Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi and Vishwamber’s argument

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi seeing Rajshri at the temple and not entering there. Rajshri says we shall leave from here. Vishwamber says we have come to temple and have right on Lord, we won’t go back. Parul says its abshagun to go back, we have come to pray for Abir. Meenakshi says we will go in to take blessings for Abir, when others broke hearts, Abir joined hearts and made school for the poor kids. Jasmeet says yes, he needed Mishti’s help, Abir could have not done anything without Mishti’s help. Mishti prays. She says Abir isn’t looking at me. She recalls his words and does the same shayari. Abir stops. She holds her ears and apologizes. Abir says get up. She asks did you forgive me. He says on one condition, you won’t say my shayari, it looked like a school kid is saying this. She says I can’t lose you Abir. He says say it again. She says I can’t lose you. Dheere dheere….plays… She says just you are my friend. He smiles and says don’t break your promise now. She asks shall we talk now. He asks do you have any selfish motive behind this. She says its about Kuhu, Varsha got to know about Champaner trip, that Kuhu loves Kunal, what will happen when our families know this. Abir says there will be big drama.

Meenakshi says Mishti broke alliance with Kunal and went with Abir by work excuse. Vishwamber says work isn’t an excuse but worship, Mishti helped Abir. Meenakshi asks what type of values did you give her. Abir says problem is big, we have to take little steps to solve it, we don’t know Kunal loves Kuhu or not, we know Kuhu loves him. Mishti says but he likes Kuhu. Abir says I can’t force him for a relation, we can hope there isn’t a big problem. They see Meenakshi arguing. Parul signs Meenakshi that Abir is coming. Meenakshi folds hands and says we have gone through a lot, its better we don’t come in front of each other. Abir looks on. Meenakshi says you are great people, a girl has come from broken family, you gave her love, you will know it when she breaks your house like ours. Rajshri cries. Abir says Maa… Meenakshi says I m talking here. She says Rajshri ji, sorry to hurt your heart, we shall leave now. Vishwamber says you shouldn’t go, you go in, its best place to end bitterness from heart, you will get peace here, we don’t need to stay here because our heart is clean, if a guy isn’t right for our daughter, we won’t feel he is wrong, you are bitter-hearted, Mishti went to fulfill her duty when Abir needed her help, she succeeded and returned home, your house didn’t break, your ego broke, we just know that until Mishti is with us, our family won’t break. Mishti smiles. Vishwamber leaves with his family.

Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… Abir gets sad and sees Mishti leaving. Meenakshi and Parul come home. Nanu signs what. Parul goes. Abir comes and signs no to Nanu. Mishti tells everyone about school pics. She says I worked hard, Rajshri didn’t show pics to anyone. Vishwamber says she had shown pic, we are proud of you. Mishti thanks him. She asks Rajshri to always smile. She says we can’t hate anyone forever. Rajshri says yes, hatred can never win. Mishti says yes, love wins. Vishwamber says hatred won’t enter our house, none of us will meet them now.

Mishti stops Varsha. A vase breaks by her hand. Varsha goes. Meenakshi thinks what happened to Abir, he didn’t say anything. She says Abir, Mishti… Abir says I went for a good thing, I have hope now, if any kid opens a school like I did, it will be good, my NGO is selected for an award. He feeds sweets to Meenakshi. Nanu jokes. Abir asks him to have laddoo. He says I m not an ideal son, but I try to become professional like mum, I try to keep emotions away. Nanu says emotions should be there first. Abir says this project was imp for me, Mishti was needed there, no more bitterness now. She says sorry, I lost my control, I promise I won’t do this again. Abir says I know you do everything for family’s happiness. Kunal comes and smiles seeing them. Meenakshi says you should have told me that Mishti was with you, I understand. Kunal says so sorry. She says no need to be sorry, Abir is right, no more bitterness, we should celebrate. Parul says I will make tea for everyone. Kuhu looks for Varsha. Jasmeet asks what are you doing. Kuhu says leave me alone.

Jasmeet says fine if you don’t want to tell me anything. She says you go and ask Varsha what happened at the temple, she is talking to Mishti. Kuhu gets Kunal’s call and lies to Jasmeet. Mishti sits joining a vase. Abir calls her. She says its imp to fix this. Varsha says try this, the broken thing will always have a crack. Mishti says its better to have a crack than shattering, if I try, this can get fixed. Kuhu asks what, so much drama. Kunal says there will be drama because of Mishti, mum wants to forget everything and move on. Kuhu says I understand. Kunal says I knew you will understand, I just have you as my friend there, I don’t know if I can keep this friendship. Kuhu asks why do we care for Mishti’s life.

Kunal says if she keeps terms with my family, it will matter to me, I want to talk to you, but our friendship is impossible in this situation, it will be problem if mum sees me. He ends call. Varsha says its foolishness to fight the lost battle. Meenakshi says its a small misunderstanding, hatred can never win. Varsha says Kuhu and Kunal’s relation isn’t possible. Kuhu hears them and says impossible, right, I should forget Kunal, if it was about Mishti, none would have said this, she gets first choice always, give her right to call you Maa, even I m not your own daughter. Varsha slaps her and says enough, your relation can’t happen with Kunal, come to talk to me when they get rid of this stubbornness. Kuhu goes. Varsha says let her go. Mishti gets sad. She gets Abir’s message. Abir writes… I know you need space, when you feel like talking, call your friend.

Abir says your life has just one color, Kuhu. Kunal says Kuhu is a complete rainbow. Abir smiles. Abir and Mishti see Kuhu on the top of a building.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Always BP(vishambhar) is the person in the whole family who can shut meenu’s mouth?????the way he takes stand for Mishti is really commendable ????it’s so good abeer didn’t said anything to meenu…it looks as if Mishti or his family is not bold enough to take stand for her. Mishti actually ruined abeer’s shayari???it really looked as if she gulped it in??jasmeet was good today..if think she did right by revealing all that in front of meenu. #rightmove

    Kunal wants to separate MishEer and wants to stay friends with kuhu ???seriously..if he wants that, how can he expect MishEer to stay away from each other. This kuhu is a disgust..does she really know she is not biological daughter of varsha or was just venting out her frustration? ??Her this I’ll behaviour doesn’t give her a damn??and how Mishti is supporting her..knowing that meenu will not agree and meenu ka Munna will not go against her???she’s is caring about her friendship and not thinking that he’s being ridiculous. Once she will come to know about abeer’s ???for Mishti I’m sure she will join hands with kunal to separate them as she will again think that Mishti will snatch away her in-laws house also from her

  2. The lovely part is only #misbir part…. And yeah obviously nanuwala part.For Kuhu and kunal i thought i am going to love them but noh….. I am getting irritated as kunal is always delivering hate comment about misty and kuhu doesn’t protest that, rather she tries to get sympathy from kunal by using misty… And Meenakshi she is such a stupid and Double faced woman…. She needs to be exposed but i am sure makers are doing that….

  3. Hi guys ?… Very good episode…. The best part was the slap?…. Oops! Sorry… But I think she deserves that… How stupid she is!!! How can she say these mean thing to the one who trusts her and supports her so much…? Yeah! She is not her actual ma but still she’s the only one who gives a damn for her… So I think these things are so mean to tell her… #stupidnessoverloaded….? And this meenu… Wah Kya acting yaar!!! She was telling so many things to them and when suddenly abir comes she turns everything ulta…. 101/100 for her acting… ? She always tries to be too good before her sons… Abir asusual rocked ?… MisEer… Oops! Sorry Abishti scenes were too good… OMG!!! Shayari from mishti?… No way… We can’t accept it… Plz don’t ever repeat this again… It’s a request to the makers… But it was very funny???… Abir telling her the condition not to repeat this again… It was too good?… Love shaheer sheikh???

  4. M i the only one who think Meenakshi is not the biological mother of Abir and Kunal ,but Parul is….. Some suspense is yet to b unfold ??

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