Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu lays her demand

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir and Mishti decorating the mandap, while singing dheere dheere…. They romance. They exchange the garlands and take the rounds in the mandap. Abir lifts her and walks. They smile. Kunal says no, just I shall get blamed, not Mishti, I will sign the papers. Kuhu says but I won’t sign. Shaurya says you won’t stay in this marriage. Kuhu says its my marriage, Kunal has changed and gave a formal proposal. Nanu says yes, everything is fine if end is fine. Kunal asks them to give him a chance. Shaurya asks why are you saying it now. Kuhu says Meenakshi explained me that this is my right, I won’t leave my rights. Kunal says please Papa. Shaurya asks Vishwamber to help him decide. Vishwamber says we just know to trust people and make relations. He asks Nanu to assure him. Kunal says Kuhu will always be happy. Vishwamber says then fine, get baraat. Kuhu asks whose baraat.

Abir says nothing can happen now, you have become mine. Mishti says you are mine. Kunal comes to them. Jasmeet says Kuhu isn’t wrong. Rajshri asks Vishwamber what did he think. Vishwamber says Jasmeet have agreed to Meenakshi’s blame on Mishti, if Mishti doesn’t agree, then she will get blamed. Abir and Mishti get happy and say its amazing, that everyone agreed. Kunal says Kuhu agreed, but she asked for something. Abir and Mishti ask him to give it to her, get ready for marriage. Mishti asks what did she ask. Vishwamber says I have to choose happiness of one daughter again, I m worried that Mishti will have one answer, what will she do, I know her well, she was ready to marry Nannu for our sake, she will agree to Kuhu’s demand. Jasmeet says we did many favors on her. Vishwamber gets angry. He says we felt Nannu and Jasmeet’s heart are sorrowful, we did many favors on Nannu and Kuhu as well, I won’t tolerate it. Jasmeet says sorry. Vishwamber says this is Mishti’s house, I will not bear Mishti’s insult.

Kunal says Kuhu didn’t get dream marriage, I lied to her and snatched her special day, she wants to marry here in this mandap today, its her demand to get this mandap, please can you give this mandap. Abir says sorry, I can’t give this to you, its of Mishti as well. Kuhu. Nidhi, and Kaushal get down the car. Nidhi asks Kuhu to stay in her Maayka, they will get baraat for her, it will be fun. Kuhu thinks there can’t be any fun till Mishti is in my life. Shaurya says Mishti, its your mandap, its your marriage. Varsha says its your choice, you can say no, I will refuse to Kuhu. Kunal says I had to give a wedding gift and I m asking you for this, I can’t refuse to Kuhu. Mishti says say yes to her. Kuhu comes. Mishti says yes Kunal, Kuhu wanted this mandap, she will get it. Kunal hugs and thanks her, calling her Bhabhi. Abir says your Bhabhi is cool.

Rajshri asks Shaurya to see, Vishwamber told it. Varsha says you did another favor, it was your mandap. Mishti says its fine, I got Abir. Abir says we want to run away and marry if you agree. Varsha asks Kuhu did she hear, she will get married in this mandap. Vishwamber asks are you happy. Kuhu nods. Nidhi says happiness is guaranteed with Kuhu. She says we will prepare for rituals of Palla dastoor. Rajshri says yes. Mishti and Kuhu sit for the rituals. Kunal thanks Abir. Mishti asks Kuhu are you happy. Kuhu says you would be happy by insulting me. Nidhi gives shagun to Mishti and Kuhu. Vishwamber and Rajshri feel proud of Mishti. He says everything got fine because of Mishti. Abir takes pics of Mishti. Kunal asks Abir not to forget his fiancee. Abir says I can’t forget my bro. He takes pics of Kuhu. Vishwamber says I spoke to pandit, he will get Abir and Mishti married first, and then Kuhu and Kunal. Kunal says perfect.

Varsha applies mehendi to Mishti. Kuhu argues. Varsha says Mishti is sharing mandap with you. Kunal and Abir sit for rituals. Kunal says Maa. Abir recalls his words. Rajshri asks Kuhu and Mishti to stay united. Kuhu says I didn’t ask for anything big. Rajshri asks her to forget bad things and make new good memories. Kuhu asks is it my fault. Kunal thanks Shaurya for giving him a second chance. Shaurya asks him to take care of Kuhu. Vishwamber says I will regard Abir as my son now. Abir says we don’t know, how it feels to get Papa’s love. Shaurya says you will know it. Varsha says you will get each other’s support. Rajshri says Abir and Kunal have much love between them, you have to increase that and not fight. Varsha says promise us, you won’t let us down. Mishti and Kuhu nod. Vishwamber says we will wait for baraat. Kaushal says we all will come, Meenakshi doesn’t have to come. Vishwamber and Shaurya take a leave. Abir thinks did I do wrong by stopping Maa.

Kuhu says I will marry in this mandap today, you have snatched a lot from me. Mishti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. More power to all of uss..coz tomorrow we have to bear kuhu nd her silly demand..that’s why today’s episode was a power booster

  2. Verma4

    Kuhu , seriously ?? you are a self centered b*t*h. f**ken b*t*h. X infinity and beyond.

  3. Im being reading & watching yrhpk since day1 n tho i dont comment i read the others… But then in today’s episode i really appreciate mishti for agreeing to share her mandap with kuhu….. But as shown in the precap what kuhu is gonna do is really very wrong as in the first place mishti did a favour by accepting to share her mandap with kuhu despite their negative points with eachother……. im so sick of this daily drama i mean when will mishbir ever unite?????

    1. The makers of the serial have sided with Meenakshi Big Ben B and Kuhu B to prevent Mishbir union.

      Hats off to Indian Telly serial makers
      They continue to fool spectators by stretching the story to unimaginable levels

  4. Kuhu is worse than a venomous snake ? Can’t understand that B Yes she is trying to delay Mishbir wedding but guess what you Brainless curly hair dumbo ?Mishbir will get married even if it’s not in that Mandap Mishti is clever they will marry on top of a bus ? so there you conniving B-tch You are turning into another Meenakshi & Kunal will Hate you for all your doings Writers please let Mishti get some happiness in her life for once You are ruining the story people are are hating this

  5. I don’t understand why Kuhu thinks that Misthi is always against her. She behaves so sensible sometimes and at the same time she behaves like fool. Literally why she has so much problems with misthi since childhood. I want makers to show the sisters bond between Kuhu and Misthi just like they did with Abeer and Kunal they have such a great Bond and now a nice bond is growing between Kunal and Misthi thank you makers for that.

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