Next day,
Mauli is getting ready to leave for hospital and kunal is busy on phone.
Kunal(in phone): Everything should be ready within half an hour. There should be no flaws. Got it?
Fine then.
kunal ends the call.
Mauli: What happened boss? Seems like you are so stressed.
Kunal: Oh….Its office waala stress. Shall we leave?
Mauli nods.

Kunal and Mauli leaves .
Kunal stops the car near the hospital
Mauli bids bye and leaves to the hospital.
Mauli is surprised seeing a huge welcome board and the decorations in the hospital.
Mauli wonders who is the special VIP guest coming today?
Just then every staffs of the hospital welcomes Mauli.
Rishi: Congrats Mauli
Mauli is confused.
Mauli: What’s going on Rishi?
Kunal (comes from behind ):Surprise.
Mauli gets confused further.
Mauli: Kunal… What’s actually going on here?
Kunal: Don’t get so much confused dear wife…. Today onwards you will have some extra works but you can take as many leaves as you want because you are the boss.
Mauli: What are you trying to say kunal? And what prank are you guyz doing?
Rishi: It’s not a prank Mauli. Guess what? This is your hospital now.
Mauli : What?
Mauli looks at kunal.
Kunal: Areey… why are you looking at me ?
Mauli: What have you done kunal?
kunal: It’s nothing in front of what you are for me.
Mauli hugs kunal.
Mauli: You are really crazy.
Kunal: Crazy about you.
Mauli chuckles
Kunal: Your dream is my dream , Mauli. I will do anything to fulfil it.
Mauli smiles.
Kunal: Thank you all for arranging everything. Thanks a lot.
Mauli too thanks them.

kunal: Now , its time to see your new cabin.
Kunal takes her to the new cabin.
They enters.
Mauli: Wow…
Kunal: You liked it?
Mauli cries.
Kunal: why are crying Mauli?
Mauli hugs Kunal.
Kunal: You didn’t like it or what.
Mauli: I loved it.
Kunal: Mauli yar… Do you know what I hate the most?
Mauli : what?
Kunal: Tears in your eyes.
Mauli: Kunal I love you. You are my life.
Kunal kisses Mauli on her forehead.
They smile.
Mauli: But when did all this happened? I just told to you about my dream yesterday.
Kunal: It happened yesterday.
Kunal bids bye to Mauli after yesterday’s drama.
Kunal returns without Mauli noticing.
Kunal enters the cabin of the CEO of the hospital.
CEO(Mr.Ram Oberoi):Hey, Kunal Malhotra . Its my pleasure to meet you. Is there something I can do for you.
Kunal: Yes, I am planning to buy this hospital Ram. What’s the price?
CEO: But Mr.Malhotra…
Kunal: I am ready to pay double the price you say. Tell me what’s the price.
CEO: Fine then. Its a deal…..
They discuss about the deal and budget.
CEO: Mr. Malhotra, why do you want this hospital ? You are paying too much.
Kunal (smiles): The papers should be ready by tomorrow. The transaction will be done at that time. By the way, the name of the owner is Mauli Khanna….
FB Ends.
Mauli: You are mad or what. You paid double the price . Are you serious? And why was all this required?
Kunal: Shhhh… Can you keep quiet? Mauli , you are my life. I will do anything for you
Mauli: I love you jaana.

Kunal: What name do you want for the hospital?

Mauli thinks… : Let it be DMH

Kunal: DMH? What does that mean?

Mauli: Dheeraj memorial hospital

Kunal: You are naming this hospital after my father. Really?

Mauli: Our father.

Kunal hugs her

They smile.

After a few months,
Kunal and Mauli are living happily…
Mamma left for her hometown.

Malhotra mansion(living room),
Kunal: I will be back within 2 days.
Mauli nods.
Kunal: C’mon Mauli, Dont be sad. I am just going to pune from mumbai. I will be back soon.
Mauli hugs kunal.
Kunal bids bye and leaves.

After two days,
Mauli is waiting for kunal.
Just then kunal comes.
Mauli goes and hug him.
Mauli: I tried calling you since yesterday . Why didn’t you attend the call? I really missed you.
Kunal: Wait a second. I have a surprise for you.
Mauli: What surprise?

Kunal : Come in.
A lady comes in.
Mauli: Who is this?
Kunal(smiling): Oh she is Anjali. I met her in pune.
Mauli: Okay and why is she here? Anything related to business?
Kunal: Actually yes , related to my business but none of your business.
Mauli: What? What do you mean?
Kunal walks towards Anjali and put his hand on her shoulder.
Kunal: I brought her to have some fun.
Mauli : What prank are you playing on me kunal?
Kunal: Prank … (kunal laughs.) Its not a prank. Actually I was getting bored with you. So, thought to explore someone new.
Mauli is shocked.
Kunal: Please don’t disturb us . We are heading to the room.
Kunal takes Anjali to the room
Kunal thinks I am sorry Mauli. I have to do this….

Mauli sits in shock.

  1. It was a great shock to read the Anjali part. I feel that there will be many problems in Maunal life but problems will strengthen there relation. I guess the deal for hospital is releated to Anjali, it’s a guess! It’s making me curious. Please update it soon. It’s going great.

    1. Avishka

      Answers for your questions in the coming episodes?

    2. Avishka

      And Anjali is just a cameo… She is not having any role in their story….

  2. the anjali part was very much shocking. i think there are going to be many problems in maunal life. i guess that the deal about hospital is making kunal do something unexpected, although its just a guess. now i think mauli will be shown pregnant. the track is making me go curious, update it soon. keep it up!

    1. sorry i commented again by mistake, without seeing my previous comment!! because my battery was dead previous time and i thought that it had not been sent but i have added a new point about mauli preganancy.

  3. Jasminerahul

    kunal really surprised mauli by buying the hospital n making it hers. kunal says that what he hates the most is tears in mauli’s eyes was nice.what’s kunal planning with anjali?

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