Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi rescues Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti saying Abir would have understood my problem, I should leave. She runs out. Kunal says nothing should happen to my brother, leave him, you will get money. Sappan says I know you are Kunal Rajvansh and your brother is Abir Rajvansh, your mum’s name is Meenakshi Rajvansh, I know everything. Abir says you won’t get the land. Sappan says I will get the land and money, call your mum, don’t think anyone will come to save you. Mishti gets Abir’s phone. Abir signs Kunal. Sappan asks Kunal to call his mum. Abir and Kunal lie that their mum doesn’t keep a phone. Sappan shouts and asks them to sign papers. Mishti tracks them and goes to find them. She calls the police. Kunal says if anything happens to Kuhu, you will die, just let her go. Abir looks on. Mishti comes there. Abir thinks what’s Mishti doing here.

Abir shouts stop, go back. Sappan asks are you mad, its my place. Abir says I m ready to sign papers, so that we all can leave safely. Mishti opens Kunal’s tied up hands. She also frees Kuhu. Kuhu shouts there is someone behind, maybe some animals. Abir asks Mishti to run. Goons catch her. Abir says Sappan, let this girl go. Mishti and Kuhu argue. Mishti asks Abir not to sign the papers. Abir says I will sign.

Mishti says no, you can’t do this. She recalls Abir’s words. Mishti says no Abir. Abir thinks I know this land is dad’s dream, I will get it back. Sappan smiles. Kuhu says stop it Mishti, another plot can come anytime, we may not come back if we lose life. They argue. Abir and Kunal see them. Kunal asks them not to fight. Mishti says you don’t talk in between. Kuhu says you don’t say this to Kunal. She scolds Kuhu. Mishti signs Abir. Abir signs Kunal. Abir and Kunal start beating the goons. Sappan gets a weapon. Prithvi comes there and saves Abir. He hits Sappan.

Kunal beats up Sappan. Sappan gets another weapon, a gun this time. Mishti fights him to get the gun. Bullet is shot. Mishti falls down. Abir shouts Mishti and runs to her. He asks are you okay. He catches Sappan and beats him. Sappan gets caught. Prithvi says you made the app and I came here, I found you. Abir says my phone isn’t here. Mishti says I found it fallen on road. Prithvi says they got saved because of you. She thanks him for coming. Prithvi says we will teach lesson to Sappan. Kunal thanks him. Prithvi gives the land papers to Abir. Abir says I would have given anything to Sappan because… Prithvi says your lover’s life was at risk, I can read truth on people’s face. He tells about Hostage web series story.

Abir says no one is imp than dear ones. Kuhu cries and says what I thought didn’t happen, good can never happen with me, you know Kunal, anything could have happened because of this small plot. Kunal consoles and hugs her. Bekhudi..plays… Mishti sees them. Kunal picks Kuhu’s phone and goes to see Abir. Kuhu says you just know to disturb people, you said mean things in fake fight. Mishti says it was fake argument. Kuhu says you said all that for real, you got hurt on forehead, no brain, no injury. Mishti says you are welcome. Kuhu asks why, I m not sorry. Mishti says you lied to Varsha, call her and tell that Sanjana’s phone isn’t working. Kuhu smiles.

Abir says Sappan and goons are caught, he won’t trouble anyone now. Kunal says you are my hero, but what was the need to take risk. He hugs Abir and says money, property and everything can come again, but not a brother like you. Abir says don’t make me cry now. He goes to get phone. Kuhu asks Varsha not to overreact, she is coming back. Kunal asks Kuhu to come. Varsha asks who was that. Kuhu says its Sanjana’s driver. Kunal smiles. Kuhu says sorry, I called you a driver, mum doesn’t know that I came with you. He says its okay. Mishti asks shall we go. Abir doesn’t answer.

Mishti goes to sit on front seat. Kunal says that’s my seat. Mishti sits backside with Kuhu. Abir sees her. Mishti says Kuhu I got your bracelet. Kunal asks Kuhu do you need my help to wear it again. They smile. Mishti thinks what happened to Abir. Kuhu says radio… Kunal plays radio. Aaj mausam …..plays….. Mishti sleeps. Abir gets angry and hits radio. The song changes. Kaisa yeh ishq hai….plays… Kuhu likes the song. Kunal wishes he doesn’t see Mishti again. Kuhu thinks I feel we have some hope Kunal. Mishti thinks why isn’t Abir talking to me. Abir stops the car and says we will freshen up and take a break. Kunal and Kuhu get down the car. Mishti asks why aren’t you talking to me. Abir doesn’t answer. She says fine I m leaving. He locks the car. She asks why did you lock the car. He asks why did you come there. She says to save you all. He says you promised me, why did you come then. She says yes, I promised you. He asks then why didn’t you keep the promise. He gets down the car and goes. She asks him to stop. She holds ears and apologizes.

He says why, you don’t care for me, you can do anything. Kuhu says so we won’t meet again, right. Kunal sees her. Mishti says I didn’t wish to hurt you. Abir says you wanted to hurt me, what would I do if anything happened to you. Mishti says I had forgiven you, you also forget this. He says I can’t forget this so easily. He goes. Dheere dheere….plays…. He goes to the car. Kunal also goes to the car. Mishti and Kuhu go to the car and sit. They leave.

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  1. Didn’t expect but episode was very gud…..only bcoz of abeer’s fear of losing? Mishti, his anger????and again kunal back to his normal self ..where the hell that bullet was shot and why did Mishti fell. They haven’t shown Mishti as a brown belt…so bad???what the app is called, they have made it a very big thing in this show just like balloons, earrings…..???why kuhu was overreacting ?????????kunal should have started making faces…..she is a kiddo just like kunal that’s why they make a good couple


    Us: How’s the Josh……..???????

    Abeer: Really exceptionally high ????

    Us: Why…??????

    Abeer: why mtlb…Meri Mishti ko kuch ho jata toh…..Kya krta main Tim logon ke #Misheerforever ka..hmmmmm!!!!!???

    Precap- varsha did right…someone will behave so immaturely with my sis and I’ll love him????naaaa never. Especially when he showers his anger of others on others. Mishti was not even able to give perfect xpressions??forget about going ga gaa ?

  2. Loved today’s episode but hate kuhu’s natukini…. She is such a dramabaz…. Why does she want to earn sympathy from Kunal? I like kuhu but she always does extra before kunal….. And Abeer why r u angry on misty? When her sister is in danger obviously she has to come to save either she can do it or not.. And kunal how can he says that he doesn’t want to see Misty’s face… Kuhu and kunal Chemistry is really good, it is different from when kunal is with misty…. But #misbeer is always my fev….

  3. Again meenuless and paruless episode…WOW??????????????

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Yess to Abeer’s hair ? n his anger was awesome… so much love that he kept inside, awww ?

    I’m sry but I still don’t like Kunals attitude ? n I heard that Shweta is coming back too…

    1. I knew that this character will come in this show..already her role is creating so much curiosity and then she’ll be shown negative plotting against KuShti??????

  5. Hiii guys!!! I think everyone would have loved this episode… It was too good… A perfect episode… Everything was there… We had both Abishti and HuNal scenes…. And as RV said a meenuless and parulless episode… That’s enough for anyone to enjoy ???… Why is abir so much angry? But I think his anger is justified… It’s just the fear of losing loved ones… In his case it came out as anger… Just loving the brothers bond (kuheer-kunal+shaheer)? modiji, don’t mistake me… They are just too good together… Their bromance?… One of the reasons to watch this show…. Kunal is trying hard to protect abir… Don’t know how he’s gonna react when he comes to know that abir loves mishti… I can see the blooming love story between HuNal… Hope mishti too understand her feeling for abir… But it’s very clear that she feels for him… That too in yesterday’s episode… I don’t know why this kuhu always overacts… That too in front of Kunal… OMG! Precap… Let’s wait for the episode…

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