Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti’s romantic moment

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal saying I realize that your target was someone else, you did this to trap Abir, magic can happen because of love, I love Abir a lot, now you will see what I can do for him. Mishti says this isn’t love. He says you have always hated Kuhu. She says sorry, you couldn’t understand meaning of love till now. Abir plays shank. Everyone prays. Kunal and Kuhu do the aarti. Jaidev….plays…. Mishti thinks to prove to Kunal that love is powerful than hatred. She goes to attend a call. Meenakshi comes there and thinks Abir will pray for him even today, my sons aren’t talking to me, I will see them again. Meenakshi blesses Abir and goes away.

Mishti asks Nanu how are you, Abir is busy so I came here to check his phone. Nanu asks why are you doing these things being so young. She says you should have come along. He says Abir didn’t tell me, pull his ears, I will prank Atul now, Abir and Kunal aren’t here, so there is no romance, Meenakshi has gone to Ahmedabad, so there is no horror at home. Mishti laughs and sees Meenakshi going. She says aunty here… She asks Nanu what did he say. He says Meenakshi went to Ahmedabad. She says I will call later. She thinks did I see wrong, no, I can’t be wrong in identifying her. Meenakshi leaves in the car. Abir thinks where did Mishti go. Kunal turns to see Abir.

Mishti says I m sure it was Meenakshi. Abir gets Mishti there. Kuhu looks at Kunal. He thinks Abir got Mishti and would like to do aarti with her. He does the aarti and finishes it. Everyone prays. Jasmeet gets a voucher. Kunal says you can go to spa and relax, you came here for Mishti, you do lot for family. Jasmeet says you are the best Damaad ji. Kunal says don’t forget this. She takes selfie with him. She posts the pic. She goes.

He messages Lawyer that he is trying to become good son-in-law in front of Kuhu’s family. He says I will get rid of Kuhu, how to get rid of Mishti. Abir sits sad and recalls the childhood moment. Abir takes sweets for Kunal. He says Maa, I m not stealing it and just taking it. She says you are taking it for Kunal, right, I explained you always, stealing laddoos for Kunal, he doesn’t like it. He says he likes laddoos, he doesn’t like as you scold him, dad used to say… She says he used to lie to us, he cheated us, he left us, don’t talk about him, at least for Kunal’s sake, Kunal doesn’t like it, he is younger, he gets worried, give the sweets to me. She keeps the sweets back and goes. He gets two laddoos for Kunal and says its dad’s blessings for you.

Abir says dad made me meet you, when I come to you, I feel I came to my dad, I feel you will make me meet my dad. Kunal comes to the room. He asks what are you doing. She says I m confused, you said you don’t love me, you wanted me to tell truth to family, what are you doing now, you are being good to Jasmeet. He says you threatened me that you will insult me publicly, so I have come, I attended puja for Abir’s sake, I will tell truth to Jasmeet. She stops it. He pushes her. Her dress sleeve gets torn. She cries. He says really sorry Kuhu, I didn’t mean to do this. She goes.

Jasmeet says Mishti isn’t opening the door, I had to go to washroom. He says you can use my room’s washroom. She says I don’t want to disturb Kuhu and Kunal, she is happy. He takes her to room. She gets shocked seeing romantic decorations. He gets shocked seeing Mishti hiding behind curtains. Jasmeet asks what’s happening. He says nothing, all this for me. Jasmeet says I know you are Katrina’s big fan, didn’t you hear her son. Mishti runs to washroom. He says yes, I got inspired by Katrina. Jasmeet says I know you have a GF here. He says no, I m not normal.

She says I doubt. She says you had to go to washroom, come. He sees Mishti hiding inside. He shouts no, you can’t go in. Mishti thinks I should have not come. Jasmeet asks why can’t you go. Abir says I didn’t flush. Mishti laughs. Jasmeet says I don’t want to use this bathroom. She goes. Abir comes to Mishti and asks her to stop laughing. She says sorry, I forgot my manners like you forgot to flush. Shower starts. He smiles. She pulls him under the shower. Ik tara….plays…. He removes her specs and gets close to her. He kisses her. They hug.

Abir makes flowers fall on Mishti. The rope breaks. She shouts Abir. Kunal scolds Mishti and asks her to get out of Abir’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow cute romance between Mishbir but too short Feel Kunal has has some psychological issues Needs to see a shrink Think he is love with Mishti & is jealous ?

  2. Abeer shaved his little beard….and looks so fresh…so handsome with long hair….why can’t this kunal keep aside his ego for his brother’s sake. Mishti kept it for kuhu’s sake…what’s his problem. He’s so bad @using his brains….and his interpretation is more worse. Mishti is doing so much…. planning so many surprises for Abeer and look at him….just shying away??????????????????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Precap- OMG!!! This time Mishti looked fresh like Abeer…..he looked dapper in blue, he nailed it in Black…what’s left…..Romeo red♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️???????what Mishti gained thinking about family and relatives ?????did she do all this just to hear this shit from u guys…. ????????? where r your brains got damn it…. kuhu’s got entangled in her curles..where r yours???????everyone is selfish, everyone thinks of themselves and even he’s behaving like that. It’s so insulting the way he spoke…did Abeer met with an accident??????????but loved Misbir today….kudos to both of them????????

  3. I think makers have ruined or starting 2 ruin abir’s character.??? At d beginning of d show he was shown 2 b a sensible smart intelligent guy while mishti was made 2 be dumd @times.
    .but now dey have made abir dumb n mishti as sensible as abir was…????mishti sometimes acts lyk an immature kid in der scenes.?????.annoying really..pls makers dont ruin abir..he’s d heart n soul of d show…i lyk kunal n his -ve avatar.❤❤❤❤.luks hot..ritvik is so cute..luv his blue eyes…bromance between shaheer n ritvik sooooo coool..?????


    1. At this agree with u but Kunal was not meant as -ve character he was a parallel lead. But ya his Kanji aakhein are damn cute and their Bromance is always at the top ?.

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