Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir cleverly tricks Meenakshi

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir asking Meenakshi to get Parul home, he is coming. She says sure. He goes. Dheere dheere….plays…. Mishti cries and thinks why am I listening to my heart, I asked him to go and he went, I hope he never comes back now. She goes. Nannu looks on. Meenakshi calls the lawyer and says take the complaint against Parul back when I call you again, Abir is coming home. Nanu looks on and gets upset. Meenakshi thinks my son is coming home in true sense, I will welcome him. She sees Abir coming and asks him to come. He asks what about Parul. She asks him to listen to her. He asks her to leave Parul first. He records their conversations. She says you were making big mistake by bringing Mishti in his life, I saved you. He says you made an innocent person jailed, you can’t be right, you are forcing me to marry someone.

She says that girl is right unless her name is Mishti, Mishti is an eclipse, I will make her away, I threatened you about Kunal first and now I have framed Parul, this is called Saam Daam Dand Bhed. Abir takes the phone and says Kunal… Kunal asks inspector to leave Parul, the case is false. Inspector releases Parul. Abir says truth is Parul is innocent, I love Mishti and I won’t marry anyone, if you try to use someone, you will find me as their shield, this is called Saam Daam Dand Bhed, I learnt this from you. He goes.

Mishti comes home. Rajshri asks where did you go. Nannu comes. He thinks its so weird, Mishti is afraid to answer, the family is afraid that she didn’t meet Abir. Kuhu says she went to get fresh air. Jasmeet asks Mishti to go to her dad if she feels suffocated here. Varsha asks her to calm down. Mishti says I went out to meet Abir. Vishwamber asks what. Abir comes to his room and does shayari. Dono ke ye….plays… Nanu comes. He says Mishti.

Mishti says Abir had called me for a talk. Jasmeet says you went as you still love him. Nannu says let her answer. Mishti says I didn’t want him to hurt you all again, I told you he is my past, I want to live in present, I know you all think I will change my heart if he comes again, no, I trust Vishwamber’s decision, I won’t step back, sorry. Nannu says you didn’t hide anything from us, its fine. Kuhu gets a message from Ketki…. Parul is coming home, Abir isn’t marrying anyone. Kuhu thinks just Mishti can solve Abir’s problems.

Parul recalls Meenakshi’s words and cries. Kunal cries seeing her. He thinks thanks Abir for saving her, you proved to be a good son, how shall I talk to her. Parul thinks how shall I talk to my son. Meenakshi gets angry and says I m Abir’s mum, I gave him birth and raised him, he threatened him. Nanu says you threatened him, he learnt this from you, have some shame, Parul saved you, else police would have arrested you for false report. Meenakshi says I just asked Abir to forget Mishti. Nanu says love is worship, Abir loves Mishti. She says I hate Mishti. He says I wished you don’t marry Mehul, you still did it. She says we are bearing the consequences, I won’t be quiet, if Abir doesn’t listen to me, then I will leave this house forever.

Kunal brings Parul home. Parul says this house was never mine. He says I think you should rest. Ketki and Abir say we will make ginger tea for Parul. They ask Kunal to take Parul. Parul says don’t worry, I will go. She cries and stumbles at the door. Kunal holds her and says be careful. Nanu says Parul got her coming son here many years ago and today her son is bringing her inside the door. Din lage….plays…. Abir smiles. Vishwamber comes to Mishti. He says everyone is happy to know that you told the truth, but why did you go. Mishti says I will apologize to Jasmeet. Vishwamber says Jasmeet is worried for her son’s future, your past is troubling her. Mishti says I didn’t know he will come here. He says he can come here tomorrow. Parul asks will you go to Mishti’s house tomorrow. Abir says yes.

Parul asks how couldn’t you understand Mishti’s heart, you threatened her by Rajshri’s name, why. He says I lose temper seeing Nishant, they are best friends, they are happy together, she is happy when he is around, even I couldn’t keep her so happy. Parul asks are you jealous of them. He says I didn’t know I will reach this point, I will make Mishti realize that she loves me. Meenakshi hears this. Vishwamber says if Nannu’s heart breaks, it will be your mistake, you are my daughter, but Nannu is also my family, I won’t let anyone hurt my family. He goes. Varsha says he is right, think well, else our strong family will break. Parul asks what will you do now. Abir says I will make Mishti realize that she will ruin our lives and also Nishant’s life by this marriage. He goes and meets Nannu. Nannu taunts him. He asks Abir to come to the point. Abir says don’t marry Mishti. Nannu laughs and says I didn’t know you will say it so directly, we can ask Mishti.

Abir says no, she will feel bad and ask why am I taking so much interest in her life, she will call me strange, her anger will be justified, she is never wrong, I made mistakes, she gave me many chances, I always insulted her, it doesn’t mean she won’t forgive me. Nannu claps and says nice speech, why are you telling me. Abir says when she forgives me, you will feel bad, she will also feel bad, I don’t want to hurt her, why did you say yes for the alliance when you knew she loves me. Nannu says she also said yes for the alliance, she wants to marry me, you don’t remind me how you broke her heart, she cried for months, I got her back from darkness, you insulted her again, you want another chance.

Abir says yes, she still loves me, I know she cried for months, I was also silent, I was faking happiness here, when she returned, everything changed, one thing didn’t change, we love each other, I won’t say I m a better choice for her. Nannu says good, I m a better choice for her. Abir says when Mishti comes back in my life… we have faced many challenges together, you aren’t a problem for us. Nannu says you want to challenge me. Abir says you are part of story, not the story. Nannu says your story is over, I will give you a chance, leave from our life. Abir says sorry, I won’t go, this story will always be of Abir and Mishti.

Nannu invites Abir in mehendi function. Abir says you will see that Mishti’s pain and anger, everything is for me, since her love is also for me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good Abir tricked BB but she has already started plotting her next move This wedding is like an eternity Don’t know why it’s been dragged maybe because Shaheer is too busy filming in Indonesia !!!!!!!! ?Maheshswari are getting annoying especially BP & Jasmeet Nishant is too sure of himself Though Mishti loves Abir only

  2. Next Dragon lady will try to kill Mishti off so that will be the end of her & Abir relationship 😱🤔🤔

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