Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti realizes love for Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ketki teasing Kuhu. She goes. Kuhu says you know Kunal, I can’t believe, dream come true. Kunal says sorry, I know the way is already tough for you. She says its okay, syllabus was tough in college, I thought I will fail but I passed with distinction in three subjects, I m very happy. He says I m worried. Abir asks Mishti to open her eyes. She says no, I don’t want to see. He asks why, you wanted to see it and know who is in it, you told me that I will tell you first when I understand this relation. She asks did you understand it. He says yes, I feel she also feels for me like I feel for you. She says absolutely not. He asks how can you be so sure. She asks how can you be so sure.

Kuhu says but I m sure nothing wrong will happen. He says my mum loves me and agreed for this alliance, but she loves Abir even more, she will never agree for Abir and Mishti’s alliance. She asks Mishti and Abir? No, you are mistaken. He says no, everyone was laughing in Shweta’s party seeing this pic. He shows Abir and Mishti’s pic. He says something is going on between them since long. Kuhu recalls Mishti’s words. Kunal says if my mum knows this, she won’t let our relation happen, do you want this to happen, Mishti is your sister, but she isn’t right for Abir.

Abir asks are you okay, turn and see, tell me, are my feelings right or wrong. Mishti recalls Abir. Yeh rishte…plays… He says I want to tell that I just see her face when I close my eyes, I just hear her voice, her name is… She says don’t tell me. She runs out. He calls her out. Kuhu says I didn’t know anything about this, Meenakshi and you don’t like Mishti, why Abir…. did Mishti just get Abir. Kunal says sorry, I can’t make Mishti away from Abir, will you support me.

Mishti smiles and closes eyes. She sees Abir’s face. She says I m in love with Abir. Dheere dheere…..plays…. Abir smiles seeing her. Nanu says its Kunal and Kuhu’s day today, we can’t forget that this is happening because of me. Rajshri says no, one who is destined to meet always end. Nanu says Mishti brought them together, I wish you also get such happiness. Abir says no one is thinking about me. Rajshri asks about the girl he wants. Mishti stands behind Rajshri. Ketki says some biker chic for him. Nidhi says no, camping girl. Kaushal says, she should get have poetic book and compass in her hands. Rajshri says its tough, I don’t know any such girl. Abir says she should be your shadow. Mishti smiles. They all laugh. Rajshri says this boy is very naughty, I will pray that you get one you like. Varsha says Rajshri promised Kuhu that she will get her married to one she likes. Abir touches Rajshri’s feet.

Kuhu says we shall start preparations. Varsha asks Mishti to go and help Kuhu. Nanu says then its a plan, Mishti, Abir, Kuhu and Kunal will go together. Abir says maybe I won’t have time. Rajshri says then find time, you may find the girl you are looking for. Kuhu thinks of Kunal’s words. Jasmeet comes and says you don’t look happy. Kuhu says I m happy, I don’t want to eat chocolates and get fat. Jasmeet says I know you are worried about Mishti, listen to me, I know Kunal and his family will not forget that Mishti rejected Kunal, think about Kunal and yourself, you aren’t alone now, we have to go and meet Chauhan family. Varsha comes. Jasmeet asks what will you answer them. Varsha says I didn’t think anything. Jasmeet says ask Shaurya to refuse to them. Kuhu asks why not, what if we make Mishti meet Saurav. Jasmeet says she is right. Varsha asks how can this happen. Kuhu says if he is right for me, how can he be bad for Mishti. Varsha agrees.

Kuhu thinks Abir shouldn’t come in Mishti’s life. Meenakshi talks to doctor. Abir comes and says I don’t want to trouble myself. She says you want to know how I m happy for Kunal’s alliance, I m happy in my sons’ happiness, you got saved from big storm, if Kunal takes a move to break the house, I will break, you know Kunal isn’t strong as much as you and me, he blindly trusts you. Abir says I know, why are you worried. She says I m his mum, marriage will happen as he wants. He says don’t worry for him, he will be happy with Kuhu.

She says he isn’t happy that Mishti is around. Abir says I will explain Kunal that Mishti didn’t do wrong, it was good, he got Kuhu, please promise me that you won’t do anything against Mishti. She says I m not against Mishti, I m with my sons’ happiness and family unity, I request you to trust me once. He says sure. He goes. Kunal comes. Meenakshi says you heard everything right. Kunal says he doesn’t listen to anyone, he can do anything for Mishti. She says its imp that Kuhu works from our side. Kunal says don’t worry, Kuhu will do as I want, Mishti will never come in Abir’s life.

Lady greets Kuhu as Mishti. Kunal says I m getting engaged to Kuhu. He scolds Mishti. Abir looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why do I have the feeling that something is wrong? Mishti didn’t actually watch the pic he showed, confident that she saw it already. Plus he only called out her name as if to call her back into the room. I feel there’s some complication behind it.

    1. I also feel like there is a complication with Mishti. But I think in the end, if Kuhu learns that Kunal was faking love for her, she will get mad and then slap Kunal, and then later on when Kunal will maybe really fall in love with Kuhu, then Kuhu will hate him, and realize Mishti was the one that she should have supported with Abir.

  2. even i am worried for mishti. kuhu is really selfish. abir hamari aajib rajvansh always rockz.

  3. Kuhu just showed that she’ll become a perfect bahu for meenu….MeeKu will break all stereotypes of saas-bahus ??kunal-meenu-kuhu-jasmeet?????????????????????????????hate all of them. Plz open Mishti’s eyes?why Abeer is given free and most attention…we all know the story revolves around naira’s couison as she questions age-old traditions and rituals…then why this catty is shown so dumb and why the hell on Earth she is shown like any other typical Indian yesteryear heroine?????why this jasmeet always pukes it out whenever she opens up …plz dumb kuhu…I know she is the most dumbest character on tv right now and won’t understand anything..blame game with mishti will start again but I want HuNal to not be together as whenever the trio will be together it’s gonna make me crazy..and MishEer suffer??????????????saurbh should be handsome and most importantly don’t u dare to show him become bad like kunal…..his Ahaan role was such a craze but now he’s driving everyone crazy with his dumbness….MishEer r made for each other coz they look cute…but HuNal r made for each other bcoz they r dumb, manipulated, irritating, fully crack and most importantly if they ever gonna turn positive I’m gonna take almost a month’s time to believe them after all they r meenu ka Munna and meenu ki muniya bahu????

    Precap- why the hell everyone comes and creates problems in form of strangers, meenu, uska Munna,, why why, I want Mishti and Abeer to tightly slap both of them when real colors r shown..plz @leat u can show this part which very favorite of mine as that slap is like honking a horn or meenu….unbearable….

  4. Selfish dumb kuhu
    Mishti helped her and she is pushing her in hole.
    Kunal is dumber.
    Jasmeet I hate her.
    Andeenakshi tons loads
    Kunal is Parul’s son

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Abir is really very romantic ? his voice alone… his shayari says it all ?? I love this couple ?

    now… I just cannot believe that dumb girl actually gonna play Mishti like that ? selfish selfish selfish !!! Oh boy, I really hope they humiliate her… Kunal shud leave the country on the marriage day ? then we’ll see her running back to Mishti ? as usual…

  6. Kuhu n Kunal is so selfish, wat kind of brother n sister are these two. Kuhu is not even Varsha daughter. Cunning girl

  7. Hey guys ?… Nice episode… Just loved it… Finally??? Mishti realized it… Abir was talking so sweetly to Rajshri… Just hate this jasmeet… What kind of girl on Earth she is…? How can she agree to every stupid thing happening around her??? Kuhu was so funny as usual…? Precap: HuNal is somewhere; someone asks is it his fiance Mishti; suddenly mishti comes and Kunal shouts her… Seriously guys, is this a coincidence??? Can’t wait for two days… #LongWeekends

  8. Such a stupid storyline. Saheer Sheikh is a such a good actor. Big waste of good talent. His best work in Kuch rang pyaar ke. Hope he makes good choice in script selection

  9. Ramya Kalahasti

    Hello people thank to hotstar premium for decreasing my waiting time after seeing today episode,, Mera manna e Hai ki kuhu Kunal meenu doesn’t deserve mishti to be a part of their life and agar abeer bi unke batho me ajaatha tho then mishti can walk out of their life….. I wish mishti Chauhan ka beta se shaadi karnekeliye ha karde….. And some one asked why she is so dumb no yaar actually she is not dumb,,,, stealing money from a blackmailer, asking premarital courtship, breaking engagement these r a qualities of smart and today’s girl…… Jaha thak kuhu ki bath. Mishti ne kabi bhi bhichara waali behan naahi bani….. Har bar kuhu ko answer diya….. Our being a sister fought for her sister,,,, now I am really enjoying it…… Hope soon every one realises mishti ki importance jab thak usse tho bahut aage ja chuki hothi……

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