Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir confesses love to Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir shouting I love you Mishti…. what do you want to listen, I do care when anyone makes you smile or touches you, I m lying to you and everyone since two months. He shouts for help. He says this story won’t end this way, I didn’t know I will come under pressure because of my mum, I fell in love with world’s best girl, maybe our story goes long, come on Mishti. He cries. His tear falls over her face. She opens eyes. Dheere dheere……..plays….

She says sorry, you got stuck because of me. They see a burning wooden log. She shouts fire…. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Parul prays for Abir. She says I have lit this diya just for Abir, just do some miracle. She gets worried when diya blows off. It starts raining. The fire is blown off. Abir smiles. Mishti asks why are you crying. He says no, its a miracle, its raining. Rajshri and Shaurya see the news. Rajshri worries. She says our children have gone there. Shaurya asks her not to worry. The reporter says we got news about two people stuck there, a girl was stuck there, a guy went to save her, we didn’t get any news about them. Nannu sees the news and gets shocked. He says Mishti didn’t reply yet. She never do this. He calls her. Kunal comes. Nannu says I m not able to contact Mishti. Kunal goes to Kuhu. Nannu hopes Mishti didn’t go inside the jungle. He gets Shaurya’s call.

Rajshri says I m worried, talk to children. Shaurya says Nannu didn’t answer, I will find the resort number. Nannu says I have no right to risk my life, stress is just for some days, it will end soon, calm down…. He answers call and asks Rajshri not to worry, they are fine. He says I was busy, Mishti and Kuhu are sleeping, you trust me right. Rajshri says yes. Nannu calls and asks for Abir. The lady says Abir also went in the jungle. He worries. Mishti says Nannu will find us. Abir says he was going to sleep, he wants to give you space. She says he always does this. He says you mean I didn’t give you space. She says I m not comparing. He says why, you should compare. She says everyone is different. He says you tell me, you hate me. Meenakshi says I have always managed business and family, Mehul made relation with you first and then with me, I didn’t fight with you, I knew family will break, Mishti would have broken this house, she is Abir’s past. Parul says Abir is breaking down, what about it.

Meenakshi says I found an alliance for Abir, will you support me. Parul asks will Abir agree. Abir says no. Mishti says you can go and get help for me. He says I won’t go, you can go first, your height is short. She says you are joking on my height. He says no, I m trying to save our lives. She sees the wooden log falling. She gets hurt. He asks what did you do. Nidhi says there is fire spread and storm at the place where Abir and Kunal went. She shows the news. Meenakshi and Parul worry. Kunal is with Kuhu. He messages Abir that they are at hospital and will come soon. Kuhu talks in sleep. She says you will go alone. Kunal says I won’t go. Kuhu says you went before, my fairytale became a nightmare, liar. He says no, this time I m saying truth, I m really sorry. He cries. Nannu and rescue team try to find Mishti and Abir. He worries.

Abir says my life isn’t so precious that you risk your life for me. He shouts help. Nannu says voice is coming from there. Abir says your BF will come to save us. Mishti faints. Abir shouts Mishti…. Nannu sees them and asks him not to worry. Reporter says we got new that two people are stuck in the pit since much time. Meenakshi calls Abir. Nannu asks Abir to get Mishti upwards. Mishti doesn’t leave Abir’s hand. Abir says leave my hand. Nannu says she won’t leave hand. Abir says she has to leave my hand. Nannu says she can’t come up without you, you also come with her. They throw rope for Abir also. Abir and Mishti are brought upwards. Meenakshi calls Abir. Parul gets shocked seeing Abir and Mishti on the screen. She switches off the tv. Meenakshi asks what shall I do now, Kunal is also unreachable. Parul asks her not to worry. Meenakshi asks her to get medicines. Parul takes the tv remote and goes. Meenakshi switches on the tv set. She gets shocked seeing Mishti.

Abir kisses Mishti. Mishti says don’t leave me and go. Abir says I m here. Meenakshi comes to the ward and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode.❤❤?

  2. This b*t*h Meenakshi is so Unapologetic.
    She will not allow Mishbir to happen.
    Either she should be killed or suffer some mishap.
    The story is in the producer’s hand now.

  3. Like Mishbir
    Dislike Meenakshi

  4. The story remains just there from where it had started. What is happening…. None of the characters has changed even slightly…Not even Kunal. Even though he falls in love with kuhu there is no change in his mindset. And what to say about Meenakshi ????????????????

  5. Well I was not commenting coz their was nothing to comment about…but today I loved it…Abeer like lovers were lost for some time but now..he’s back..precap is so beautiful ????????

  6. O God no progress at all. Can’t believe now can’t even predict what’s gonna happen.

  7. Nice ? episode today after long time Abir was his old self Just hope Mishti heard everything he said Too cute Mishti holding on to Abir hand not letting him go ?? Don’t understand what Nishant was mumbling he looked like he was going to have a breakdown that he started fiddling with those circles things Precap is too sweet but dragon ? lady with remind Abir his condition B__ch !!!! Really you will get Abir married to someone ???Like someone mentioned back to where we started déjà vu Hope Parul will be strong and stand against BB & tell Kunal & Mishti the reason behind Abir breaking relationships with Mishti That’s the only way

  8. After re-watching the episode feel Nishant has feelings for Mishti ???Guess Meenu is opening the door to Kuhu hospital room not Mishti room Though she has seen Mishti & Nishant together on Tv so knows Mishti is back & in the same hospital Have to wait till Monday ????

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