Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal helps Maheshwaris

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir thinking to take some help. Mishti boards the bus. Everyone sings and dances at home. Abir calls Kunal. Meenakshi and Parul smile. Kunal thanks Meenakshi. She blesses him. Jugnu says its Abir’s call for Kunal. Mishti looks for Abir and gets down the bus. Abir asks Kunal to go to Maheshwari house, there is an IT raid, they need our help. Mishti calls out Abir. Abir hides. Abir asks Kunal to just go, Kuhu is waiting outside. Kunal agrees. Abir says I love you. Kunal says I love you too. Vishwamber says I will go to Rajvansh family and get someone. The officer says then we have to arrest Shaurya. Varsha says no, don’t arrest him.

Kunal asks Kuhu to get inside the car. Rajshri argues with the officer to save Shaurya. Shaurya gets handcuffed. Kunal and Kuhu come. Kunal shouts stop. Kunal says I have the necklace receipt. He gives it to them and says this was a gift from my family’s side. The officers leave. Kuhu sees Kunal. Bekhudi…plays… Kunal leaves. Abir thanks Kunal. Kunal says I had to stop the wrong. Abir says I will reach to the camp soon. He says Mishti left me here, that’s so mean, she is much upset. Kuhu thanks Kunal and returns the necklace. He says Abir had called me, he went for imp work so I had to come. She says I know, Mishti also went with him. He gets shocked.

Abir walks on the road. A light flashes. He sees Mishti. She says I was finding you. He says she didn’t go and stopped for me. He smiles and says you should have gone, you were worried for me, right. She says no way, I was worried for myself that NGO ladies will blame me. He says yes, I can’t survive in jungle alone, I do camping at night alone, I don’t think you know riding a bike. She says yes, I got this on rent, I wished to get you, I was much scared. He says even then you didn’t run away. She asks why did you leave the bus. He says leave it, I will take you on this bike, there is a problem, you have to take these flowers from me, I can’t ride scooty with one hand. She takes the flowers. Dheere dheere….plays…. He does shayari in heart and makes her wear the helmet. They leave.

Kuhu says we are sorry, we didn’t think you will help us. Kunal says Abir called me and told me everything. Rajshri says if Abir knows, Mishti would also know. Kunal asks did Mishti go with Abir. Vishwamber says they have gone to help the kids, the NGO and kids need Mishti, our problems are small, didn’t you know about Mishti’s project trip. Kunal says no, Abir and I don’t discuss work. Kuhu says but Mishti and I discuss everything, so I know it. Abir is happy that he got some time with Mishti. She directs him. She falls towards him. He says behave yourself, don’t do this. He stops the bike. She asks what happened now. He says if you think I will not identify your intentions, you are mistaken, I can see everything. She asks what do you mean. He does a drama and praises himself. She laughs. She says I will never forgive this nonsense. He says you may forget but keep laughing this way. She says I swear, I won’t touch you. He says now I feel safe.

She says everything is clear between us, I m the girl who rejected your brother, you are that friend who lied to me. Kunal comes home. Meenakshi asks where did you do suddenly. Kunal says there was IT raid at Maheshwaris. Parul asks did you go to them to help. Meenakshi says no, he went for Abir’s sake, my sons can do anything for each other, did Abir ask you to go there. Kunal says yes. She asks how did Abir know. He thinks Mishti would have manipulated him. He says the raid was because of this necklace, forget it, take this. Meenakshi says we will play Antakshari again. He says I want to go to farmhouse to spend alone time. Parul says I will come along, take someone with you. He says I will be worried if I go alone. Meenakshi says mum worries when son is not around. Parul cries. Kunal says I m fine. Meenakshi asks why do you want to go alone. He says you will track me by app. He goes and calls Kuhu.

Kuhu says you can ask if you want. Varsha asks why this reunion suddenly. Kuhu says I came to tell you that time. Rajshri asks why are you taking bag. Kuhu makes excuses. Kuhu says I will come till evening, you call Sanjana if you don’t trust me. Rajshri says fine, call her. Kuhu thinks Mishti went out with Abir, they are interrogating me. She calls Sanjana. Varsha says let it be, I trust Kuhu, she never lied to me. Rajshri asks Kuhu to come back soon. Abir asks are you okay. Mishti says yes. He says I know a lot happened by past few days. She says I don’t want to talk about this alliance. He says done, come, I will show you this place, its very special for me. The girls see Abir and run to him. He says we have come, don’t worry. Mishti introduces herself and says I work for Abir. The girl says good choice. He says right, its nothing like that. The lady says some goons are troubling and not letting us open the school. Abir says the school will open, the goon is like an eclipse on this village. Mishti hears about Sapan and his goons.

Abir proposes Mishti. Kunal is on the way. He reaches there and gets shocked seeing Abir proposing Mishti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was good…. Especially #misbeer…. Now kunal should move on and needs to give attention on Kuhu rather spying Against misty.. Kunal is not a bad guy but this Meenakshi ???? manipulates him everytime……..
    Hope kunal and kuhu will also make a sweet Couple..

  2. So….I was right. Kunal is Maasi’s son.
    When Kunal and Kuhu will be in deep love then Minu will try to separate them using the issue that Kuhu is illegitimate.
    Then Mishti and Abir will find out that Kunal is also illegitimate.

    1. Is kunal masi’s son ?

  3. MishEer is just fantastic????why the hell HuNal is trying to spy on MishEer. That smirk of meenu is irresistible ????and this katappa is having her love ???on kunal now..why couldn’t she do it from the beginning so that it shouldn’t have come as a bomb that she is suddenly trying to be over protective. Kuhu wanted her room now that she got it…I think she is gonna spy on MishEer too. Don’t make us hate her ??this weekend is trying to bore us to another level. Aise to yeh show bilkul bhi top 10 mein nhi aayega. KB, KZK jaise shows aaa Jatein Hain Jo kafi unrealistic Hain iss show ke comparison mein….blo*dy overrated shows of ekta. But this can’t come…kyun???? Ekta ki popularity shaheer see zyada hai??????bade acche lgte Hain aur kasauti ka remix launch kr KR ke hi bore kree jaa rhi hai.


    Nepotism nhi, lekin usssi ki tarah same copy-paste chl rha hai iska bhi. Log dekhte kaise Hain….ache shows hi aana bnd ho gye Hain.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Oh gawd (schups) that Kunal has so much attitude ? n why is he angry at Mishti… does he feel she’ll take advantage of Abeer ? I know for sure that Abeer won’t mind ?

    that Meenakshi ? thought she’d get her way against Rajshri, arrgghh !!! like ArShi said, can’t wait for the episode when illegitimate Kunal is disclosed ?

  5. So, Kunal is Parul’s Son. He might be son of Parul and Meenakshi’s husband. Meenakshi’s husband might have forced Parul. Meenakshi might have left him for that.
    Does Kuhu know that she is illegitimate child of Shaurya? I haven’t seen YRKKH..

    1. I too think the same renuka… I have never felt that Kunal would be katappa’s son… But from yesterday’s episode it is very clear that Kunal must be parul’s son….

  6. MishEer scenes we’re looking more gud only bcoz they were shot in night. So fresh and amazing. Night under the moon????????

  7. Hi guys?… Another wonderful episode with lots of Abishti scenes… #abishtirockz ? wow! So now abir can even ride a scooty…. As of now abir can ride a cycle, bike, car and scooty… We’re waiting for more makers ?… What is Kunal up to??? Why is he trying to spy them??? And why should he call kuhu with him??? Varsha is too good… Thought not being kuhu’s actual mum, she trusts her so much… I thought when rajshri asked her to call her friend, she will be caught… But varsha saved her… ? Precap… Wow!!! Very interesting…. Let’s wait for the episode…. Forgot to say… Shaheer was so good…. His reaction when the girls were telling his choice his good about mishti… It was too good… Again when he was making up… Aww!!!?

  8. No Moshi is the right person to abeer

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