Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi learns Mishti’s condition

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri and Varsha applying haldi to Ketki. Rajshri asks about Meenakshi. Bau ji says I will go and get her. Abir behaves kindly with the servants. Mishti smiles seeing him. She says you didn’t clean the haldi. She gives him water. He asks did you give consent for marriage. Mishti says everyone thinks this is right. He asks what do you think. She says Kunal doesn’t know about me well. He says like you are an angry and violent thief. She says you are very funny, is Kunal funny like you. He says you will know him when you spend time with him. She says I spoke to Nanu and Kunal about it, I wanted to talk to you, Nanu said he will talk to Meenakshi. Kuhu and Kunal have a talk. She asks do you like curly hair or straight. He says I don’t consider it imp, I have to talk to you, it would be difficult for you. She asks him to say. He says Mishti wants to do marital courtship with me, is there any reason.

Mishti says there is always a reason, Kuhu thinks her prince charming will come on a white horse and take her. Abir jokes. Mishti says I never dreamt of a prince, because my life isn’t a fairy tale, I have seem marriage becoming a burden, I want to be sure and want Kunal to be sure about it too, we want time. Abir says it means you want marital courtship. Servant hears them and goes. She says you understood. Abir thinks. Meenakshi taunts Bau ji. He asks her to come in Ketki’s haldi, her relatives are here. She says would be relatives. He says yes, come with me. She says you didn’t need me, Abir taunts me about the horrid past, you used to say that daughters belong to other house, you called me when you needed me, I left my inlaws and came here, now I feel I neither belong to inlaws or Maayka. Parul asks Jugnu to get gifts. Nidhi says everyone is asking for Meenakshi, where is Abir. Jugnu says he is talking to Mishti, he said Mishti will take Kunal to court. They ask what. Nidhi asks why does Mishti and Kunal want to go to court, tell me.

Abir and Mishti come. Mishti asks what happened. Abir says take a deep breath. Nidhi says its about Ketki’s alliance. Shaurya asks who is going to court. Nidhi shouts to Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to drink water. Rajshri asks what’s happening, why would we take Kunal to court. Nidhi asks them to ask Jugnu. Jugnu says Abir said Mishti wants to take Kunal to court. Abir says you troubled everyone, Mishti and I were generally talking. Meenakshi asks what is it. Mishti says I spoke to Kunal. Kunal says I was going to tell you. Abir says you were busy. Meenakshi says sorry, I couldn’t come to meet you, what’s the matter. Kunal says they spoke to us. Vishwamber says we give importance to girl’s consent as well, Mishti wants a marital courtship. Kaushal checks meaning and tells them. Nidhi says it would mean something good. Meenakshi says its about marital courtship, and stops Bau ji. Bau ji says I m the guy’s grandfather. Abir jokes on him. Kunal asks is it time to crack a joke. Bau ji says I accept their condition. Meenakshi says you didn’t even feel to ask me. Abir says mom works a lot, she was busy. Bau ji says I was about to tell you, Nidhi told this and created a scene.

Kaushal says sorry for this confusion. Meenakshi asks why are you sorry, Nidhi brought the truth out. Abir says we were not trying to hide this. Meenakshi says okay fine, Rajshri and Vishwamber, tell us your thoughts clearly, your daughter wants to test my son before the wedding, is my son a car inside the showroom that she will have a test drive, is he any object. Mishti says no, sorry, we had no such intention. Rajshri says I understand, you felt bad, its imp to modify the values with changing time, else it becomes obstruction, Mishti wants to know Kuna well, they both can know each other, its better that we move ahead with time. Kuhu says wow, modern thinking. Abir says I agree, Rajshri gave good speech. Meenakshi says she said what she feels. She asks Mishti to drink the water.

Mishti spits it. Meenakshi says its salty water, these kids know its water, just elders can say its salty, I know its right to give freedom to children, but elders have to control them, one has to guide them, they always need elders. Rajshri says I agree with you but… Mrs. Parekh comes and asks is haldi over. Varsha says Meenakshi was waiting for you. Mrs. Parekh goes for rasam. Vishwamber sees Bau ji worried and asks him not to worry. Kunal takes Abir and asks did you see, what happened, so I didn’t wish to give any commitment to Maheshwaris. Abir jokes. Kunal says don’t joke, sit here, Maheshwari family is always stuck, I feel bad for them, mum wants everything to happen her way. Abir says mum’s wishes have no end. Kunal says I know how to handle her, you always create a trouble, Nanu came in between, don’t say anything. Abir nods. Kunal goes to attend a video call. Abir smiles. Mrs. Parekh says Ketki is ours now, and Mishti is yours. Meenakshi says yes, I strongly believe that there shouldn’t be any condition in relations, we will keep relations without any condition. Abir comes and says we will tell you when we fix things. He gets a gift and says you will get this when you let Maheshwaris come from our side. Mrs. Parekh says they are from our side. Meenakshi applies haldi to Ketki. Abir gifts Mrs. Parekh. Kuhu says Meenakshi is very dangerous. Abir hears them. Mishti says don’t say this, anyone can hear it. Abir says I heard it. He gives water. Mishti says I m scared. Abir says me too.

Abir says what’s the problem if she wants to know you, call her. Meenakshi sees Abir with Kunal. Rajshri says promise me, you will forget the condition.

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  1. Just stop making MiHu boring or I should say only Mishti…kuhu is shown somewhat sensible nowadays??but their is no change in Mishti’s character??yeh chashmish girls mujhe bilkul psnd nhi although I also wear specs??but it’s a show and r expectations should be fulfilled. Its boring but thanks to abeer??????for attracting us to the fullest??????????I love u????????????it seems like makers have spent a lot of time preparing for abeer and kunal’s character and did not pay any attention towards the 2 girls sometimes I doubt if they really r FRENEMIES???and also makers should also bring a comic twist in the series. Not only abeer can bring it but naanu, mama..mami can also bring it…maheshwari family se aisi koi umeed nhi hai.

  2. 9th position again on barc trp list

  3. This week’s trp ratings yrhpk at 10th position with 1.9 ratings…

  4. Seriously, boring. Meenakshi character is too boring. Looks like same character in another serial. Please change the storyline

  5. Naruto Uzumaki

    I don’t think that show is boring..Bcz however the show is,I like it….Anyone agree with this or not but I’m a big fan of Rhea…I’m watching this serial for Shaheer and Rhea…As I already told this is the THIRD serial if Rhea which I’m watching…But I do feel that she looks cute without specs…But I don’t hate….I liked Rhea more in KHDDDK than in YRHPK…This time her character is way too different..
    Her character in KHDDDK and TSMSP were almost same…She used be such an energetic girl…But in this serial they made her character as boring though I don’t feel like boring…but I feel much difference in her character than in first 2 serials…But I won’t stop watching this serial ….I may drop this only if they change pair…If not,however the show will be,I will watch it till the end..☺?

  6. Helen Funmilayo

    Talking from Nigeria. I simply love everybody on this play. Pls Mishti’s dressing is too simple and local make her look beautiful pls, and remove the spec, pls. Make the play fair in treatment, not too much of wickness coming from one person. It should be balanced

  7. i am also big fan of rhea

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Haan… Rhea is a charmer ?

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