Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir reaches Mishti to rescue

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu apologizing to Kunal. He says but I was saying.. She says I m already sorry for coming days, I m not Mishti’s monitor, don’t fight with me. He feeds her a snack bar to stop her from talking. He says I was asking if you would have a cup of coffee, I don’t fight always. He goes. Abir recalls Mishti’s words. He thinks I feel Mishti is in some problem, I lost the way to save you. Mishti is in pain. She shouts Abir. Abir stops and says Mishti, its not my mistake if he doesn’t care for Mishti. He asks guard about Mishti. He says maybe she went by the back way. Mishti sits scared.

Nannu comes to Kuhu. He messages Mishti that Abir was asking the watchman, he will be coming to her now. Kunal asks what happened to your face Kuhu. Kuhu gets shocked seeing the marks on her face. Nannu asks are you okay. He asks Kunal to call the doctor. Its morning, Abir looks for Mishti. The men say about the fire spreading in the jungle, don’t go there. Abir worries. Meenakshi talks to someone. She says I want all details of those three girls and their families, I will fix Abir’s relation with one of them, Kunal is married, Abir is ready for marriage. She says I have seen sparks in Abir’s eyes, I know fire spreads soon.

Abir tracks Mishti’s phone. He says your phone is off, nothing will happen to you. He calls her out. He gets shocked seeing Mishti. He shouts Mishti. She wakes up and sees him. He asks her to hope the rope. She says I can’t do it, you go. He asks her to just hold it. He tries to lift her. She falls back and cries. She says you go and get help for me. Abir climbs down and reaches her. She asks why did you come here.

He says you have two options, we both will be here or you will come with me. Doctor checks Kuhu. Nannu asks what happened to her. Kuhu says she was getting breathless because of allergic reaction, you got her on time, she is stable now. Nannu says strange, she knows her allergics, what did she had. Kunal says she just had an energy bar, it was almond, raisins and walnuts. Nannu says walnuts, she has an allergy with it, you are her husband, you don’t know about it. Doctor asks about her other allergics. Nannu says I will tell you. Kunal sees Kuhu.

Mishti asks how did you find me. Abir says tracking app, I heard there is fire in the jungle, so I thought to find you, your BF doesn’t worry, he said he is giving you space, come with me, you hold me, then I can take you out, I shouldn’t have come close to you, I was drunk, I m sorry, come. Abir holds her hand. Dono milke….plays… He says you can trust me. She says I trusted, but it wasn’t enough.

She says you can leave me and go. He says I m not going anywhere. She says I m sorry Abir, you got stuck here because of me. He says remember this feeling when you roam in the jungle next time. She thinks I can’t forget this feeling. He thinks but I have to forget this. He asks did you say anything. She says no. Kunal says it happened because of me. He holds her hand. Nurse says she has 104 fever. Kunal goes with the nurse. Kuhu wakes up and says Kunal … She says why will he come to me. Abir says hold me tight and don’t leave me. Mishti hugs Abir. She thinks I never left you. He asks did you say something. She says no. He tries to climb up. She sees the fire and shouts. They fall down. He asks are you fine.

She asks are you fine, what was the need to come here. He says I won’t go anywhere leaving you. She says I don’t care…because…. She faints. He asks her to open eyes. He shouts help. He says tell me, why you shouldn’t care, talk to me, I did wrong to leave you. Dheere dheere….plays… Doctor asks nurse to come fast, they have many burnt victims from jungle fire incident. Kunal sits taking care of Kuhu. He asks Kuhu to get fine and fight with him. Tere bin jeene ki aadat….plays…. He recalls her words. He says I am not going anywhere, I swear, I m with you. Abir asks Mishti to get up. Mishti opens eyes. She says you are Ajeeb. He says nothing will happen to us. She says I know, because our story…. He says tell me you hate me, I ended our story. He cries.

Abir shouts I love you Mishti…. Mishti sees him. They fall in trouble by a burning tree bark coming over the pit.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. As predicted Mishti doesn’t hear anything Abir is saying ???Or if she did won’t remember Atl least they are together ??Ahhh Kunal actually cares for Kuhu so sweet Dragon ? lady finding girls for Abir really is she stupid or what Probably Nannu will save them from the pit hole

    1. Nannu!?

  2. Why people aren’t commenting now? This page was so active so what happened now??

  3. You want to know why, it’s because they don’t like the twist of the story. Simple. Why will Abir break Mishti’s heart like that, without looking for solution to save their love, then, now, Mishti is turned into a desperate psycho

    1. Abir accepted what his Dragon ? of a Mother requested ….. to save Kunal & Parul He showed have had the balls to tell Mishti the truth instead of lying Mummy puppet He should also marry a girl of her choice As for Mishti she looks desperate move on even if you fight not going to change the dynamics But then this is an Indian serial where the mother rules & dramas are inevitable with suspense & blames Even Nanu has no power over the evil daughters decision The story has to go on with turns & tribulations & surprises

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