Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti miss each other

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying dad doesn’t know this house well, else he would have said such a wrong thing. He gets Mishti’s love letter in his bag. He reads…. I want to give you the best surprise, I want you to have something that you think of me and smile, I wish I could get your dad right now. He gets more letters in his clothes. He sits reading the letters. She promises to be same Mishti always, whom he loved. Mishti says you made promises to me every day, but I m wrong, I never did anything for you, I will make promises and fulfill them also. He sees Mishti’s pic.

Mishti goes for morning walk. She stays sad. She turns and sees Abir. Dheere dheere….plays….She sees someone else. Mehul asks Abir did he talk to Mishti. Abir says you are right, Mishti won’t get the deserved respect in this house, I can’t give her a bad life, I didn’t think I have to choose between Mishti and family. They see Meenakshi…. Mehul asks him to go and convince Mishti. Abir goes. Mehul smiles.

Mishti hears the radio show. The guy says I love my Pari and can’t stay away from her. Mishti says never lie to her, else Pari will fly away. She drinks tea. Abir looks on. She leaves the tea. She goes. Abir thinks I had come to meet you, maybe you aren’t ready to meet me. He goes and takes the same tea glass which she left. He does shayari. He drinks the tea. Mishti comes home and sees Varsha worried. Jasmeet asks what’s the matter. Mishti thinks how can I lie to Varsha. Varsha asks Jasmeet to go. Mishti says Kuhu and Kunal had a fight last night. Jasmeet gets Kuhu’s call and says yes, your mum is here, she is busy. Varsha takes the call. She asks are you fine. Kuhu says I m fine, superbest, I miss you all, shall I come home for some days. Varsha asks why. Kuhu says say why not. Kunal looks on. Varsha says you can come anytime, is everything fine. Mishti thinks maybe she wants to come home and tell them. She asks Kuhu to come soon.

Varsha says you told about Kuhu and Kunal’s fight. Mishti says yes, ask me on what matter. She thinks Kuhu will come home and tell them the truth. Abir comes to Kuhu and says sorry. Kuhu says sorry, I had sent the emails, you and Mishti felt so bad. Abir says I know who should tell sorry, how did you agree for this. Kuhu says it doesn’t matter, Kunal is divorcing me, you won’t call me bro now. Abir says our friendship isn’t just because of Kunal, I will always be there for you. Kunal goes. Kuhu says no need to say this now, Kunal went. Abir asks her not to pretend, she has problems with Mishti. He says Mishti was right, what was the need to cover up Kunal’s mistake, you are a smart girl, why did you give him power. She says no, I felt… He says you have to respect yourself first, don’t curse your fate, believe in yourself, you don’t deserve this. She says I will try, Mishti is lucky to get you, I owe you. Abir jokes. She says I want to go home. Abir says I will take you. He hugs and consoles her.

Nidhi irritates Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks Parul and Nidhi to find the necklace. Parul asks Kuhu where are you going. Abir says she is going home, you can ask Kunal, mum also knows it. Meenakshi asks what’s the matter. Kuhu says I miss my family. Meenakshi asks is this the only reason. Nanu asks what happened. Kunal says nothing. Kuhu says I will come back in few days, I promise. Abir says I will drop her home. Meenakshi thinks what happened between Kunal and Kuhu.

Abir messages Mishti to meet him. Abir and Kuhu are on the way. Abir says sorry, if I didn’t hide few things, this truth would have come out. Kuhu says no, Kunal told me on wedding night, he asked me to go home but I didn’t go, I m blind in his love, I hope that he realizes his mistake, some relations are cursed, I have hope but how will it get fixed, I have learnt that one shouldn’t bet own life, you should give up when we know fate will win. Abir recalls Mishti’s words.

Mishti messages Abir… I had to lie to Varsha, as you have hidden the matter from me, maybe this will happen again and again. Abir checks the message. He thinks Nanu always says that a man can’t win over fate, then how will I win. Mishti opens the door and sees Abir.

Abir says matter was imp, my fate and love are on either sides. Mishti asks are you going to leave me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. @RV ??? I’m the first one to comment today??? It seems like the show is going out of track… There’s nothing happening… Why r they dragging so much… Kuhu is going home… That’s it! N they dragged it throughout the episode…? The beauty is there’s a written update for this episode ???… Just for fun @amena di… OMG!!! Precap… What’s happening ?

    1. ???????wow congratulations ?????but I was not knowing what to comment on the episode just left it for yesterday…when today’s update will be updated then I’ll comment as I have lots and lots of opinions to share??

  2. Don’t know what Mehul is planning Abir is walking around like the whole universe is on his shoulders There was too much of Kuhu talking to Abir today hardly anything with Mishti He should worry about his own love life &Cletus others sort out theirs Some one needs to lock Mishbir in a room to sort out their differences Just bit I liked was when Nanu asked why Kuhu was going home Abir said ask Kunal & Meenakshi Over all episode was so so

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