Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal insults Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti thinking of Abir’s words. Vishwamber and Rajshri come. Rajshri asks why is she lost. He asks do you have any objection with Kuhu and Kunal’s relation. Mishti says never. He says I didn’t ask Kuhu when relation was swapped, I don’t want to repeat the mistake. Mishti says I m happy to have you two, you are worried for this right. He says I m worried because of Meenakshi. Mishti says I will ensure that Kuhu stays happy, Kuhu and Kunal are meant for each other, their lives will get happiness, don’t worry. Kuhu looks on. She gets Kunal’s message and chats. He asks about their plan.

Abir calls Mishti. Rajshri gives the phone. Mishti says I will talk to him later. Rajshri says answer the call, maybe he wants to talk about tomorrow. Mishti answers

the call and says Abir is saying hi to you. Abir sits back seeing Rajshri and says no, I m saying hi beautiful. Rajshri smiles and says I remember I will pray for you. He says thanks, I have to go shopping, maybe that girl is waiting for me, I m just going to help Kunal. Mishti says I m going to help Kuhu. Rajshri says I know you both are going for Kuhu and Kunal. Abir says my Nanu says I m a diamond but none values me. Rajshri says your Nanu is right. Mishti jokes on Abir and says we will meet tomorrow. He asks why did you save me from burning car. She says I went crazy, next time I won’t save you. She disconnects. Kuhu comes and says no, I won’t say I love you, sorry. Mishti asks but why.

Kunal says I won’t put double efforts, last time I made you write poetry and send flowers, Kuhu is sensible than Shweta, I will wait and let Kuhu express her feelings first else I will lose my importance. Abir says I don’t know, ego can’t come in love. Mishti says but you love Kunal. Kuhu says if I tell I love you again and again, I won’t have any value. Mishti asks really, if you say, won’t you have any value. Kuhu says yes, if you fall in love, I will give you an advice, save your feelings in your heart, he will say first, got it. Mishti thinks maybe she is right. She says I won’t say if this happens with me in future. Kuhu messages Kunal that Mishti agreed. Kunal asks Abir is he coming for shopping. Abir says yes, why, I will come. Kunal replies Kuhu to be ready for tomorrow.

Rajshri says no, this time isn’t right. Varsha asks her to think of Mishti, she loves Kuhu a lot and fought for her relation, can’t we talk to Chauhan for Mishti. Jasmeet says yes, the guy is nice. Kuhu looks on and thinks I can confirm by Mishti’s answer, why did she fall for Abir.

Kunal says I have reached here. Meenakshi says I m sure Kuhu will come with Mishti, I m waiting for Abir, so sorry for this. Kunal says its my mistake and I m trying to rectify it. She says you are using Kuhu, better be careful, you shouldn’t get blamed. He says okay. Kuhu and Mishti come. Kunal says they have come, I will talk later. Mishti says Abir didn’t come. Kuhu says it won’t matter. Mishti asks what will I do here. Kuhu says you go home. Kuhu and Kunal go inside. Mishti thinks why didn’t Abir come, did he get upset with me, I have come here for Kuhu, not Abir, I should give imp to sarees, not Abir.

Abir asks why are you waiting. Meenakshi says you are my son, doctor has stopped the medicines so soon, what if there is an infection. Abir says I feel embarrassed, please come. Meenakshi messages Kunal that he has just ten mins. Kunal says sorry Kuhu, I m asking you to go against Mishti. Kuhu thinks how to say that there is much distance between us. The girl greets her as Mishti. He says she is Kuhu. The lady says sorry, we got Kunal and Mishti’s details. Kunal says I m getting engaged to Kuhu. Mishti comes and says I m Kuhu’s sister. Kunal asks Mishti to leave. Mishti says I came here for Kuhu.

He says I can’t pretend that everything is fine between us. Mishti says you are marrying Kuhu, we can talk politely. He says like you spoke to me politely and rejected me. He asks Kuhu what will happen if he is seen with Mishti publicly. Abir says I m fine. Meenakshi asks him to go now, Kunal would be waiting. Meenakshi messages Kunal that Abir has come. The lady says sorry Sir, your ex and current fiancee are here. Mishti says how does this matter to you. They hear the girls talking about them.

Abir comes. Mishti says yes, I broke the engagement with him. Kunal says I can’t forget that, I m going. Abir says let it be, don’t come after us. They leave. Kuhu says you always do this. Abir asks Kunal to stop. Kunal says I don’t want to see Mishti. Abir asks what about Kuhu. Kunal says I have to go home, please. Abir and Kunal leave. Kuhu scolds Mishti. They argue. Kuhu asks Mishti to just back off. Mishti says when you needed me, you didn’t ask me to back off, I don’t have any interest in meeting Kunal. Kuhu says he will react like that, you are responsible for it, everyone thinks so. Mishti says then does Abir thinks so, that’s why he didn’t speak to me.

Nidhi comes home and greets Nanu. He asks what happened. She says Kunal and Kuhu faced the drama, people were talking strange things. Jugnu asks her to let it go. She says shut up, let me talk, I would have stopped this if I was there. Nanu asks why are you upset. Nidhi says Mishti broke the relation and its her mistake, she is roaming with Kuhu and Kunal, people are making news. Parul says enough, you should have spoken to her. Kunal and Abir come. Kunal asks Parul not to talk to Nidhi like this. Meenakshi stops Parul.

She asks Nidhi why didn’t she stop those people. Abir says Mishti came there, people misunderstood and Kunal overreacted. Kunal says I didn’t overreact, it happened because of Mishti. Abir says Mishti was telling… Kunal says that she rejected me. Nidhi says we should talk to Maheshwari family and ask them to keep Mishti away, Kunal is our son. Abir says Kunal is marrying Kuhu, Mishti is Kuhu’s sister, we won’t keep any such condition in front of them.

Meenakshi says we have kept a small get together at home tomorrow. Mrs. Parekh taunts Meenakshi. Kunal gets angry. Meenakshi says party is tonight I told you Mishti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Abir will always stands for mishti.he will fight with whole world for mishti. Please make meenakshi understand that mishti perfect bahu for her and wife for abir

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kunal is behaving like such an arse… and he is the son of who ??? Nobody !!! that’s who (no offence to parul 😞) but Abir is always reasonable, even to gremlin Meenu 😡 always tryna make everything right 😞 … sry mishti, but Kuhu is obsessed with that troll of hers (no offence to Kunalians 😞) I hope she eventually uses her noodles and figures out Kunals intentions 😤

  3. Stupid storylin.. Everyone is after Misty if they have no work… If not Shaheer sheikh, it’s not possible to watch the show…. And this Meenakshi and kunal they are most stupid one…go to hell

  4. Hello guys 👋… Episode was ok… But can’t understand what they are trying to do….Is insulting Mish is there only motive or anything else is behind this🤔… Seems like they already knew mishti will think like this… What r they doing? They should understand that all these things are not gonna bring any kinds of difference between our Abishti… Coz we all know they love each other dearly and abir can do anything to for his Mish… #abishtiforever💕 now a days, maheshwari’s r really understanding… But they should never do this with mishti… That’s all the plans of this stupid kuhu… How can someone be so dumb???🙄 I can understand she blindly trusts Kunal, but still she can’t go against the one who is always with her… #stupidnessoverloaded…. Now what is the reason behind this get together? What is meenu actually trying to do? Let’s wait….

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