Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi blames Mishti

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir and Kunal coming downstairs. Parul smiles. Abir welcomes the guests. Nidhi asks where are these people, all the guests have come. Meenakshi says I m waiting for them. Nidhi says maybe they have come. Mrs. Parekh comes and asks are you waiting for Maheshwari family, keep waiting, they will not come, everyone is talking about your party, Maheshwari family just reached the club. Meenakshi says we didn’t invite you here, so please leave. Mrs. Parekh says why, everyone should leave. Nidhi asks her to stop it. Meenakshi says I m alive to worry for my sons. Mrs. Parekh says you should worry, you got same fate for your sons, Kunal won’t take his baraat ever, everyone leaves him and goes. Kunal cries. The guests leave. Meenakshi cries. Abir asks why didn’t they

come. She says I went to their house and invited Mishti, I told her that I will wait until family comes, Mishti said she will tell them.

Nidhi says she is taking revenge on us. Kaushal says maybe, else what may be the reason, we have seen her, she is angry. Kunal says its my mistake, she rejected me and now she is insulting my family. Abir says stop it, we are guessing such things. Kaushal asks what maybe the reason. Abir says I will call Mishti and ask what happened. Meenakshi says Abir is saying right, I will call and ask them. She asks him to give the phone. Mishti answers the call. Meenakshi asks did you go to club. Mishti says yes, we all came back. Meenakshi asks why didn’t you come in party. Mishti says its tomorrow. Meenakshi says no, its tonight, I told you. Mishti says no, you told me about tomorrow night. Meenakshi says I invited you, guests had come and left, I don’t know I told wrong or you heard wrong, I got insulted. Varsha says we are sorry, Mishti said party is tomorrow, wait for 15mins, we will come soon.

Meenakshi says no use to come now, guests left,w e got insulted, when we meet next time, we will fix marriage date. Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s words. Kuhu cries. Varsha gets a call. She says Mrs. Parekh went to Meenakshi’s house and insulted Meenakshi and Kunal. Kuhu asks Mishti how can you be confused, Kunal isn’t replying to my messages. Mishti says I didn’t hear wrong, Meenakshi said tomorrow. Varsha asks her to accept that she heard wrong. Rajshri says Mishti is saying right. Shaurya says why would Meenakshi call us if she said wrong. Abir says party will happen tonight. Nanu says we changed time as there was confusion about the time. He apologizes to all the guests and says we don’t believe in keeping happiness incomplete. Abir says I will go to Maheshwari Sadan and get them here.

He asks Meenakshi to cheer up for Kunal’s happiness. Varsha says we should apologize to them. Vishwamber says she is right. Jasmeet says no, Mishti should apologize. Shaurya says until we apologize, how will we go ahead. Kuhu says I think Mishti shouldn’t come. Rajshri asks how can you get upset with your sister. Mishti says maybe its right that I stay at home. Abir comes and greets them. He says it was a confusion, this can’t snatch our happiness, we called all guests back, please come. Vishwamber says we were going to come.

Rajshri asks Mishti to go and change. Mishti goes. Nanu asks Jugnu to tell him when they come. Kunal asks what now. Meenakshi says Abir has gone to get them, lets wait for them. Kunal says Mishti is making Abir dance on her fingers. She asks him to appear happy. He says I can’t dance. She says I didn’t think what to do now, you do what it takes, no one should doubt. Lights go. She asks how did lights go suddenly. Abir makes a grand entry with the musicians. He gets Kuhu and sings Salaame ishq… Kuhu apologizes to Kunal. They all dance. Everyone smiles. Mishti joins them. Abir sees her and gets dreaming. Mishti goes. Abir goes to her. She says thanks for covering up my mistake. He asks did you really do any mistake. Pandit gives the marriage mahurat after 10 days.

Kuhu asks them not to delay. Nidhi says Kuhu likes us more than you all. Ketki says Kuhu is very excited. Meenakshi asks Kunal what does he has to say. Kunal asks her to decide. He goes to see Abir. Meenakshi says Kunal and Abir have much love between them. Rajshri says Kuhu and Mishti are same. Parul says I will go and get Mishti. Vishwamber says 10 days won’t be enough to do arrangements. Varsha signs him. Vishwamber says if children are happy, its a yes for our side. Abir says no, I won’t believe if you say you made a big mistake, I m your friend, friends don’t judge each other, you can tell me. Mishti says I m sure she told me tomorrow night, maybe I heard wrong, if I m saying truth then your mom…. I can’t think that your mom is lying. Kunal comes and asks what…..

Kuhu says you want me to beg you, go and apologize. Mishti folds hands. Vishwamber stops Mishti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update

  2. makers what have you done with my beautiful kuhu and abeer pair !!!! i m not liking the plot lots of rona dhona here and potraying meenakshi ji so concerned is good sometimes but always is undigestable need fun moments romance some good messages etc etc but definitely not this so fast unwanted ceremony # abeer is healthy now he should remove that tape from his head now kuhu has dressed his wounds so well and her love has healed him bigtime !!!!

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      lol.. I think you are confusing Kuhu for Mishti ?

  3. Kudos to Mrs Parekh ????for humiliating Meenakshi her husband left here as for Kunal he will never get to be married because of the possessive nature of his mom The guy has had 3 females associated with him so far As always Mishti gets the blame feel for her & Kuhu wish someone would ? slap her hard Hate her & Jasmeet Selfish B’s Don’t know why Nanu can’t stand against his daughter Abir alone can’t do it

  4. I am quite surprised that Jasmeet dislikes Mishti so much, when she happens to be her own cousin’s daughter! Also, if I remember correctly, Kuhu isn’t Varsha’s daughter and that she is Varsha’s husband’s illegitimate daughter. So how or why is Jasmeet so partial towards Kuhu?!!! Some things are not adding up!

    1. jasmeet knows the reality of mishti thats why she always stands for truth even she know abeer and mishti will not end up together by anymeans

      1. What is Mishti’s reality? Other than the fact that she is Naman’s daughter and that she is a very strong individual who feels abandoned by her own family, because she does not know exactly why was she handed over to the Maheshwari family?!!

      2. Dear Daydreamer,

        Plz for Abeer and kuhu’s sake leave this pg…many shows await people like u and ur constant remarks about leads…for u Mishti is a villain…ty we got ur point?now bye…duan mein yaad rkhna ???

      3. @devika her reality she envies kuhu in everything such individuals needs some reality check

      4. @rv , channa mereya :p

  5. Wow….Mrs. parekh nailed it….whoever will turn against meenu deserves my respect. Kuhu’s words were harsh but I also wanted Mishti to not go their….she again will start her Rona dhona….why kunal is poking into their conversation time and again?

    Precap- this kuhu uses people for her own interest….BP again came and sorted out everything…wow?????????

  6. Yrhpk got 33.3 ratings in online trp list but sad news is that that kzk toped it??????

    1. that was bound to happen coz of mr bajaj entry and iconic performance

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