Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kuhu confesses her feelings

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha calling out Mishti. Mishti thinks Abir isn’t answering my call and message. Jasmeet says Varsha is calling you, where are you lost. Abir and Kunal come home. Kunal says drive was so good. Ketki says you look tired, I will do Champi to you. Meenakshi says your tiredness will go away if you rest in my lap. Nanu acts young and asks the boys to party with him. Meenakshi says you can party as much as you want, how did Abir and Kunal return together. Varsha asks how did you both come together. Kuhu signs Mishti. They divert the topic. Varsha asks them once again. Mishti thinks is Varsha suspicious of us. Kuhu says my friend has sent a car. Mishti says I asked Kuhu to pick me up. She goes to take rest. Kuhu says I m also done. She also goes. Jasmeet gets juice. Varsha says Mishti is tired of the bus trip, what’s the matter.

Abir says Kunal came to meet me. Meenakshi asks did you go to meet Abir. Nanu says I had no idea. Abir says he came to meet me. Ketki says come on, anything. Nanu says I didn’t know anything. Abir says we had to order AC and bed for Kunal. Kunal says a chef has come from five star hotel, Abir is joking, I stayed the same way as Abir, I had to feel good as Abir was with me. Abir says I was awake and didn’t let mosquitoes bite you. Meenakshi prays that they both keep smiling. Abir says I will go to temple. Kunal says I will also go to office. Nanu says Abir is happy as he was with Mishti, but why is Kunal so happy.

Mishti thinks give me one chance Abir…. Nanu asks what’s up bro. Kunal says all good bro. Nanu asks why did you leave Meenakshi’s Munna at Champaner, what happened there. Kunal says a lot of drama and action, some goon wanted the school land. Nanu asks what, why did you not tell me. Kunal says if this matter came back, poor Kuhu would fall in problem, she had lied to come with me. Nanu says poor Kuhu, did she go with you. Kunal says its a long story, ask Abir. He goes. Jugnu says Abir left his phone at home, Mishti is calling him. Nanu answers. He sees Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Kunal, talk to clients from Japan first if you are going to office. Nanu says Jugnu, Abir has gone to temple to give away sweets. He hides the phone. Mishti hears Nanu. Meenakshi looks on. Mishti says Nanu was talking about Abir, I should go to temple.

Mishti and Kuhu hear Varsha talking to Sanjana and rush. Kuhu leaves her bracelet there. Varsha says thanks for keeping Kuhu at your home. Kuhu says we have no friend named Sanjana. Mishti says yes. Kuhu asks what are you doing, why are you calling my friend. Varsha says I was just thanking. Mishti says our friend’s name is Anjana, not Sanjana, Anjana’s phone dropped in water. Kuhu says yes, so we can’t thank you. Varsha says you both lied right. Kuhu asks why will we lie.

Jasmeet comes and says you said the secret of bracelet. Varsha asks which one. Jasmeet asks Kuhu to show it. She says Kuhu had a diamond bracelet, she said that you had given it to her. Kuhu says okay fine, Kunal gave it to me, he had gifted it to me. Varsha asks why did he gift you, I will tell your dad, what’s going on.

Abir is in the temple. He sees Mishti and then an old man beside. He says she used to appear when I wasn’t in love with her, and now she doesn’t meet me, she would worry for me maybe. Varsha asks does anyone know this in Kunal’s family. Kuhu says no, they didn’t know that Mishti went with Abir. Mishti says nothing happened there. Varsha asks when did Kunal give there and where, I want the answers. Kuhu says I wasn’t at fault. Jasmeet asks do you like Kunal. Varsha says its not true.

Jasmeet says I have noticed it, when Kunal used to come, Kuhu always looked at him always. Varsha says enough. Kuhu says you promised me that you will fight the world if I like someone. Varsha says you love Kunal, no this can’t happen. Kuhu nods. Varsha says you won’t talk to him now. She goes. Kuhu says you had promised me. She cries. Mishti feels bad and cries.

Abir gives sweets to everyone. Mishti says I also want it. He says you don’t care for me. She says I would have not come. He sees the NGO lady there. She asks are you fine. He says yes, tell me what happened. She says its Nanu’s call. He says I forgot my phone. Nanu asks did Mishti come. Abir says no. Nanu says she called, I told that you are at temple, she will come, I want to ask you, Kunal was saying about the goons. Abir says chill bro, everything is fine. Nanu says Kunal was talking just about Kuhu, she was there with him, Kuhu lied to her family. Abir smiles and says I was waiting for Mishti’s arrival, and Kunal’s journey of love with Kuhu. Nanu asks is this the reason, awesome news, I sing in happiness, you go to temple in happiness, this proves you are an old man and I m a young man. He dances with Jugnu. Abir says maybe Kunal didn’t fall in love with Kuhu, but there is a hope, my hope will break if Mishti doesn’t come.

Varsha says Kuhu took our promise but I didn’t know that she likes Kunal, did you know this. Mishti says Kuhu loves Kunal, if I knew this, I would have refused when Meenakshi changed the alliance, I realized this in Champaner that Kunal gifted it to Kuhu. Mishti says you should have been disturbed, why did he give a gift to Kuhu at the time when you were getting engaged with him. Mishti says maybe he doesn’t realize his feelings. Varsha says its good. Mishti says if Kuhu has a chance, I want to take the chance, Kunal and my relation was a mistake, Kuhu and Kunal are perfect for each other. Varsha says we won’t talk about it. Mishti says its about Kuhu’s happiness, once we get a chance, we will unite Kuhu and Kunal. Varsha asks who we, who else knows this. Mishti says Abir, he is much excited, give me one chance, don’t tell anyone. Varsha goes to Rajshri to leave for temple.

Mishti thinks temple, Abir… Meenakshi says I want to give a surprise to Abir, I will keep a big puja and make a donation by his name, if Kunal is my dignity then Abir is my pride. Parul smiles. Rajshri asks what happened Varsha. Varsha says nothing. Mishti asks can I come along. Vishwamber asks them to sit. They leave in the car. Mishti hopes she didn’t get late, she has to convince Abir. Abir looks for Mishti. Mishti comes there with everyone. She says I will just come. Abir says sorry, I wasn’t focussed in puja, can’t I expect Mishti to keep her promise, I can expect her sorry, what shall I do, I won’t talk to her, where is Mishti. Mishti says listen… Abir says I m imagining, I won’t turn back. Mishti asks him why isn’t he turning, she is calling him since long. He asks are you here for real. She says yes, you didn’t reply to my calls. He says I won’t talk to you.

Mishti apologizes to Abir. Meenakshi says this girl will break your house like she did to our house.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sorry to tell this news but one of my friend Zainab; also a registered member of TU, her grandfather expiried today. May his soul rest in peace. I request u all to pray for her family.

  2. Oh this meenu and parul..whenever happy looks like snatched happiness ??MishEer again nailed it?????why this family asking so many ques from their daughters???they r grown ups c’mon. This jasmeet…why she has to come and raise this question of bracelet again and again…this way only girls started going against their parents. If this would have been my home ??????????then mumma would have definitely killed me. It looks like she’ll try to commit suicide in upcoming epis…

    Precap- why this meenu always has to puke it out. If she can’t speak better she should stay mum.

    I want her to be like that…this will give Mishti courage to fight for herself and will make her and whole family realise that she has done the best thing by breaking the alliance with kunal and rajvanshis’

  3. Thank God?????????they haven’t shown KuShti(???)fighting with each other again. That would have ruined it all

  4. Loved the episode, love the sisters bond I think when Misthi will help Kuhu in her relationship then we will able to enjoy real Kushti bond which always shown in front of family.
    Abeer is upset with Misthi but is imagining her everywhere so cute. Kunal was really different & happy today maybe cuz he thinks that Misthi will stay out of their lives now.
    Varsha is too smart she caught her daughter’s lie and jasmeet pour petrol on fire by revealing about the bracelet. When everything was exposed then why kuhu didn’t told varsha then when Kunal gave her the bracelet. Misthi was trying to convince Varsha and I think she will get convinced as her marriage is also love marriage same with jasmeet.
    Now both Rajvansh and maheshwari family will get into fight which will make varsha get more upset with whole Rajvansh family, she will discuss same with Kuhu and then Kuhu will Express that she is illegitimate daughter of Saurya. So much drama in next episode eagerly waiting for next episode

  5. Wow!!! Very nice episode?… But meenu was good today… She just want her sons to stay together… ?But I guess tomorrow we’ll witness #evilnessoverloaded meenu… There’s going to so much of drama tomorrow… As per the spoilers varsha is going to slap kuhu and kuhu is going to say that she is not her actual mom so she doesn’t care about her, later on seems like she’s gonna try to end her life?… But one thing she has to realize is that varsha is the only one in the house who gives a damn for her… Not even shaurya… So telling these words to varsha… I think that’s not acceptable?… Kunal was too good today… Seems like he’s changing… I think he’s gonna completely change when he realize his love for kuhu… But I’m just loving the bonding of the brothers?… Even the sisters showed some unity yesterday… Hope it blossoms… I’m just loving to watch shaheer… He’s nailing it… Whatever he’s doing he’s got so much of perfection… Just loving him?… Waiting for today’s dramatic and tragic episode ?…

  6. Helen Funmilayo

    In my own opinion, Kuhu is a bad girl. She was coveting her sister’s to be husband. Even if the alliance came for her first, it wasn’t Mishti’s fault. She revealed to Kunal, that Mishti’s is working, which made, him give her the bracelet. If it were to be a real life scenario, then About and Mishti’s will form a perfect bond. Whereby it will be opposite for Kunal and Kuhu

  7. Helen Funmilayo

    In General, for now, this is my best movie. I love everybody on set. I mean everybody. Especially Grandpa, the bobo and About. Pls keep up your efforts

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