Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Mishti confesses the truth

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamber saying we couldn’t come before because of lockdown. Meenakshi says its fine you have come today. She introduces Varun’s family. Varun says I wanted to meet you all, Mishti is my fav. Abir asks why did you get late. Varun says at least I have come, just joking. Mishti says I m so happy that my family is with me, I don’t want anything. Varun says but I want justice. Vishwamber asks what. Abir says he is joking, its Sangeet, we shall dance. Varun says then accept defeat. Abir says I can’t lose, its Ketki’s Sangeet, Kunal please for my sake. Kunal says Abir always does emotional blackmail. Meenakshi says yes Abir, make him dance. Abir asks what would Nanu say. Kaushal jokes.

Abir and Kunal dance on Ainvayi ainvayi…. Mishti and Kuhu dance with them. Nirmala sees Varun. Everyone dances. Abir and Varun go upstairs. Mishti looks for them. She goes after them. Varun says Abir, ask Mishti to tell the truth. Abir says truth is your brother attacked Mishti. Varun says I won’t believe it. Abir says you know our family, we aren’t such. Varun says you didn’t tell this to your family, Mishti did a crime, you supported her. Abir says it was Karan’s mistake, will Ketki also pay for it. Varun says if Mishti tells the truth to everyone, Ketki’s future will be saved, else this marriage can’t happen, you can just save either of Mishti and Ketki. Mishti looks on shocked. Abir says Mishti isn’t at fault. Varun says it means you chose Ketki. Abir begs him. She shouts Abir, why are you folding hands and saying sorry, you and Ketki won’t get punished, I will tell the truth to everyone. She runs. Abir says please Varun….

Mishti tries to tell. Everyone is dancing on music. She removes the plugs. She asks them to just listen to her, she has to say something. Everyone asks what happened. Abir says she isn’t fine. Kunal says go and rest. Mishti says I don’t want to go anywhere. Varun comes smiling. Rajshri asks what’s the matter. Mishti says Vishwamber always taught me to tell the truth, I can’t lie now, I will tell the truth, I m not ill, I m not acting to get attention, I don’t want to leave this house, I will answer everything today, why I fainted, why Abir and I wanted to stay away. Abir says please Mishti. Mishti says I will tell everything happening since last three months, its been a struggle for me to live, Abir has supported me.

Mishti says Abir is bearing the punishment. Rajshri asks what’s the matter. Vishwamber asks what happened, tell me. Mishti says I have tolerated everything, I broke down today, because I can’t see Abir begging someone, he is my pride, my love, my sky, sky doesn’t bend in front of anyone. She says Maa, there is always tension between you and Abir, its my mistake, that incident…. that guy died by my hands, he was Varun’s brother Karan. They get shocked.

Mishti says I m sorry, this is the truth, I always get reminded of that night, I feel guilty, I can’t even breath. Abir says relax. Mishti says he is supporting me since three months and made rope of hope for me, he fought a lot for me, he was leaving this house, I m not selfish, everyone won’t get punished. She asks Nirmala to call the police and get her punished, don’t break relation with Ketki. Everyone cries. Kunal asks is Mishti telling the truth. Nirmala says she is saying the truth. Vishwamber says Mishti can’t do this. Nirmala says Karan faced injustice, Mishti has to pay a price.

She says Meenakshi, you have two days time, if Mishti tells the truth to police, then fine, else…. we won’t get baraat. Everyone gets shocked. Varun says I m with mum, until this murderer stays in your house, Ketki can’t come to our house. He leaves with his parents. Mishti says I will confess to police, nothing will happen to Ketki. Meenakshi holds her. Mishti says I have to tell the truth, Abir. Meenakshi wipes her tears. Vishwamber says we got to know the truth, you just call me Bade papa but don’t believe it, you didn’t tell us the truth. He says Meenakshi, Mishti is your bahu, your responsibility, you don’t know about it. Meenakshi asks Abir to say. She says what shall I answer, Abir just calls me Maa, he doesn’t regard me Maa, I asked him many times, he didn’t tell me. Abir says we were away from home. Meenakshi says but you have come back. Abir says you always blamed Mishti. Kunal says relax, Maa is saying that you could have told someone.

Abir says we came on mum’s birthday, when Mishti got scared, everyone blamed her that mum couldn’t feed me cake, I didn’t come for breakfast, Kuhu taunted that I m not spending time with family, there are fights happening because of Mishti, she was always blamed, when could I tell you, Karan was drunk and was trying to molest Mishti that night. Rajshri shouts no and hugs Mishti. Abir says Mishti protected herself with that stone, if she didn’t do this, what would have happened, she is suffering from trauma since 3 months, she can’t breath, she can’t sleep, she gets nightmares, she can’t share it, we thought to handle this ourselves, situation was bad, we couldn’t come because of lockdown, when we came, we got cheat, blames and hatred, we didn’t get…. Meenakshi says you didn’t get family’s love and support. Rajshri and Vishwamber take Mishti.

Meenakshi shows some papers to Abir. Abir says report states that Karan was hit five times by that stone. Mishti says I remember, I have just hit one. Kunal says she wasn’t able to breath, she can’t hit Karan in such a way that he dies.

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  1. Meghana Priya

    Ohhhh my…..!!! Epiccc performance by alll…..!! Such an Ammmazinggg portraiture…..!!! My Love for them is just flourishing… flourishing… andd flourishing…..😍😘 Mishti….. Abir…..❤💓💙💚💛💜💝

  2. Wow wow superb episode. I watched this episode more than 3 times. Superb performance by all.

  3. I really missed the positive vibe that the Maheshwaris are always known to emit. Had literally got fed up of this Rajvansh family.

  4. Wow brilliant episode Mishti & Abir great acting Now the real truth to be unveiled by Meenakshi. Varun & his mon are too confident but guess Varun must have killed his brother out of jealousy Let’s see how the story unravels Kuhu’s face was a picture when she heard about Mishti being attacked

    1. Even I feel same and Varun might be the one who killed Karan. Even in past episodes he was worry about property transfer.

  5. Wow such a great episode after so much time and the precap is awesome I don’t know who killed Karan but he deserved to die.
    God all was so good today nobody blamed misthi all cared for her and supported her even Kuhu, Jasmeet and Nidhi were feeling bad. Today BB was just like Kokila Modi who always defends and supports her family no matter what. I am not sure but maybe after this track YRHPK will show nice family love where BB is happy with both of her bahus Kuhu is now acting sensible and not blaming Misthi. Everything just the way we want 😊😊😍😍.

  6. OMG!!! What an episode!? Everyone just nailed it… Literally each n everyone did a great job… Even kuhu n jasmeet felt bad at the moment when abir revealed the truth… This is what it should have been… N no words for shaheer! What a man he is!? He nailed it… He just nailed it in each n every part may it be pleasing Varun or standing up for mishti… It was just perfect n really emotional too… Even mishti did really well… N she stood up for abir too… The way she said u r my pride, u r my love, u r my sky n it can’t bow down… Wow! It literally gave goosebumps… Overall it was just a perfect episode… Hope the maheshwaris n rajvansh together support mishbir now…

  7. I wept when Mishti and Abir opened the bombshell. It was so real. That’s what women are facing. Hope they will be able to get the cctv

  8. Wow!!! Mishtis emotional confess and Meenakshi supporting her is superb. Abid also superb supporting her a lot

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