Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi makes Kunal run away

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir playing the shank. He recalls Mishti’s words. Nidhi says Atul will be marrying next. Nanu jokes. Abir and everyone dance on dhol. Meenakshi smiles. Kunal looks on. Abir does shayari in heart and cries. Mishti packs her bags. She says Vishwamber and Rajshri gave me a lovely family, I hope Abir does some miracle and fixes everything. Varsha makes Kuhu ready. Kuhu sits sad. Varsha pinches her and says you aren’t dreaming. Kuhu says you are a fighter mum. She hugs Varsha and says I m very happy. Varsha goes.

Kuhu says don’t worry, everything will get fine once marriage happens. Kunal gets ready. He says why is everyone dancing, why am I getting ready. He checks Kuhu’s number. He says Abir isn’t taking Mishti’s name now, I can’t do anything

wrong. Atul takes his phone and says Kunal was calling Kuhu. Kunal asks for his phone. Ketki says we will give it later. Atul says you won’t get it. They run away. Parul says there is no such ritual. Ketki says if Kunal needs his phone, he has to give us money. Kuhu says Mishti used to make bangles set for me.

Ananya consoles her. Atul sends message and says its delivered. Kunal checks and slaps Atul. Everyone gets shocked. Atul falls aside. The shagun plate falls from Parul’s hand. Abir comes and says Kunao…. Atul cries. Abir asks what did Atul do that you slapped Atul. Kunal says he should have not send message from my phone. Kuhu reads I love you and smiles. She hugs Ananya. Mishti sees them and smiles. Vishwamber gives money to clear payments. Rajshri says its time for Mishti to leave. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to ask driver to drop Mishti. Shaurya says its about Meenakshi’s condition, she will break the alliance if she sees Mishti here.

Rajshri says our Mishti can never do this, we should ask her. Vishwamber says not today, its Kuhu’s day. Abir asks Kunal what’s the truth. Kunal says I told you. Abir says Kunal was stressed and slapped Atul, we know his version is junk, what happened, tell the truth, you love the girl, you fought with mum for her. Meenakshi says girl’s family lied so much that Kunal got angry. Abir says Kunal slapped Atul. Nanu says no more fighting, Kunal will you marry. Meenakshi says of course yet. Abir asks Kunal to say yes. Kunal says I m scared to commit, you are not giving me courage and interrogating me. Abir says sorry, just say sorry to Atul. Nanu says you have to say sorry for wife’s mistake also. Kunal goes. Parul worries. Mishti sees Vishwamber. They get sad. Khushiyan bhi baaten….plays… He turns away and cries. Mishti cries.

Nidhi says why did Kunal slap Atul. Kaushal explains her. Meenakshi comes. Nidhi asks her to do justice. Meenakshi says I have no time for your drama. Kaushal consoles Nidhi. Meenakshi says sorry from Kunal’s side. Mishti calls her and says I broke my family’s heart on your saying, you are wrong, you made me insult my dad, Lord will see everything. She cries and says I m going today but I will come back after marriage. Nidhi argues with Kaushal. Parul apologizes to her. Nidhi says I will go to Maayka. Kaushal says if you go, Jasmeet will win. Nanu says Kunal said sorry to Atul. Kunal packs bag. Meenakshi comes and asks him to just go fast. She says this marriage won’t happen now. Abir says no one stays angry in this house.

Ketki says sorry to irritate Kunal. Abir says its your right to irritate us. She laughs. She says your jokes quality is getting bad. She goes. He says my jokes and happiness are fake, I won’t let anyone know. Meenakshi asks Kunal to go, she will handle everything. Abir thinks Mishti didn’t try to talk to me. Jugnu gets Abir’s phone. He hugs Abir and says you are too good. Abir gets Mishti’s call. Dheere dheere….plays…. Meenakshi and Kunal leave. Abir says Mishti… whose number is this. He calls back. She gives phone to driver and signs no. Driver says sorry Sir, I called by mistake. Abir says something wrong is happening.

Mishti asks Jugnu to give letter to Abir. Jugnu takes letter to Abir. Parul says Kunal left. Abir says I won’t let your plan succeed, if Kunal doesn’t come back… Meenakshi asks are you threatening me. He says I can’t threaten you, I m promising, you know when I promise, I fulfill it. He takes her blessings and goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This version of Abeer was much needed. But now have to wait for 2 days to see Kuhu’s reaction on knowing whole truth and her reactions towards Misti. And I have a confusion, Kuhu is really missing Misthi or again she is doing acting? Cuz I can’t believe that she is missing Misthi.
    And Kunal is feeling guilty really! Makers have converted him into a heartless character I am waiting for the scene when Kunal show get suppressed by the burden of guilt for doing wrong with Misthi (for his male ego), Abeer (his own brother) and mosth importantly Kuhu (who always loved her). He played with the feelings and trust of two people one Abeer and second Kuhu ????? and the reason was a simple rejection which Misthi gave him after knowing the truth of Pre marital courtship.

  2. Koi iss Mishti ko rone aur hasne ki classes do yrrrrr….. concept is old, cast is old, plot is old, even the thinking and everything is old but this show running successfully


    All thnx to shaheer fans who r tolerating this show for the past few weeks since the time they showed that antagonists r passing in the xam and Mishti mahaan is shown so selfless….ok fine be like that but @least become like today’s modern girl…..your thinking about alliance is very good but unfortunately your efforts and attitude is like Gopi bahu only ???????????????????☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️??????????????????????????????????????
    That slap was not good…. possibility that Atul will turn evil in future my instinct is saying that, they have shown just 2 brothers and also ketki is shown more often but only Atul is underrated here. YRKKH series has witnessed a no. Of actors joining and leaving so it’s better they give equal time space to every actor ☺️??

    Precap-oh no!!!!!!!!????????another 1 week to witness all that crap …they won’t disclose the fact of kunal being a cheapster so easily and won’t make kuhu -mishti realise their bond afterall they have to show that after becoming bahus of the family also they r @logerheads just like Gopi and Rashi……

    Why the family dresses up like royals…never saw maheshwari doing any business

  3. Yeh Mishti agar Abir ko sb bta deti toh baat Itni nhi bdti??????????aur parul bdi bdi baatein KR rhi thi bhagwan Ke ??????aage??? Kya ho gya….kuch btaya kyun nhi Abeer ko????

  4. Shaking my head


    Now under the Abir will marry Kuhu while he and Misti will pine for each other. Next, Kunal n Misty will hate their siblings n take revenge

    Is Rashmi Sharma going ekta way?

    1. What the f**k????

    2. This is not true as per a video on YouTube it will be Atul pretending to be kunal however abir will find kunal and bring him back. According to pics posted on Instagram and telly updates kunal and kuhu will get married and there are videos on YouTube showing that abir will reach the airport in time to stop mishty from leaving and they will have a very romantic moment.. And according to pics posted on Instagram mishty will be home with her family for kuhu wedding and it looks like she will be wearing the chain that abir had bought for her ????

    3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      This gets a big fat lol from me ???

      Wake up my dear ? … I’d like to know which serial you are watching ? and in case you did not know this… Abir is in love with Mishti ?? ???

  5. Yes I also came to know that meenu will be under abeer’s threat and will ask to return and marry kuhu since she can’t see her son’s getting separated. Kunal will return and hesitantly gonna marry kuhu …..why the f**k all this is happening ?????what future holds for AbiShti,got no clue about that. This melodrama will go on for a week or two.

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