Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti and Abir find Kuhu

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir waiting for Mishti’s message. He recalls Meenakshi’s words. He says anger is like fire, don’t concentrate on mum’s words and just paint. Kunal comes and says thank God you didn’t fight with mum. Abir says you would have felt bad if I did, I just had to run out of the paint at this time. Kunal asks shall I help you, I will ask Jugnu to get colors. Abir asks which color will go with grey. Kunal says try pink. Abir says your fav color is white, you are telling me, you just have one color in your life, Kuhu. Kunal says Kuhu is like a rainbow.

Jasmeet says Kuhu is not in her room. Varsha asks Mishti to call Kuhu. Rajshri asks what happened. Mishti says she didn’t answer the call. Rajshri says maybe she went for shopping. Mishti checks Kuhu’s status and says I will go to Kuhu. Rajshri says have your meal first. Mishti says I have to go right now. Varsha says then go and see her. Rajshri asks what’s the matter. Abir asks rainbow? Kunal says yes, her personality is colorful. Abir says I didn’t know Kuhu well. Kunal says I didn’t know her too, she was talking a lot. Abir says you should have asked her to shut up. Kunal says no one can shut her up. Abir says maybe someone didn’t want her to shut her up. Ketki calls him out. Kunal says yes Kuhu… Ketki… its not a big thing, I just took the wrong name. He goes. Abir says Kunal has something in his heart for Kuhu, yes Mishti…… Varsha says I got angry and slapped Kuhu when she was being stubborn, I m sending Mishti to convince her. Mishti says don’t worry, I will get her back.

Abir smiles happily and says this love story should have a name. Mishti asks about Kuhu. A man says yes, she was crying and took that side, won’t you buy balloons. She says no, I don’t have any name. Abir says Kulhu, no….Kuhal… Kuku… I should ask Mishti, she would know. The man asks Abir to buy balloons. Abir says not today. The man says no one has time to buy balloons today. Abir buys the balloons. He gets a call. Mishti shouts Kuhu…. She checks the phone and says she hasn’t posted anything new. She gets Varsha’s call. She says I didn’t get Kuhu. Varsha says no one knows about Kuhu. Mishti says none should go, don’t worry, I will find her. She sits crying. She says everyone is worried because of me, will Rajshri and Vishwambar blame me like Meenakshi did, like I blame myself, no way, my birth and blood can’t define me, I m Mishti Agarwal but I m Mishti Maheshwari, I will find Kuhu and explain that I don’t want to share the love of her rights.

Abir sees her. She runs to him and hugs. He says go on, cry, don’t stop yourself, you are not the only one who is supposed to keep everyone happy and united, you can cry and fall apart. She says everyone is worried because of me. He says you are my good friend, you will always be imp for me, we can’t change this relation. She says Kuhu was so upset and left the house, help me. He says at last, you need my help, we are not done fighting yet, I will help you now, I know where is she. He recalls Kuhu calling him. She cries and says I don’t know what to do, no one is with me. He says relax, don’t worry. She says I love Kunal…. He leaves the balloons string. She says no one is understanding me. FB ends. Mishti asks why didn’t she tell me. Abir says sometimes we tell things to strangers. He shows Kuhu’s location on phone. Varsha cries.

Jasmeet asks what’s wrong, you fought with Kuhu for Mishti’s sake, Kuhu liked the guy, she got heartbroken, all this happened because of Mishti. Varsha says Mishti didn’t know this would happen. Jasmeet says she met Kunal and then disliked him, I agree with Meenakshi, Mishti is playing a game with us. Varsha asks have you lost your mind, Kuhu is missing, you are creating a rift in the house. Mishti calls Varsha and says I got to know where is Kuhu, I m getting her home. Varsha blesses her. Jasmeet says think what if Kuhu took the wrong step, for anyone’s mistake. Abir and Mishti reach sunset point and see Kuhu sitting on the top of the building.

Mishti tries to shout Kuhu…. Abir stops her and says Kuhu will get scared. Mishti looks at him. He says sorry. Mishti says we have to save Kuhu. They run upstairs. Abir calls out Kuhu. Kuhu asks are you alone. Abir says Mishti is with me, she was worried for you. She says she is boring. He asks are you going to jump. She says no, I was going to fly and have a good time, cheers. Mishti says who sold you liquor illegally. Kuhu says my friend arranged it for me, do you want to taste it, come. Mishti says you will fall down. Kuhu says I m not a loser to end my life, my mood got ruined. She walks on the railing and says I came here to cry on my bad fate then I thought my make up will get spoiled. She does make up. Abir says your balance…. your make up will spoil, come down.

Mishti and Kuhu argue. Abir says shut up Mishti…. and signs her. He says Kuhu I have to tell you how Mishti irritates me. Kuhu asks really, do you know badmouthing Mishti is my fav pass time. Abir asks Mishti to go. He asks the people to leave. Mishti and the staring people leave. Abir says everyone worries for you. Kuhu says no one loves me, Kunal isn’t worried for me. He says he would have been worried if he knew this. She says I love him, that idiot doesn’t know this. Rajshri asks Varsha where is Kuhu, why didn’t Mishti get her, call her. She calls Mishti. She asks for Kuhu. Mishti says she is fine, I will bring her home, I promise. Rajshri says you are lying to me. Mishti recalls Abir’s words and says no, Kuhu is with me, I will bring her home.

Kuhu asks does he love me. Abir says I don’t know. Kuhu says guys used to line up to do my homework in college, I fell in love with Kunal. Abir says I don’t know anything. Mishti says we will find out, we can think about Kuhu, she deserves an answer, you know she fought with her mom. Kuhu says mum slapped me. Mishti says this is happening because of Kunal, many people can get hurt, I can’t lie to family, at least we should know if we are doing right, we know about Kuhu’s feelings, its Kunal’s turn now. Abir says does he love her or not, why can’t the other person understand without our confession.

Kuhu says impossible, my love life is ruined, why hasn’t Kunal come here. Abir says I will call Kunal. Kunal and Meenakshi are in a meeting. Kunal gets Abir’s call. He says I m in a meeting, I will call you later. Abir says Kunal is busy in meeting, I will talk to him, he will come. Kuhu says he won’t come, I have to talk to him, call him please. Mishti calls Kunal. Meenakshi asks Kunal to go and talk to Abir, maybe its urgent. Mishti says I need your help for Kuhu, she is standing on the ledge of hotel sunset, she isn’t listening to anyone, she will just listen to you, can you come here, just for Kuhu. He says no and disconnect the call.

Kunal holds Kuhu in arms. Meenakshi looks on. Mishti says there is a possibility of love. Abir and Kunal get shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If some character is shown hanging b/w good and bad then that person definitely bad…firstly kuhu, kunal, parul, meenakshi and now jasmeet..over-acting phir provoking #confusedaatma???

    Mishti was not crying, she was acting????…but when abeer cries..we can feel his pain and emotions?????but that hug was so tight and beautiful????????????????????and kuhu while talking to abeer was such a kiddo#nolife???awwww so cute..when not in senses then only she looks cute

    Precap- this meenu has all the time in the world to spy on her son’s…if she wants to keep them under her arm why she wants kunal to marry someone? I knew it, already so many times her name has created curiosity whats gonna happen now…..SHWETA IS BACK…AND ITS TIME FOR A CLASH B/W KUHU AND SHWETA. ALSO SHE WILL CREATE PROBLEM FOR MISHEER TOO??

    Waiting desperately for tomorrow?????????

    1. #totallyagree – too many negative characters and ALL of them seem to hate Mishti. And yes, shaheer is doing a much better job with the character. Also I think their friendship drama has been going on for too long. Looking forward to it turning into something more!

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    precap: Shweta lol

    1. Online trp mein iss week…it’s on 3rd position …tv pe hard koi KB, KDB, KZK2, YRKKH, ETC. HI DEKHTA REHTA HAI??

  3. I don’t agree with u RV. Parul, Kunal & Kuhu are not bad. Kuhu is self obsessed and jealous for no reason, Kunal is workaholic and practical he doesn’t think beyond his work and family only because of Meenakshi & Parul is just like Katappa Mama even if she knows that the things she is doing are not correct then also she will do those things only because she is loyal to Meenakshi till her dead. Kuhu never made me felt that she is good or bad but Kunal and Parul did cuz behind their actions there is mastermind Meenakshi.
    And I agree that Misthi’s cry was not that real as of other actors. And now Shweta is back like don’t know what twist and turns will be brought by Shweta.
    Misbeer movements were so nice. And Kuhu’s drunk acting was also really nice. Jasmeet is so irritating don’t know why she is shown like this even though I never followed YRKKH but still I have watched some episodes and there Jasmeet was never like this. And Varsha she had love marriage and is not able to understand her own daughter’s feeling. This is typical Indian Parents who only believes in Arrange Marriage.
    Precap – Now Kunal will know that what Kuhu feels for him? This should not happen it’s not good.

  4. May be Kuhu is not shown as negative. Still i don’t find ‘Kuhu’s’ character positive or good. Infact her character resembles Naman’s character . She somewhat look like Naman’s Daughter more than Shaurya.. Infact Naman Character was much better than Kuhu till he tries to kill Naitik. (As makers portrayed his character to negative). Ok we agree Kuhu is self obsessed ,but everytime she accuse moreover curse Mishti for everything what happen ill in her life. She accuse Mishti to snatch her share of love. Everytime she make Mishti realise that she is a daughter of a cheater n is been adopted n she should b grateful to Maheshwari’s as she isn’t the member of her (kuhu’s) family. I guess how can Kuhu forget that she herself is illegitimate daughter of Maheshwari n y can’t Varsha treat both of them same , as she isn’t Kuhu’s biological mom. I remember Ananya (in yrkkh) never want to share her dad with anyone (she mentioned during her wedding) still when Kuhu come , she happily accept her as sister. Then y dis Kuhu is overdramatic…

    2ndly about Jasmeet. Seriously her Character is completely different as in yrkkh …. She used to be sensible, Matured women in yrkkh. During her marriage with Anshuman, she faced soo many problems due to caste n society differences. Still she maturely handled the situation (along with Anshu). Then how comes her character is changed soooo drastically. In Maheshwari’s she is the one who should b closest to Mishti , as Mishti is her two bestfriend’s daughter.. She is like ‘Mausi’ to Misty. She is the one who is most closely related with Mishti. Still she is provoking family (Varsha ) against Mishti….

  5. M i the only one who think Meenakshi is not the biological mother of Abir and Kunal ,but Parul is….. Some suspense is yet to b get unfold ??

    1. I think Kunal is not biological son of Meenakshi he is Pariul’s son. But I don’t understand why Meenakshi is always manipulating Kunal and want to rule his life.

      1. this is yet to be revealed ??

  6. Good episode… Even today shaheer with tied hair reminded me of Arjun… He’s just too good yaar???… Wow!!! His reaction when Kunal call ketki as kuhu… Awww!!! Did anyone notice it… It was soooo cute☺️… I agree with your point RV, mishti was just acting… But when shaheer does it, it’s so realistic… It has so many emotions… Literally when he cries even we want to cry with him… That feelings and emotions only shaheer sheikh can give us… #LoveShaheerSheikh? But RV I can’t agree that Kunal is negative… May be kuhu is negative coz she spreads lots of negativity… But y Kunal??? Wait… Is it shwetha??? OMG!!! Seems the makers are planning for more tragedies… Let’s wait and see… As I ve already said these kinda of twists and turns are far better than meenu’s planning and plotting ?‍♀️… And y is she going with Kunal??? Like seriously? Doesn’t she have much to do? She’s just irritating yaar….? We can feel very well that Kunal feels for kuhu… But kuhu is the same even after being drunk… The way she was telling b*t*hing about mishti is her pass time???… #stupidnessoverloaded… And yeah!!! Not to forget out Abishti… Wow!!! That hug it was too good… Just loved it…? They are doing great… Just hope mishti understands her feelings for abir… Then it will be perfect… Already they are perfect… When mishti understands her feelings they are going to be pakka perfect…???… #abishtirockz? And y is jasmeet b*t*hing about mishti to varsha… I mean they are all in a shock that kuhu is lost but this girl is blaming mishti for everything… What’s her problem???? Tomorrow’s episode is going to be even more tragic… Waiting….? Bye guys?

  7. Is it only me who thinks that Shweta is called by Meenakshi because she wants to separate Kunal-Kuhu? OMG! If my prediction comes true, I swear it will be the worst of anything!??

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