Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s ex Shweta returns

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying Kunal will come when I say Kuhu called him, Kuhu is special for him. He asks Mishti to go. Kuhu laughs and says Mishti will run like she ran with my sports car. Abir says you like sports car. Kuhu says my sports car, she stole the key also. Abir asks why did you steal the key of her happiness. Mishti says she calls Kunal as sports car. Kuhu says I saw Kunal in sports car for the first time, now he isn’t here. Abir says sit down, he will come. Mishti says he won’t come, I called him, he refused. He says no, he will come, he is my brother, I know him. She says you helped me a lot, I have to take Kuhu. Kuhu says you go home, I will come. Mishti says I will call Rajshri and say you are drunk. Kuhu says I hate you. Mishti says I know. Kuhu sees Kunal and says I love you. Mishti says you are drunk. Kuhu says Kunal…. They smile seeing Kunal. Kuhu runs to Kunal. Bekhudi….plays… She falls in his arms. Kuhu hugs him and smiles. He asks are you okay. She nods. He asks did you drink anything. She says alcohol. He says I left my meeting for you. Mishti says I felt I lost on my engagement day, but today I feel… Abir says that you won. She cries. He says sorry, what do you think, do they love each other. Meenakshi looks on shocked.

Mishti thinks of Naira’s words. She says don’t know, but there is a possibility of love. Mishti says thanks for coming. Kunal says if Abir was already here, what was the need for me to come. Abir says don’t ask. Kunal takes Kuhu. Nanu and Kaushal play chess and laugh. Kaushal says Nidhi will start and tell what happened at temple. Meenakshi says but she didn’t come to temple. They talk about Meenakshi. Kaushal says Meenakshi didn’t spare Parekh family. Nanu says she can’t do anything, Abir will stop her. He jokes on her. She thinks those two girls made me a joke, my family is laughing on me.

Kunal gets Kuhu home. Kuhu asks how will we go on long drive, idea… come here with me. She acts to drive. Kunal says stop, you were jumping the signal. She says sorry. He says my house is close, I will go. Abir laughs. She says you will come with me. Mishti asks how will I take her in. Abir says tell them she went on long drive. Mishti says I will hide her and make her sleep, I will say she is ill. Abir says Kuhu looks very ill. Mishti says his words. Mishti pours water on Kuhu. She says she is fine now, I can say Kuhu fell ill. Kunal says Kuhu take care. Abir pours water on Mishti and says now its fine. He runs. Kuhu says God had sent special rain for us.

Mishti sneezes. Rajshri asks where were you two. Mishti says I m feeling cold, ask later. Kuhu says mum is so hot. Varsha asks what. Abir says ask how, Kunal walked in as a hero and saved Kuhu. Nanu says then… Abir says Mishti was looking so innocent, very sweet, cute. Nanu says whose story is this, Kunal and Kuhu, or you and Mishti. Abir says I don’t care if it has love. Nanu asks you think Kunal loves Kuhu and Mishti loves you. Abir asks about Meenakshi, Kunal and Kuhu’s matter should resolve, I have to take them on breakfast date. Nanu says Kunal and Kuhu… Kunal comes and asks what. Mishti says Kuhu means Varsha is pretty, Kuhu talks strange things and sings in rain. Jasmeet says weather gets romantic at this time. Kuhu says its selfie time. Varsha says Kuhu is really mad. Kuhu hugs her. Varsha says sorry. Kuhu says I m sorry, I love you and everyone. Varsha says I thought you both went to meet Kunal, Vishwamber said we shouldn’t meet them, Kuhu forget him. She goes.

Abir says Kunal and Kuhu, tell me….. Nanu says you didn’t leave meeting to help me, you went for Kuhu. Kunal says her problem was genuine. Abir asks who is she for you. Kunal says she is my friend, I care for her, you both got mad. Abir and Nanu sing and do Garba. Kunal says stop it guys. Nanu says Abir is stupid. Kunal says yes. Nanu says he will take me to room, you are going out for breakfast tomorrow. Kunal says yes, what. Nanu says its done.

Mishti says we thought to unite you and Kunal, how will we unite our families. Abir messages Mishti…. breakfast at sunshine hotel fixed tomorrow. Mishti replies ok. He writes… let their first date happen, we will think how to deal with families later. She replies…. how did you find out what I was thinking. He says when would you think what I m thinking. Its morning, Meenakshi plays sitar. Abir calls Mishti and asks where are you. Mishti says on the way, everyone is sleeping, I will talk to you later. She sees Kuhu sleeping. Kunal comes. Abir says come with me. He takes Kunal in the car. Meenakshi smiles. Mishti says come, else Kunal will wait and go. Kuhu asks what, why do I have a headache.

Mishti says because you are empty headed, get ready fast. Kuhu says wow, you have talent, just you can get the worst combination from my wardrobe. Mishti says get ready fast, don’t dress up in a way that everyone questions you. Abir plays a game with Kunal and asks him. Kunal names Kuhu when Abir says crazy. Abir says love… Kunal says accident. They see the crowd. Kunal gets shocked seeing Shweta. Abir says she went at a wrong time and she came back at a wrong time. He stops Kunal. Shweta sees them. Meenakshi smiles. Abir says bye, why did you come. She says I m not the old Shweta. He says right, you look more fair and slim. She says my Guru aligned all my focal points, he gave me a new name and personality, I m Shwet. Abir asks why did you come back to Rajkot. She says I sold my house and have to make old settlements, I was looking for a tax, a biker hit me. Kunal says she got hurt. Abir says its just a scratch, come. She says I was looking for a hotel. Abir says you will find it, come Kunal. Kunal says I want an answer, I will drop her to the hotel, you go. Abir says fine, I will meet you at the NGO after an hour. He goes. Kunal sees Shweta.

Meenakshi says this is for coming to Rajkot on my one phone call, you will get more cheques if you keep Kuhu away from Kunal. Abir comes to meet Shweta. Meenakshi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why was Mishti wearing a green school uniform???the funny part was of nanu and kaushal making fun of meenu…her face was with to watch???and of course nanu, kunal and abeer’s chit chat??????good that we only tolerated meenu today and not katappa. This shweta was looking somewhat innocent but that xpression of kunal while looking shweta was ewwwww…..????????????????Abeer was so natural while trying to stop kunal from getting out of his car?????????????and that close-up of kunal and abeer in car with wiper on windsheilds was very engaging???

    Precap- we used to guess that bcoz of meenu shweta left her Munna?but now it’s sure that shweta left her Munna only bcoz of money which I guess she wanted to after marriage that’s why she was marrying him. Her last smirk was worth of a slap ????????but she doesn’t know that her son knows everything that whenever something wrong happens meenu is behind it. He rocked??????????with his different accent

  2. Well, a very entertaining episode. Abir is soo cute??. Tumhare liye chill pill and then Kuhu???. And then enters our Meenu ka Munna, the Hero???. I love the Bekhudi song, its nice, it suits Kunal and Kuhu.

    I loved the MishBir moments❤️?. Longdrive and then Baarish??.
    Nanu and Abir are the most favourite one. “Agar main ladki hota na, toh mujhe bhi Kunal se pyaar ho jata”
    “Mujhe bhi” and then Garba???
    Abir-Nanu #SquadGoals❤️?

    “Tumaro Bhai chhe, ekdum gadheda chhe”?.

    It was so shocking for me to admit the fact that Kuhu kissed Mishti twice??? and then Mishti’s expression ???. I never expected this???. Had I been there, i would have fainted??.

    WHYYY!!??? Why did Shweta.. i mean SHWET returned? My prediction was right Meenu playing against her Munna. Why is she so bad that she can’t see her son’s happiness? Why does she even calls herself a mother? No mother is so jealous of her child’s happiness. Kokila will be Kokila. And why is Kunal feeling so broken after seeing SHWET. If you say and agree that she is a gold-digger then why you got so broken after just seeing her! Come on man!
    Kunal badly needs Kuhu in his life!

    Precap: Abeer!! Yes, yes, yessss!!!! I knew it!!!! He will definitely dig out the truth.My grandmother was cursing Meenakshi after seeing the precap, lolz.?

    Again a looonnngggggggg weeekend??. Happy weekend people!?

    BTW, can we all introduce ourself? We come here daily and talk so I think we all should know each other a little bit.

    My name is Marshmallow from Lucknow. I am 17. My life is all about Shaheer, Armaan Malik and Parth Samthaan?. I love to eat, write stupid poetry (sometimes sensible) and crack PJs.

    Waiting for others intro too.


    1. Hello marshmallow???… Btw is ur name is marshmallow???? I am shaheer fan? from Chennai… I am 18… A die-hard shaheer fan… Sachin fan… Obviously a SRT fan should be a sports lover… I love to watch cricket, football and tennis… What else u want to know???

      1. And it’s is shaheer fan????lolz?????

    2. How can someone’s name be marshmallow???

      1. Even I can’t understand the same RV… How can a name be marshmallow??? Btw my name is not shaheer fan as I mentioned I am shaheer fan…???

  3. Oh Damn! I knew it that Meenakshi is behind Shweta’s return. And I am so happy that Shweta returned cuz now Kunal will hate shweta even more and then will understand his love for Kuhu.
    Such an nice episode man. I wish Kuhu roz Talli ho Jaye she was so cute and innocent today. The way she hold Kunal and was mimicking as she is driving car was awesome. Every scene in today’s episode was just awesome I even like scenes with Meenakshi cuz at that time she was hurt , spying and playing sitaar. Only precap was not good cuz I know Abeer will not caught Meenakshi so easily.
    Misbeer scenes were so cute every scene was super cute when Abeer threw water on Misti saying gaadi me akele Kuhu ko geela Kia was too good and then their FIRST chat on phone ????.
    Hunal scenes were also super cute when he was handling Kuhu and when he was little shy when Abeer asked him Kuhu aapki Hain Kon.
    Nanu, Meenu Ka Munna and Abeer’s trio was the best part of the episode. I wish that one day even Kunal to do Garba with Nanu and Abeer with his own happiness (because of Kuhu).

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Best scene (well one of them ?) was when Kuhu awoke and asked y she had a headache and Mishti replied she had nothing inside her head that’s y ??? … but I hv to admit that the Kuhu and Kunal drunk scene was good ? n Abeer Nanu and Kunals boy talk was hilarious… especially their lil boys dance ? … Kunal tho, seems to still have feelings for Shwet ? a … lol

  5. Wonderful episode!!! But I can’t understand one thing y did this meenu go behind Kunal… I mean she was the one who told Kunal to attend his phone call and y did she go behind him…? And yeah!!! Guys I was wrong… Shwetha… Sorry shwet…?… Her return was also one among the planning and plotting of meenu… So probably she must be the one who separted them too… #evilnessoverloaded… ? And y don’t Kunal get a perfect pair for him… One is a evil girl and the other one is a stupid girl…??? But I think stupid girl will be far better than evil girl… Coz at least she can make him laugh… But I think Uma will be the perfect pair for him… I wish the makers should show her at least once…? Not to forget our Abishti… Hope they get closer trying to make HuNal close… The chit chat was too good?… Kunal was so cute today☺️… That too after seeing shwet… Abir was trying very hard… But couldn’t make his nanku agree…? Abir should find out that meenu is behind all this drama… I think he won’t spare her if he comes to know her evilness… Can’t wait for two days… #longweekends…

    1. If Abeer doesn’t comes to know about it then I don’t think HuNal would be able to come closer for the next 2-3 weeks. Also that kuhu will again go crazy and all the funny moments we have witnessed b/w MiHu in the last 2 epi. Will be seen turning into rival moments again?????????

      1. Yeah!!! U r right…

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