Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir rescues Mishti from fire

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti and Kuhu performing in the event on…Shubh aarambh. Everyone smiles. Abir unveils his paintings. Everone smiles and claps. Meenakshi sees the men dropping Naman’s painting down. A diya falls there. The fire gets lit. The girls dance. The power goes. Everyone panics seeing the fire. Kunal takes Nanu out. Meenakshi looks out. Naman’s painting falls down. Kunal asks Shaurya to go. Abir runs to save people. Meenakshi scolds the man and asks why did this happen. The man says I don’t know how fuse tripped. She goes to get painting. Abir takes her out. Kunal asks Kuhu to give her hand. He pulls her out. Bekhudi….plays…. Everyone comes out. Rajshri asks where is Mishti.

Mishti looks for Abir’s painting. Abir says we all left her out.

Shaurya says I saw her coming out. Nanu looks on. Abir says we should have checked again. Kunal calls the fire brigade. Rajshri says get Mishti. Abir says nothing will happen to her. Abir and Kunal go back. Mishti gets the painting. She says the fire reached here, how shall I go out. She shouts for help. She asks why don’t you keep a phone Abir. Mishti falls down. Abir looks for her. She gets up and says I have to go out of this room, I will take this chance. She sees Abir and gets happy. He shouts Mishti. She asks him not to come in. He breaks the door and gets in to save her. He gets saved from fire. She gets fainting. He holds her in arms. Dheere dheere….plays…..

She says this painting is imp for you, at least take a phone. She holds his hand. Kunal comes and asks are you okay. Abir says yes, hold her. Kunal lifts Mishti and takes her out. Abir does shayari about her love. He says I love you Mishti. The fire is put of. Meenakshi says nothing happened as we thought. Kunal gets Mishti out. Mishti thinks Kunal didn’t leave me alone, he came out for me. Vishwamber thanks Kunal. Abir sees them. Nanu sees Abir holding Mishti’s dupatta. Nidhi does aid to Abir’s hand. He asks about Mishti and her family. She asks why are you confused. He says my confusion got clear, give me phone. She says just be here and get aid done. He calls Ketki and asks how is everyone. Ketki says everyone is fine, Mishti is sleeping. She shows Mishti to him on video call. He gets emotional.

Jasmeet says people name relations early. Kunal gives his nod for the ritual. Abir says don’t say yes Mishti, I love you. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naruto Uzumaki

    Today’s episode was awesome😍😍
    This time..Again…Kunal took the credit of saving Mishti..That’s true that he brought Mishti out…But in reality Abeer was the one who searched for her and rescued her from fire..
    And Finally Abeer realized it………
    We must accept that Nanu is so brave…..He was the only one who noticed that dupatta and we know that he has many questions swirling in his mind..But I don’t know what he would do..Don’t know that..will he support Abeer??!!or not!!??
    But I think precap is only Abeer’s dream..I hope so..Now….Mishti considers him as a friend..So Maybe she won’t accept it..So it’s better if he don’t tell her …But I hope she is true to her feelings and she always will…I hope she will realize her feelings soon…..for Abeer…..
    Waited so long for today’s episode… was actually good😘😙😙😘
    As usual…Waiting for next episode…….

  2. Really awesome episode. Abeer is giving Brownie points to Kunal and now he realized his love for Misthi. Now it will be interesting to see that what will he do. He will not tell her about his feeling he will just expressing it through his gestures. Kunal and Kuhu’s relationship is growing really slowly and if it continues like this and it will be a problem for Abeer and Misthi.

    1. better abeer takes kuhu with him forever from this mad mishti im fed up of her [email protected] telly team don’t you think abeer and kuhu should be together forever

      1. yeah kuhu was looking more preetier than misti and its true

      2. hey champ,
        after so long hoping its all good just pinned the thoughts # woh kehte hai na ishq wala love for kuheer haha
        but this aunty misti pata nhi dear ye kkab apni sleep se uthegi aur iski zindagi mein fun ke rays kab aayenge ab batao kuheer ke bich misti doesn’t make sense at all ;have gone through interviews of rhea she seems so uninterested in the show god knows how will she carry kahin midterm mein hi serving notice na aa jaye lol really koi itna slow kaise ho sakta hai samajh mein hi nhi aata misti itni dull kyu hai she’s a yawn !!!!

    2. hey shubh aarambh to tha par sab asubh ho gya all coz due to fuse trip abeer should serve notice to electricity department agar uski kuhu ko kuch ho jata toh better abeer sue them

  3. lol on mishti and her boringness # absolute bookworm

    1. upcoming plot soon : kuhu in her red attire wow just faboulous just like priety zinta in kal ho na hoo( of course without glasses ) # kuhu and abeer replicates naina and aman ( without any trouble )
      kaveri is love as always day by day with every passing moments kuheer gets my support always # aage badho abeer kuhu is waiting for you dear # this time boys first as we all know gals like to be pampered hahaha be it modern gal or a cowboy # kuhu ki nazkat intezaar kar rhi hai apne abeer ka # just rock it dude !!!!!

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        You don’t give up on your you???Also,you can’t stop dreaming..can you???Let me tell you something…Some dreams can’t come true even if you try hard to make it as reality…Your Kuheer story is one among those…which is not in your hands…to decide….So…
        Forget it by considering it as a nightmare..Because, Nightmare is a dream too….

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    WoW !!! 👏👏👏 I really loved this episode 💕 Kunal saved Kuhu, Abeer saved Mishti… too many cupids in the house 💘💘 and the Precap: left my senses tingling to find out what’s gon happen next 😘 🔥 in the house !!!

    1. its just not gonna happen soon my kuheer love will start our charming kuhu will propose abeer and he will accept her wish # like a complete man # kuhu’s love complete abeer

      1. Agar nhi hua then promise that u and VIBGYOR will leave this pg for commenting and all of us 😄😄

      2. @rv,
        will leave when kuhu and abeer babies will call misti as billi massi ab to chasme utar do ahahha

  5. Nice episode!!! Just loved it except one part…. Abir finally realized that the feeling he has for mishti is LOVE!!!💘💘💘 Just hope mishti too realize her love for abir…. I can tell u guys she will realize it soon coz the way she went to save abir’s painting… The way she didn’t even try once to see what’s there in the painting just bcz she trusts him so much…. She may call abir as a friend but the way she trusts him and the way she was ready her life for abir’s painting tells us an different story…. Just hope mishti too realize her love as Soon as possible… Ohh!!! Can’t wait for two days… But we have to wait…. Waiting for Monday #longweekends… Oh! Forgot to tell something abir was too good today…… I think nanu realized abir’s feeling for Mishti….

    1. just hoping mishti to get into ghazni mode and get some beauty tips from darling kuhu otherwise kunal will leave her and even abeer can’t do anything for her bhabhi mishti # misti is a pakau chasmish

      1. Same same🤞🤞🤞u r also pakau pakau🤣🤣🤣

      2. @ RV.
        NEVERMIND DEAR ANYTHING FOR KUHEER # JUST WAITING FOR ABEER AND KUHU LOVE REALISATION FOR EACH OTHER where as kunal can express his feelings for his bookworm chasmish love will find both the pairs soon

  6. Naruto Uzumaki

    I know many Kuhu fans…But they aren’t like ‘someone’…They don’t spread the thought of negativity…
    There are many Mishti fans…Maybe they don’t like Kuhu..but they don’t badmouth about her…If you take me…I don’t like her behavior..Sometimes,she looks and behaves like a good girl..Sometimes,she behaves like a bad girl….So,I’m not clear about her…Sorry…my intention was not to hurt Kuhu fans….
    In this serial,Mishti and Abeer are the good pair and are in leads…This is the reality and no one can change this…
    But ‘someone’ must understand this….I just tried to show them the reality…They can accept it or they can reject the reality and can continue to live in their world of imagination…or Adolas…It’s all up to them……
    But just don’t try to badmouth about any character when they aren’t like what you think….

  7. I didn’t understand one thing by precap how Courtship ended so soon. And how can Misthi think that Kunal saved her. Sometimes Misthi seems like Gajini she didn’t remembered that Abeer saved her when her father attacked her. And when Kunal brought her out she just said “Kunal Mere Papa ke Tarah Mujhe Chod ke Nahi Jaega” like she forgot that Abeer was the one who jumped in fire break the door and handover her to Kunal 🙎.

    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      That’s right Vidha,I’m also little puzzled about that..She knew that Abeer rescued her from fire…She was talking to him….Maybe makers wanted to show that Mishti will agree for marriage for some reason…So they made Kunal to carry her outside…They could made Mishti unconscious after which Abeer supports her when she was falling…Don’t know what they(makers) were thinking….😤😤😵😵
      Precap is only Abeer’s dream…But ending of marital courtship is for real…I think both will agree for मंगनी…As their photo will also come on newspaper📰📰.Photo of Kunal carrying Mishti….Dunno😔😔 what may happen….

    2. kunal loves misti he will marry her but mishti is getting cheezy now she had got best in kunal # chasmish aunty got silent killer
      but kuheer my god they are mesmerizing pair # rab ne bna di jodi # made for each other # eternal jodi # 7 births couple and many more just loved them to the core # kuheer is love

      1. Modiji first learn how to put hashtags then be a Kuhu fan 😂😂😂.

  8. Yeh naruto..kuhu is not bad..she is little selfish and one is perfect…hope mishti too realise her feeling for abir and they start their pyar k rishta soon…loved shaheerji’s acting..he just nails emotional scenes…gud n8..take care

    1. Watch daily soaps again and again, u will see ample amount of perfection 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐all bahus acc. To shows r sati -savitri types and all the mother in-laws r evil. Like here they r showing Mishti a bit of bahu type s only and after marriage she will become like that only and kuhu’s acting is bit over the top😌😌😌😌kunal is behaving dumb in the matters of relationships. I would be happy if Mishti becomes like abeer after her marriage breaks…and behaves like tomboyish but in such shows fill, values, cultures, customs matter oh god!!!!😕😕😕that’s why it’s missing from top10 list of BARC trp everywhere their r women centric shows and here they r showing Mishti like xtremely bechaari c’mon increase her energy

      1. did she do close up ?? hahahaa she should contact sadhvi pragya for instant energy she is a big lazy bore

  9. Naruto Uzumaki

    Oh God!!!Time itna slow kyoon chal raha hai..??!Jaldi se 10PM ho jaye.. बस ….
    Precap is really interesting……I wanna see that precap is for real or just Abeer’s dream…I’m confused…So I wanna clarify that…
    Waited from Friday 10:31PM……Such a long time..
    But today,only few hours are remaining…Waiting for the clock to show 10:00 PM…

  10. Amena, plz correct it the diya didn’t fall by itself it was that kuhu who pushed it…. 😂🤣😂

  11. Why I liked Kunal and misti together today???? Does two boring people compatible for each other???

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