Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi gets Naman’s details

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti colliding with Jugnu. She takes the envelope by mistake and leaves. Parul comes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Mishti has hidden things from Kunal and went against his wish, she got wrong and Kunal will also understand this. She gets a message and says courier about Naman. She asks Ketki about the courier. Ketki says maybe mum received it. Mishti goes out. Abir stops her and asks what happened. Meenakshi asks Nidhi about the courier. Nidhi says I was getting it to you, I have kept it here. Jugnu says I picked the envelopes, Mishti’s things fell down, maybe it went along with her stuff. Meenakshi asks where is Mishti. He says she had left. She thinks Mishti shouldn’t get this info. Abir says I will talk to Kunal. Mishti says no, we will solve this misunderstanding,

don’t worry. Meenakshi misses to see her. Abir comes to Nanu.

Abir says sorry, I m going to sleep. Nanu says we should party all night, I heard Mishti had come, did she meet Kunal and talk. Abir says yes, I guess, he was angry. Nanu says Kunal just knows making profits, he doesn’t know that time, attention and heart have to be invested to get love, just you can explain this to him, will you help Kunal, Mishti is your friend too. Abir asks friend. Nanu says yes, she told you about her dad, you are her good friend. Abir says I m her friend and smiles. Nanu says you are getting old. Abir says I understood, I m just her friend. He comes to Kunal.

Kunal complains about Mishti. Abir smiles and jokes. Kunal says just hear out my problem, I don’t know where is Mishti working, she could have told me. Abir says she is working with me, she joined my NGO, she didn’t know I m heading the NGO. Kunal asks what, she joined you, thank God, its perfect, there is no problem, I was so stressed, we had a fight and I will have to say sorry now, what were you hiding from me, you should have told me. Abir says I have work, sorry. He goes. Kuhu says Kunal spends time on phone and doesn’t post anything. Jasmeet comes to ask about bracelet. Kuhu says I have bought it. Mishti comes. Kuhu makes Jasmeet out and asks Mishti about her day at office. Mishti says nothing, I know you were with Kunal. Kuhu asks did you know that he is owner of the travel company. Mishti says yes.

Jasmeet hears them and says Kuhu is working with Kunal. Meenakshi calls Mishti. Abir comes to her. She asks do you want something. He says you got a courier, it was with Mishti. He recalls Mishti giving him the courier which she got by mistake. Meenakshi says thanks. Abir goes. She checks the paper. She thinks Naman tried to kill Naitik, Maheshwaris have hidden a big thing from us. Mishti recalls Vishwamber’s words and cries. She says Vishwamber and Rajshri gave me a new life. She thinks I want someone who makes me independent, not someone who asks me to blindly trust. She says I don’t want to depend on someone, what if my husband leaves me, I should have my own identity, I wish I could explain Kunal. Abir lights candles and says this painting can’t be seen by anyone. She tries to burn it and stops. Mishti takes care of Rajshri. Rajshri is worried of Naman.

Mishti says I m with you, don’t worry. Rajshri says I know. She praises Kunal. Mishti nods to her. Abir covers up Mishti’s pic. Kunal comes to talk to him. Abir thinks don’t talk about Mishti. Kunal says about Mishti, I told a lot to her, matter wasn’t so big, I think I overreacted. Abir thinks don’t ask for any advice now. Kunal asks for his advice. Abir says I have no advice. Kunal says you understand her, she is your friend, just you can help me. Abir says I m confused about exhibition painting. Kunal says you can make any face, you are always clear of things, give me the responsibility. Abir says I m not joking, I m busy tomorrow. Kunal goes. Abir sees Mishti’s painting. Dheere dheere se….plays….

Mishti thinks Kunal called me to meet. Abir says I won’t meet her. Meenakshi says a murderer’s daughter can never be right for Kunal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update Amena.

  2. Nice episode .waiting for tomorrow.

    1. kuheer rocks

  3. First of all thnx SHAHEER FAN of remembering what I wanted from the makers .. I was happy from the moment I saw the new promo ..

    Now that I’m on this let me give me my review that today’s epi was not that interesting coz meenakshi got the envelope and I don’t understand why she is acting like a detective…and how can she instigate her son against Mishti like that …. I know that she asked Mishti’s hand but that doesn’t mean she can’t deny for the alliance…by doing all this she is digging her own grave. And it Soo strange that abeer was imagining Mishti in red dress and in the painting their was not even a single trace of redness..infact it was her Holi attire I guess?but I was loving the way Mishti was shown and how abeer was focusing on her?the way abeer is impressive, in the same way naanu is also nailing it…I just remember my grandmom via this and also my mother though she is not old??I’m having I strong feeling that kuhu will stand by Mishti when meenakshi will create a scene @the wedding or engagement. Coz it’s in her blood …she doesn’t want to cancel the alliance but wants to embarrass maheshwaris’… Mishti having a marital courtship with abeer?why kunal is having problem with her job.

    Precap- waiting for this dialogue of meenakshi only… So glad that she has decided that..coz it will only bring MishEer closer❣️❣️and I know as always kunal will just watch it with sad face and meenakshi will emotionally start blackmailing him… gain trust one can hurt themselves wow ..I’ll never do that?

    2 days have passed when abeer will start smiling again by thinking about mishti.

    1. Hey RV!!! U are commenting after a long time… Anyways hope u r enjoying the episodes…

  4. Hey guys…problem kya hain meenakshi ka?she is interfering in her childrens life unnecceserily..mothers like her will ruin their childrens life. Loved mishty’s character. gentle and independent..perfectly match for abir.. gud n8

  5. Couldnt watch it..just read written update..thank u amena for the is verymuch usefull

  6. Wow nice episode. I feel all the character’s are important except kuhu. She is here just to fill the space (l feel)
    Anyway ❤ mishti. She is just simple girl like us.

  7. So sad all are addressing mishti as abear’s friend my poor abheer i understand him, But shaheer what an actor he his, his eyes speaking everything am already his fan from mahabharat itself but by seeing him as abeer uffff it makes me feel that am a Diehard fan of him .

  8. Abeer has realized his love now it’s Misthi’s turn and this Jasmeet is sometimes so irritating why is she spying on two sisters. Kuhu still loves her sports car wishing that even Kunal starts liking her and further develops his feelings.

  9. Hello guys!!! The episode was an ok ok type… We didn’t have much MisEer scenes… I can’t understand one thing why is this jasmeet making a big deal of this bracelet… It’s just a bracelet and she is wearing it… That’s it… I mean why should she go and ask it to varsha and all… Now she came to know that kuhu is working with Kunal… Now she is going to make a very big drama with it… Abir was looking so good today???… Now meenu came to know about Naman… Did Naman actually kill naitik???? I didn’t watch yrkkh… That’s y I’m asking…

  10. Naruto Uzumaki

    Nice episode..Waiting for more Mishti and Abeer moments…

  11. Mishthi…if you want someone to make you independent…it negates the whole point of being independent….
    Independent to khud hi hona pdta hai…haan…you need people to motivate you…and that you have…”maheshwaris”.
    You want someone to give you that confidence that you currently lacks.
    Problem to girl next door wli hai..but serial wle iska solution aisa nhi dikhaynge jo every girl next door apply kr ske….tbhi to humare serials reality se light years away hote hain…you can’t connect with them.
    One can only connect with the pretty faces.

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