we are ready if you are ready. Kuhu says Mishti wanted to know Kunal. Varsha says yes, she knows Kunal now. Kunal says its my yes for the engagement. Meenakshi and Parul come in and get shocked. Rajshri says then we will talk to Meenakshi about tilak. Kunal says sure, we will decide date. Meenakshi greets them.

Rajshri says we thought to do tilak rasam. Kunal says yes, at least people’s taunts will end, we decided this, you decide the date. Meenakshi asks are you ready for rasam. He nods. Rajshri says Kunal saved Mishti from fire and now from people’s taunts. Parul thinks why is Meenakshi silent. Meenakshi says when everything is ready, why to delay things, we will keep rasam tomorrow. She makes Rajshri’s hand away from Kunal. She says I want to know Mishti’s wish, when everything is happening by her wish. Mishti sees Abir. Abir says don’t say yes. She says but there is no reason to refuse. He says I didn’t tell you, but I have feelings for you, I love you Mishti. She gets shocked. She asks why didn’t you tell before. He says I didn’t realize it. She asks what about your brother, what shall I answer, yes or no. He says yes. Meenakshi says Abir, I have asked Mishti. Abir says I answered from her side, I m sure she will say yes. Mishti says its yes from my side. Abir gets shocked. Everyone smiles. Abir leaves. Dheere dheere….plays…

Abir gives news specs to Mishti. She thanks him. He comes to his room. Nanu shows the painting he saved from fire. Abir says you always say that what we lost was never ours. Nanu says I will make you admit truth before rasam.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The Rajvanshi brothers, Abeer and Kunal, are not real brothers but step-brothers by blood.Meenakshi develops a fear of getting her biggest secret exposed to everyone.The biggest secret of Meenakshi is that Abeer is not her real son.

    The twist in the tale of YRHPK is that Meenakshi has hidden Abeer’s real identity to secure her good place in Rajvanshi family.

    Kunal and Abeer’s brotherly bond is really strong, but Meenakshi has intense hatred for Abeer.

    This is what latest news has come…and I’ll be hating this meenakshi.

    1. shaheer nailed every expression but i don’t want abeer to get sad our kuheer rocks soon they are going to be together coz mishit never deserves abeer and kuheer is just perfect for each other i m with you meenakshi ji you are doing a bit good let abeer for sometime face unwantedness but later on darling kuhu ( abeer ki dil ki dhahdkan ) will fill his life with happiness and never mind if they make meenakshi opposite to abeer then also im ready coz kuhu is abeer’s saviour from all outcomes and my my kuheer is just treat to eyes kuhu is like a princess she is sosososo……. beautiful that nose ring just stole the heart for me and abeer better you move on with your bore friend mishti although she’s take care of you as a friend ( hone wali bhabhi jo hai ) but that doesn’t mean ki kuhu is not there she’s always for you
      once again i will ask the writers to show kuheer romance their support for each other and journey of togetherness against all evils # love you my kuheer just awesome as usual # kuhu is life !!!!

    2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      so Modiji, I actually like Kunal and Mishti now becuz, like he said, his getting to know her is really a challenge (and he is really the opposite to her ?) and I just adore Kunals smile ? … as for Kuhu, ahem… sry to say, she comes across as a “dumb blonde” only her hair is curly ? so if u wanna pair her with Abeer then no problemo my friend… I just wanna see Kunal smile with every mistake he makes tryna figure out Mishti ?

    3. Is it true RV???

  2. Meenakshi is so possessive about kunal. She reminds me of ishwari(KRPKAB) I never watched that show but in one promo I saw being xtremely possessive about Dev via imaging her with Sonakshi.

  3. I dont understant. Abhir ne misti se ilu bola. Woh such me ya dream??

    1. It’s dream. In his imagination..
      Anyway I love abir, mishty,& kunal.
      Story is going slow but the acting is awesome.. enjoying this serial.

    2. Naruto Uzumaki

      yup… that was just Abeer’s imagination… but at last he said Ha…That was for real…That’s why Meenu told that I asked Mishti…… not you…And Abeer told that Mishti ki taraf se Ha hee hoga..
      Sorry I told a bit more…..

    3. Dream and I knew it very well that he will propose Misthi but either in a romantic way or in a emergency situation.
      By now Nanu will make Abeer Admit it that he loves Misthi and Kunal will overhear this but will miss the name and then Nanu will cover Abir up. And I guess this will be in tomorrow’s episode.

  4. Sorry RV but I feel that ur news is fake. But I will agree to this that I feel not Kunal but Abeer will be Meenakshi’s step son and she hides this from everyone as she is afraid that distance between Abeer and Meenakshi will increase to such extent that he will not return to her like he is returning right now.
    And I don’t understand one thing why Kunal is happy that his mother swapped the alliance. I thought Kunal has started developing feeling for Kuhu plus Kuhu’s words affect him. Then why? ????

  5. OMG!!!!!! I can’t see Abeer like this!??????. This is so heart-wrenching???. I love NANU! I knew it since beginning that he will confront Abeer for his feelings. I really want the truth to come out. that Abeer loves Mishti and Mishti too has a soft corner for him, after all they are soo much like each other! And what is this? if it was Rajshri’s mistake to hide the truth, why should Mishti pay for it? #Just_Kokila_things (Kuhu fever?)
    What if Meenakshi uses Abeer against Mishti, then? What if before Mishti and others could know that Abeer loves Mishti, Meenakshi gets to know the truth??? I don’t even want to imagine!

    Waiting for others to comment.

  6. Nice episode .shaheer.’s acting superb.

  7. Like dadi in ishqbaaz this cool nanu is going to make abir realise the value of love….yes…about bb no words..hypocrite..selfish pride woman…like dailysoap sas… I dont like family like rajavansh….women are all are spineless… I hate ladies like bb….an interesting twist is needed in the show..they are just dragging this..atleast mishti understood abir loves a girl..waiting for a turn…

  8. Kunal is always looks something different with Kuhu. But I don’t understand why he is thankful to Meenakshi for swapping the alliance. Like in current episode Kunal lied to make kuhu come fast and his expression were so different from the real Kunal Rajvansh.
    Poor Kuhu and Abeer both are having same pain of losing someone they love ?. Waiting for Kunal to fall in love with Kuhu and then breaking his engagement with Misthi so that Abeer can get his girl.
    Misthi understands Abeer so well that she even don’t need any Courtship with him she can blindly get married to him then why makers are dragging Misthi & Kunal feeling for Abeer & Kuhu (respectively).

  9. Boring episode… But it was nice a bit here and a bit there… But overall it was boring ?… Wait, Did he actually confess it to mishti??? I want him to confess but not in this way… Why is Kunal happy that the alliance is swapped??? I mean he is supposed to love her… I can understand everyone will be happy to escape from kuhu, but why Kunal??? Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

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