Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir wants to avoid Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu saying I have no time to talk and have food. Mishti says Kuhu should be punctual. Jasmeet jokes. Mishti says Kuhu is behaving professionally. Rajshri comes smiling. Varsha says Shaurya and Bau ji are coming. Mishti asks are you all coming to exhibition. Kuhu says yes, I have to check Kunal’s schedule. Mishti says he will come. She messages Kunal to talk to her. Jugnu gets sweets for Kunal. Meenakshi checks Mishti’s phone and deletes it. She keeps phone back. They talk about Abir’s exhibition. She shows newspapers with the ads. Kunal says you showed who is your fav son. Meenakshi laughs. Abir comes. She says you have to go fast. He says I will rest and watch tv. Kunal asks who will prepare for exhibition. Abir says my staff will do that. He thinks no Mishtigiri

today, I will take a break from Mishti and her thoughts. Kunal asks Abir to message Mishti from his side. Meenakshi asks Kunal aren’t you upset with her now. He signs no. Kuhu checks Mishti’s phone and reads Kunal’s message. She asks Mishti to take her phone.

Mishti replies yes to Kunal. Meenakshi asks how are they talking now, I have to talk to Laxman. Parul says don’t know, maybe Abir helped them. Mishti calls Abir. He doesn’t talk. She gets a note from Kunal. She smiles seeing the bouquet. She asks the man to take return gift for Kunal. Abir thinks I won’t talk to Mishti. Nidhi and Ketki see pics. He sees Mishti’s pic and goes to help Nanu. Nanu says this is Mishti doi, will you have it. Abir says no thanks. Meenakshi gets Naman’s pic and says a murderer’s daughter can never be my bahu. Abir comes and asks why is everyone taking Mishti’s name. She hides the pic and lies to him. He goes. She thinks Maheshwaris are lying, how can I trust them, Mishti and Kunal’s relation will break, this pic will be there in Abir’s exhibition. Mishti asks lady about Abir’s new paintings. The lady says he isn’t coming. Mishti says ask him if he is fine. She smiles and says everything is going fine. She calls Kunal and says I knew it, his number is busy.

The lady says Abir has come, talk to him. Abir talks to Kunal. Kunal says I got to know you left for office, Mishti is smart. Abir asks what happened now. Kunal says I have sent flowers and note through Uma, Mishti understood that Uma had sent it, she sent a note for Uma. Abir asks does anyone send flowers through secretary to would be wife. Kunal says then tell me what to do. Abir says take help from Kuhu. Kunal says make my image better in Mishti’s eyes, do something good, I would have done something, but I have a meeting now, thanks. Kuhu comes and says everything is ready. Kunal says help me in buying a gift for Mishti. She says this isn’t my work. Kunal says I work, its not boss’ order, but a friend’s request. Kuhu says give this to her. He says no, its too late, this is yours now, keep it. She smiles.

Abir sees Mishti. She says you weren’t coming. He says yes, my heart doesn’t listen to me, I came here on Kunal’s saying, he sent lunch for you. She says I can’t believe it. She laughs and says you know what happened. He says everyone knows it, this is Kunal’s answer. She says wow khichdi. He praises Kunal for being simple, sweet, family man. He says Kunal wants you to know real Kunal. She says I also like khichdi, I liked this. He shows the sweets and says its Kunal’s fav, our NGO makes these sweets. She eats the food. He smiles. Jugnu keeps paintings. The lady comes to pick the box. Mishti says what would have happened if you weren’t with me, what would I do. He says you would be doing the same, you met me in the bus, you are the earring girl. She recalls Abir.

She asks was it you, you sat on the bus stop and danced strangely, you took pics, omg, I never imagined it was you. He says even I can’t believe it. She says fate is strange, so I felt I met you, did you feel this, when did you realize this. He says when I got this. He gives her earrings. She says its my fav earrings, how did you get it, thanks for becoming my friend, I didn’t feel my fav earrings aren’t with me, as it was with you. He says I should go. She says yes, I will finish my work. He goes. Paintings box is brought there. Meenakshi gets Naman’s pic and says I will take this to exhibition, I will make Maheshwaris away. Mishti gets her painting. Kunal comes there. She smiles seeing him. He says I knew you will be busy today. She says I have to arrange the paintings. He asks her to show Abir’s painting. She unveils her painting.

Nanu gets Mishti’s pics with Abir. Mishti asks how long will you hide, the truth will come out. Abir worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yes SHAHEER FAN I was not commenting neither on this pg nor on any other pg.. I felt like enjoying the epi [email protected] and just stop wasting my time into commenting here because my anger regarding some things cannot be xpressed by mere words. Yes but I do come here and read what u all guys comment and by any chance u get confused I try to reply. And trust u all post ur heart out and especially MODIJI😏🤣don’t know why he keeps imagining kuheer together. 🤔🤔It’s so very clear that both of them r leads kuheer have interacted just once heaven knows why u r behaving like that, dont u feel like left out😌

    1. kuheer is love dear and kuhu is just made for abeer their bond is of seven births just love them together

  2. Story thoda slowly chalraha he.

    1. wahi toh abhi tak sirf kuheer ka ek hi dance dikhaya hai batao to abhi tak to meenakshi ji ko kuheer ki shaddi karwa deni chaheyi thi i guess writers kuheer ke liye special love story design kar rhe hai and woh misthi ko wc dekhne london bhejdo ab aur bore nhi ho sakte hum # kuheer is always a humdum !!! my love to kuheer just love them sobeauty and smiley

  3. awesome kuheer pair just wondering writers have swapped the script or what it was kuhu who was going to abeer’s ngo but mishti once again got chance to eye abeer thats not gonna happen especially when meenakshiji is there # kuheer is a must for this show so writers remove the suspense and show me the kuheer romance like u used to show us in the form of rain dance snowfall velds candle light dinner at dhaba or at a lovely place coz kuhu is epitome of love and abeer id manegma of charm im with kuheer just love them kuhu eyes speaks volumes kuhu’s earings my got she’s a life # kaveri is life # angellic beauty

    1. What a creativity man??? Wow… U have gone to the next level…. Yeah guys I’m serious!!! U can better start a fan fiction…. Yeah!!! I can understand u r already writing all ur stories here… But I think u should start one… The saddest part of it is that no one is going to read it….😂🤣😂

  4. Naruto Uzumaki

    To me,episode was very funny😀😁…..Waiting for next episode…………………

  5. Funny episode… I can’t understand why this Kunal have to take everything to Uma and again ask help from abir… Funny but cute… 😀 What an evil plan from meenu??? If she wants to expose Naman there are many ways… But this one is really very bad… I mean why should she expose him to the whole world… #EvilnessOverloaded… Can anyone who watch yrkkh explain this to me??? I can’t understand was Naman the one who killed naitik… He is actually hina’s husband right in the story line??? As usual shaheer was rocking… Waiting for next episode…

  6. Nice and hilarious episode 😂. Abeer was trying to stay away from Misthi and he was getting to know and listen Misthi’s name everytime 😂. And when he told Misthi about bus then why didn’t he told about that where he found her earrings. By the way logically Abeer hasn’t realize his love for Misthi he is just confused till now. Misbeer moment were very nice although less.

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