Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti apologizes to Meenakshi

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal saying she is calling mum a liar. Abir says no. Mishti says I didn’t say that. Kunal asks is mum lying, Mrs. Parekh insulted us. Abir asks him to stop it. Kunal says you are making me shut up for her sake. Abir says you have to marry Kuhu, end this matter, I know Mishti won’t lie, this relation is imp for her. Kunal goes. Abir says we did a lot for this relation, we have to be careful now, what we talk now, Kunal is angry, I want to see Kuhu happy here, that’s why I m saying this. Mishti recalls Kuhu’s words. She sees him and goes. Suljhe hue se…..plays…. Kuhu says our marriage is getting fixed, where is Abir. Kunal says leave it, nothing can get fine between us. She says but everything is fine.

He says nothing is fine, Mishti is making

Abir against my mum, she said my mum lied, if anyone else heard this, you know what would happen, she was telling this to Abir, I can’t bear Meenakshi’s insult, think if you could bear your family member’s insult. She says don’t take any decision in anger. He says I know Mishti is your sister, you will trust her, I will trust my mum. She says don’t do this please. He asks what shall I do, Meenakshi will be insulted, we will have problems, I love my mum, you love your sister.

Kuhu says I don’t love Mishti. He asks what. Parul asks where is Mishti, what happened. Abir says she is downstairs, don’t know. She says you think Mishti intentionally did this, I don’t think so. Abir says I know Mishti, she rejected Kunal so everyone is doubting her, she loves her family a lot. She says that girl isn’t a liar, she has seen bad times. He thinks you are right, Mishti didn’t do anything, Meenakshi has done this. She asks what happened. He says nothing, lets go and fix Kunal’s marriage date. Kunal says she is your sister, you love her.

Kuhu says no, she is a charity case, Rajshri got her home, like I got a puppy home, Rajshri gave my place to Mishti, I hate her, please don’t do this. Kunal says I know you are saying this to convince me, I also want this relation to happen. She says I m saying about Mishti, she isn’t my family, even Mishti doesn’t like me, she always snatched everything from me, I had to share my parents love, if you break this marriage, she will snatch you from me. Kunal recalls Mishti and Kuhu. He says sorry, I had no idea, when I saw you both, you looked happy like Abir and me. She says Mishti and I acted to be good sisters so that the family doesn’t get hurt, don’t tell this to anyone, if my family knows this, they will think we failed them, what shall I do that you don’t break this relation. He says you can do one thing.

Mishti says I will go from here. Rajshri says no, I will talk to Vishwamber, did anyone say something. Varsha comes and asks Mishti to apologize to Meenakshi. She asks can’t you say sorry for our sake. Rajshri says if you say sorry, matter will end. Mishti says I can’t do this in front of many people. Kuhu says please apologize. Mishti asks would you do this if I ask you to do this. She goes. She sees Abir. Abir nods to her. Mishti recalls Abir’s words. Mishti goes to Meenakshi. She thinks of Abir and says you had to hear many taunts, I m sorry, its a big day for my sister, forgive me. Varsha says Mishti is a very responsible girl, everyone makes mistakes. Mishti folds hands. Vishwamber stops her and says Meenakshi is part of our family now, one doesn’t apologize to family, right Meenakshi.

Meenakshi says yes, you are right. Vishwamber says anyone can make mistake, maybe Mishti heard wrong or Meenakshi told wrong, if Meenakshi’s family made a mistake, would we ask her to apologize. Meenakshi says sorry, I didn’t ask her to apologize. He says see, don’t apologize now. Meenakshi says you are like Kuhu for us, cheer up now. Abir goes out and sees the drivers talking. Rajshri asks Mishti not to go home alone, she will come along. Mishti says let me go. Vishwamber says Mishti is right, where people expect you to bow your head down, its better to leave with head high, I will come along. Mishti says no, I m not annoyed with anyone. He says I will try if you say. She leaves in the car. Rajshri says I know you are upset that Mishti apologized, but bitterness got less. Meenakshi asks where is Mishti.

Vishwamber says she went home. She asks but why, maybe she felt bad. He says she didn’t wish to come, she came for Kuhu’s sake. She says actually…. He says Varsha just said, Mishti is a responsible girl, she came here for us. She says I didn’t wish to hurt her self respect. He says Kunal wanted her to apologize. She says but I didn’t tell Kunal. He says we are not upset with him, he thinks you got insulted because of Mishti. He goes. Meenakshi asks Jugnu where is Kunal. Jugnu says he is inside and Abir said he will come in some time. She says it means Abir is with Mishti. Mishti cries in the car. Abir says anger suits you, not tears. She sees Abir in driver’s get up. He asks why did you apologize, I won’t go until you answer. Meenakshi asks why did you tell Mishti to apologize. Kunal says she told Abir that you are at fault. She says Abir is with Mishti right now, when two people are together in problem, they come closer soon, Vishwamber taunted me a lot because of you, Mishti came for Kuhu’s love. Kunal says Kuhu doesn’t regard Mishti her family. She asks what……

Abir and Mishti are together. Dono milke….plays… Meenakshi says you have hidden many secrets Parul, its not a problem to hide one more. Abir gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I never expected such harsh words from kuhu like not @all. Once she told Mishti that she will snatch away her love from her and now this…she compared Mishti to charity, puppy…it’s something worth for a tight slap..u don’t like someone…ok….but @least don’t stoop so low that u become a constant victim of irritation. I loved that Mishti did everything by looking @abeer and not kuhu…the way she panicked I would have given her a slap…u deserve it girl…and again BP came and turned the tables into Mishti’s favour…Wow…ty Mishti returned home …it was something we all loved it…Rhea doesn’t know how to cry..not @all…when she cries she is like ewwwww…I’m liking her all thanx to Abeer…I can understand she is not an experienced actor like shaheer. I loved parul also today she showed that she is a real katappa… He also was like that .

    Precap- Mishti can be shameless but how Abeer can be…baarish, ladka, ladki, PYAAR, passion….aisi hi ladkiyan pregnant hoti Hain…but I know that abeer knows his line…wish ki family naa dekh inn logon ko and kuhu aur jasmeet toh bilkul bhi nhi.

    Yeah time is arriving for parul to open up…#countdownbegins 100..99..98..97..96….

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    😁 and the Kunal drama unfolds 😜🙏🙌 … he’ll be knocked off that high horse in no time 😝 .. sry Kunalians, but he was really getting unbearable 😬

    1. so good explaination by kuhu of mishti how perfectly she described her real face # loved it only kuhu the sweetest, most beautiful and brave girl like her can do that she didn’t get scared by mishti goons
      headline is so cool # mishti apoologises to meenakshiji awesome
      abeer needs to focus on stopping this unwanted marraige plot
      makers still you have time bring kuhu abeer together and see trps breaking high records # love u kuhu abeer

      1. sometimes i feel bad for mishti but yes kuhu needs to understand her true feelings may be writers are plotting to bring them together some what later down the line but i like shaheer and kaveri together seems like pretty much cool

      2. We should also compare u with a kutta🐕suar🐷donkey🐴must be feeling awesome👌👌👌👌👌have u lost humanity or being a boy u have forgotten how to talk about a girl


      3. @ winter don’t feel sad on mishti behind those glasses there is a heinous girl who can strike viciously but never mind kuhu is there for abir always check shaheer insta pic how they have jelled so well together im loving it !!!!

  3. I just hate this kuhu how can she compare mishty with puppy, charity its very irritating ,she itself know varsha is not her biological mom ,may be she also adopted like mishty then y she is behaving like this. I don’t know whether meanakshi really has any intention to marry kunal with kuhu if she had anything like that defenitly she is going to drop it after knowing kuhu-mishty bitterness, as we know either abir or kunal is not son of that house ,now meanakshi will feel if kuhu came to know that ,she will create rift between brothers so after utilizing kuhu for her mission she is going to dump that irritating girl so finally kuhu is going to suffer becoz of broken relationship now am happy nd eager to witness that.

  4. Today kuhu was pathetic first she compared Misthi with a puppy, then she is saying that Misthi will snatch Kunal from her like really has Kuhu lost it, then she asked Misthi to apologise. God Makers have made Kuhu so irritating till now I was thinking kuhu is good but she is brainless she can’t think anything herself she just do what Kunal says. Both Kunal and Kuhu need to get 440 VOLT shock. Kunal by knowing that he is not Meenakshi’s son he is just her pupet and Kuhu by knowing that Kunal is just using her so that he can keep Abeer and Misthi away that too on their wedding day so that she understand that she is such an idiot.

  5. Kuhu you are one #pathetic brainless airhead desperate senseless idiotic stupid thick annoying selfish person !!!!!!! Kunal is second in line just using her for his advantage Just Love Mishti ❤️️❤️️Glad she decided to leave that party Abir always there to comfort her Just a question who is Jasmeet ???how is to related to this family & why she dislikes Mishti that much ?????? Just like BP he always stands for Mishti Why did Varsha & BM want her apologize when she was not wrong that too her family Kuhu is not even Varsha daughter Can’t wait to see what BB & Parul are discussing

    1. Jasmeet is anshuman’s wife who is shaurya’s younger brother. Don’t know why she hate Misthi instead of loving her cuz Misthi is her best friend’s daughter. Varsha and BM asked Misthi to apologise just for Kuhu’s sake and for her alliance with Kunal.

  6. Episode was just ok…. I’m loving the way how abir is taking a stand for Mish💙… And yeah!!! We all know Mishti did all these just for abir… She was very reluctant to apologize to meenu, but after seeing abir she was ready to do it….😍 It wasn’t for the sake of stupid kuhu, it was just for her lovely abir🤗… I’m just loving the fact that it wasn’t for kuhu😜… Coz after what all she did today, she spoke today, she doesn’t deserve it anymore… She is too much yaar… How can she be so stupid… Sry evil😈… Till now I was just thinking that she is stupid, but now I understand that she is so much evil… As evil as meenu🙄…. #evilnessoverloaded… Now meenu is going to use the fact kuhu hates Mish… Now kuhu is going to taste the same whatever she has done to Mishti…. After that she’ll again come back to mishti crying…. Like (the same word she used for Mishti)😂… Parul is really good… Really understanding… The truth is going to be unveiled soon…. And I’m waiting for it…. Wait! Will abir come to know the truth??? Anyways, I’m loving the way how abir and Mish r taking stand for each other…. Mish was ready to apologize to meenu for abir… And the way abir was trying to comfort her… Just loving them…. #abishtirockz💕

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