Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti meets Naman

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri waiting for Mishti. Vishwamber says she will come, focus on Kuhu. Naman is at some shop and sees a doll. He calls Rajshri. She gets shocked. Bau ji says Abir will come soon, he will calm his heart by some photography. Meenakshi says sometimes, people who go don’t come back. Bau ji asks her did she think of her sons’ marriage. She says one of them will get married, but other one isn’t ready, Kunal will ask for Abir’s marriage first. Bau ji asks don’t you wish for this. She says why won’t I agree if Abir says yes to any proposal. He says you have resolved an alliance before. Groom’s mum says I forgot my phone. Meenakshi goes. The lady says I know a girl, she is nice, shall I talk to them. Bau ji agrees. Rajshri says I have sent you money like always. Naman demands more money. He says give me money, else I will take my daughter with me. He turns and sees Mishti.

He says look I have come to meet you. Mishti thinks don’t trust him, he doesn’t love me. He asks are you angry on me, I broke your promise, I had no choice, say something, hit me if you are angry, you still miss me, you can never forget me. He hugs her. She cries. He says I also missed you a lot. She asks why did you come back after many years. She says I was afraid that you won’t forgive me, I wanted to meet you. She says its very late, you didn’t come to take me, I fought with everyone, I used to wait for you, you never came. He says I m a bad father. She says true, I got love in that family, you left me and didn’t see me once, I missed you a lot, every child misses his parents, Rajshri and Vishwamber are my parents now, I got emotional, how the way you left me, I m going to leave you. She goes. Naman calls her out. She thinks of Abir’s words. She thinks to stay strong and hide her pain. She thanks the stranger/Abir.

Abir says what happened to Kunal suddenly. He sees Meenakshi and runs to help. He says Kunal will be okay. She says I m worried for Kunal. He takes her. They see Kunal fine. Kunal thanks Lord and says there can’t be a better place for your reunion. Meenakshi says you are fine, I got a call that you got dizzy and fainted. Kunal says sorry, I wish you both stay together, I made this excuse. Meenakshi says I will always come when my sons call me, I don’t go away by leaving the responsibilities, I never went. She taunts Abir. Abir jokes that her taunts fill his stomach, he doesn’t need any food. Meenakshi says I should leave. Abir asks Kunal to go to her. Kunal goes after Meenakshi. Rajshri says till when I secretly give money to Naman. Mishti comes and hugs her. She says I missed you a lot, where is Kuhu. She looks for Kuhu and asks where are you. She says we won the competition, we have to celebrate. Vishwamber hugs her. Mishti and Kuhu hug and do a drama. Mishti apologizes. Kuhu says fine, I forgive you. Mishti recalls Naman’s words. She says my earring was hurting me. She thinks where did my other earring go.

Bau ji asks Abir not to fight Meenakshi. Abir says someone has to fight, I m straightforward. Bau ji says you are like Meenakshi, she also thinks just she is right. Abir says she forces everyone to believe her, I don’t force anyone, I m worried for Kunal, he had a breakup, he was so happy, now he is working day and night. Bau ji says he should get married, what problem do you have. Abir says marriage can’t be any solution, we can keep Kunal away from work for two days and celebrate holi. Bau ji agrees. Abir says you need to get married, shall I find someone for you. He laughs and runs. Bau ji laughs. Mishti and Kuhu dance on Piya piya…. Everyone dances with them. Varsha gets emotional and cries. Jasmeet says we should cut a cake for them. Shaurya asks what happened Varsha, you got emotional. Vishwamber says its time to get your daughters’ married. Kuhu says there will be a line of alliances for me. Rajshri says someone will come and take Mishti away too. Mishti thinks every girl wants the guy to have her dad’s values, I don’t want the guy to have any qualities like my dad.

Rajshri gets Naman and Mishti’s pic. She gets shocked. They cut the cake. Kunal and Abir like the arrangements. Parul says Meenakshi has managed everything. Abir says I don’t have a reason to celebrate, Meenakshi manipulated Ketki. Kunal says not fair, Ketki agreed by her wish. Abir says holi is celebrated to burn evil spirits, but evil doesn’t get away, why to get cheered up, didn’t you see how mum used the fact that dad left her. Kunal says mum didn’t pressurize Ketki, its true that dad left us, its harsh to hear this. Parul says Abir has come back, are you happy. Meenakshi says yes, mum’s responsibilities are never over, I m happy, but worried, I m scared that Abir came home, this will always go on. Bau ji says I was so troubled in raising you, you were so stubborn. She says I wasn’t like Abir. Bau ji says let them get married and the see. She says I want them to get married, but we need decent girls, did you find one, if you have found, I promise to get both of them married in same mandap.

Abir says think that this earring is of your Bhabhi. Meenakshi throws the earrning in the holika fire, calling it evil. Abir catches the earring.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thank you..amena..for the update.. I like this cool nanaji… I dont know..but kinda feel it bit boring..they are dragging it..meenu madam ko earring se kya problem hain…even she is wearing a nice one….lagtha hai yeh hi main villian of this show..shaheerji…is HOT…summer mein itna hot hona acha nahin hai..yaar….lol..

    1. In previous episode during ketki mishti talk
      Meenakshi noticed the earring of mishti not face

  2. We need misbi scenes…please let them meet fast..

    1. MisBi thoda bolne mein alag nhi hai. I mean its abeer how it is ‘Bi’.

  3. Tnx #Amena……..for the quick update. Your update is always nice.
    Eagerly waiting for next episode.
    Love you……….MisBir.

  4. The precap was nice. Mishti is so younger to will it look if kunal will call her bhabhi??????dib ki yaaad aagyi when I taunted mannat that she looks like younger sister of sso??????but one is thing is for sure I hate kuhu???naman???and meenakshi???

    I just wish to see MishEer face to face❤❤❤

  5. Kuhu doesn’t know any acting so fake they could have done better Don’t even like Meenakshi Disappointed ?

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