Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi fixes Kuhu and Kunal’s marriage

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamber asking are you fine Abir. Abir says yes, I m better. Meenakshi says I have called them, when my son got stuck in a storm, I realized that no one knows what happens in life. Jasmeet asks where did you go early morning. Mishti says we went to the teal stall to have tea. Kuhu asks where are others. Jasmeet says I don’t know. Kuhu says fine, I won’t tell you that I was with Kunal last night. Jasmeet says no, please tell me. Mishti asks where did everyone go, tell us. Jasmeet says they went to Meenakshi’s place, but you can’t go there. Kuhu says please let me go. Mishti says no, Rajshri would be upset if you go, please. Meenakshi asks Abir to go and rest. Abir says I m fine. Nanu jokes.

Meenakshi says you know Kunal’s feelings better than me, he told you first and then he told me, a lot of things happened between our families, I felt bad as well, Vishwamber even told me that my ego is shattered, when my son Abir was in trouble, I felt like my family will break apart, but this didn’t happen, Abir is safe, but so much could have happened, I thought about it seriously that a person keeps his family with love and hardwork, a storm can make it shatter, but I won’t let my family fall apart, the only thing that will be break is my ego, I was upset with you, I m apologizing to you for my sons and their happiness, I request you both, if you could forget the annoyance and accept my apology, I m ready for this alliance. Abir and everyone smile.

Rajshri says think about it once. Meenakshi says I had a well thought, Abir and my happiness lies in Kunal’s happiness, I m sure. Kunal smiles. Meenakshi says I requested you to come to know if you are ready for this alliance. Vishwamber says we didn’t know we have come here for this, we would like to discuss. Nanu says please have discussion. Kuhu asks Jasmeet to call Varsha and ask. Jasmeet refuses. Mishti says if we call, everyone will know you told this to her, then they won’t trust you. Kuhu and Mishti ask her to call.

Varsha says Kuhu likes the guy a lot, please agree. Vishwamber says its a relation, not a joke. Shaurya says yes, she plotted a IT raid in our house. Rajshri says she made a mistake, we shouldn’t make a mistake, we have to think of Kuhu’s happiness, Mishti and Kuhu would have reached home. Varsha gets the call. Shaurya asks what would be our answer. Vishwamber says no, we can’t trust Meenakshi. Rajshri says we should accept the happiness. Varsha says not every girl can have fate like me and Akshara, Kuhu will make her place in Sasural. Shaurya says yes, Abir, Yashpal ji aren’t like Meenakshi. Varsha says please accept it. Shaurya says for Kuhu’s sake.

Vishwamber takes the call. He asks Jasmeet to get Kuhu on the line. Mishti attends the call on landline. Abir says my mom has called your family here and she agreed for Kuhu and Kunal’s marriage. She asks what.. and smiles. Kuhu says my answer is yes, I decided on this a long ago, I want to marry only Kunal. Vishwamber says fine, you both come here. Mishti asks why are you not excited. Abir says I m excited, mom agreed overnight, its strange. She says there was a storm yesterday, she has changed. He says she isn’t a mobile signal to change by the storm. She says maybe she changed by the fear of losing you. He asks has anything changed, did you take any big decision. She asks what decision will I take. He asks why did you come to save me. He thinks of her in poetic way. Nidhi shouts Kunal… She asks Abir where is Kunal, Vishwamber has agreed for the alliance. Mishti hears this and shouts to Kuhu. Abir says yes, get Kuhu and come here so that I can make you meet the painting girl. She says I will find Kuhu and come.

She says what will I do when Abir shows me the painting. She asks Jasmeet to go, her stomach is upset, she can’t come. Kuhu says you should be by my side, get up and get ready. Nanu asks Vishwamber to have sweets. He says you don’t have to worry for Kuhu, I promise to you, she won’t be upset. Vishwamber says you have been responsible for everything good that happened, maybe Abir did some magic even today. Abir says no, I m also surprised. Nanu jokes. Nidhi says I know why Meenakshi agreed, Abir, when Kunal told you that he would elope with Kuhu, Meenakshi got scared and agreed. Abir says no, Kunal was just… Nidhi says no, he was serious, I told that if Kunal runs away, who will get him back. Nanu says so I understand it now.

Rajshri says this relation is a good bond. Parul congratulates Varsha. Abir says mum agreed for marriage thinking you will run with Kuhu. Kunal recalls Nidhi and says wow, I have have told this before if I know. Mishti and Kuhu come. Abir and Kunal smile. Meenakshi says I hope Kuhu you have forgotten everything. Kuhu hugs her. Jasmeet says Kunal sit with Kuhu. Meenakshi says I got a saree for Kuhu, Ketki get it from my room. Abir sees Mishti and winks to her. She turns away and looks at him again. He signs what.

He goes to her. Mishti says Ketki I will also come. She goes. He smiles. He goes to Kuhu. She says you rock, bro. He says of course, I rock. She says sorry for old age jokes on you. Abir says I will crack age jokes on you when you get children, no sorry. Varsha and Shaurya like Kuhu smiling. She thanks Rajshri and hugs. Mishti says I m so happy that this marriage is fixed. Ketki says me too. Jugnu says Nanu is calling you there. Mishti says okay and goes. Abir signs Jugni. He says Mishti you will have to answer me. Meenakshi asks Parul to make Bahu wear the bangles. Parul gets glad. Kunal says I need to talk to you Kuhu. Parul makes Kuhu wear the bangle. Ketki gets the saree. Rajshri says we didn’t time to do any arrangements. Meenakshi says its shagun, Kuhu is ours now. Nanu says congrats. Mishti sees Nanu and says he is downstairs, then who called me. Abir holds her hand. Janiya….plays…. they have an eyelock.

Abir says I called you, if you mind, you can scream. She says you could have called me, what’s the need of doing this. He says fine, I will swear and introduce you to the painting girl. She says no, I have to go. He says everyone is happy for Kunal and Kuhu, nobody is thinking about us, come with me, else I will have to lift you.

Abir says this is my life’s biggest truth. He shows the painting to Mishti. Kunal says Kuhu, if my mum knows this, she won’t let our marriage happen, I must end everything between Abir and Mishti, will you support me. Mishti says I love Abir and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Finally she realized

  2. So Kunal is not doing any acting with kuhu he just straight forward to her and requesting her to help him in breaking everything between Misthi and Abeer and I know kuhu will agree to this cuz she is blindly in love.
    Finally Misthi realized it and Abeer & Misthi moments were too good. Just wishing Kunal to fall for Kuhu and realize that Misthiis not a trouble between both the brothers. Don’t know when will Makers expose Big Ben so that at least Kunal stop believing that Misthi is a wrong girl.

  3. So excited! Too cute!

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    it’s like I’ve been saying all along… Kunal has some hidden motive behind his hate for Mishti, besides the obvious rejection… there were tears in his eyes when he thought about his loss… ?

    Mishti and Abir are picture perfect ? I hope we still get to see their romance in between the haters cut ?

  5. Ramya Kalahasti

    Yaar, kuhu I dint expect this from her,,, she is helping Kunal…. I am really worried for mishti and abeer…… Even though I know its a daily soup and eventually mishti and abir get married but I pray that there should not be more problems for them to face….

    1. Problems nhi hongi toh phir mtlb show toh bnd???personnel problems na ho B’s…Abeer toh kuch nhi krga but I doubt Mishti…she will come in meenu’s words as she is not aware of her evil side

  6. Ramya Kalahasti

    I don’t think big Ben will get exposed this much early,, , it will at least an year to get her exposed and the other thing she is not at fault from her point of view, so instead of exposing letting her realising her mistakes may happen that too after a long time….

  7. Ramya Kalahasti

    And at present Chauhan ka beta shourya comes into light,, he will be prospective groom for mishti ab dekhna ye Hai ki mishti kuhu ke liye sacrifice karegi like any other show r she will stand up for herself like a nayi soch ki ladki,, abeer r mishti tho ek Hoge lekin kiss keemath per…… Kya hoga inka future….. I am seriously so curious I wish makers don’t make us cry and feel distressed for a long time

  8. hey i love this serial

  9. Wow!!! Episode was very good…? But don’t know what is meenu’s motive… I mean how can she suddenly agree for all this…. There’s something behind this…? May be she’s planning something big… #evilnessoverloaded… Kuhu is behaving really good these days…. But don’t know what she’s going to do tomorrow… I think she’ll agree to Kunal…? But one thing is sure that Kunal is genuine to kuhu… I mean he’s not using her, she’s helping him….? Yeah!!! Maybe…. I think nothing should go wrong… If something happens it’s going to make our Abishti lives complicated… I’m very sure…. Though maheshwari’s like abir, they’ll have to think about it after all this…? I just hope they are like this forever… OMG!!! Guys, finally…. It’s happening… She finally realized it…? That’s all enough for us…. We just need our Abishti… Ahhh!!! They were too good today… Don’t know if abir is really trying to reveal the painting girl or he’s trying to make Mish jealous… I feel he’s trying to express his love?… Waiting for more and more and more Abishti moments… #abishtirockz?

  10. we love you abir u a lot.

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